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Kickstarter Roundup: October 11, 2020 | 30+ Ending Soon (including: THE 7th CITADEL) & 55+ New This Week (including: Frostpunk: The Board Game)

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This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter board game projects that are either:
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Ending Soon

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Broadside Empires of Steel A fully printable tabletop miniatures game set in the era of the Dreadnought Battleship. // Has raised A$11,322 of A$3,000 so far. (~377%) ☑ 2 206 $22 / A$55 Oct 11 kicktraq bgg
PERTHRO A Norse mythology-inspired dice game for two players. // Has raised CHF13,392 of CHF3,500 so far. (~383%) ☑ 2 484 $20 / CHF28 Oct 12 kicktraq
Random Fun Generator, Dice Games from Steve Jackson Games A collection of over twenty dice games from Steve Jackson Games! Use any existing six-sided dice, or play using our many custom dice!!! // Has raised $79,119 of $500 so far. (~15824%) ☑ varies 3166 $15 / $25 Oct 12 kicktraq
Sharks Feeding Frenzy Life getting you down? Wouldn't you rather be a shark? Eat new and exciting people! // Has raised $11,309 of $10,000 so far. (~113%) ☑ 2 - 6 169 $29 / $67 Oct 13 kicktraq
Kingdom (2nd Edition) Build your community together. Fight for what you believe in… or watch it burn. A game about communities by the author of Microscope // Has raised $35,010 of $2,500 so far. (~1400%) ☑ 2 - 5 1214 $10 / $29 Oct 13 kicktraq #rpg #newedition
The Thing - The Boardgame The official board game inspired by the 1982 movie The Thing. // Has raised €318,357 of €42,000 so far. (~758%) ☑ 1 - 8 3995 $93 / €80 Oct 14 kicktraq bgg
Apogee: A New Space Tale A card management game from 1 to 5 players to discover the New Space // Has raised €110,467 of €20,000 so far. (~552%) ☑ 1 - 5 2014 $43 / €55 Oct 14 kicktraq bgg
Soulgivers Absorb the Souls of the fallen heroes and capture the Fragment to survive the Decay in this competitive strategy game for 2 players. // Has raised €64,148 of €40,000 so far. (~160%) ☑ 2 863 $82 / €74 Oct 14 kicktraq bgg
Fruit Salad: The Multiple Games in One Game We will be creating a board game called Fruit Salad. This game comes with 8 different games perfect for all kind of players. // Has raised $4,301 of $7,064 so far. (~61%) 1 - 10 30 $25 / $143 Oct 14 kicktraq
Bots Up Build a bot, send it to battle and compete to be the last bot standing!Find out more at // Has raised £15,831 of £3,500 so far. (~452%) ☑ 2 - 5 546 $20 / £29 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game A 1-4 Player Tabletop Miniatures Game with Tech-Tree, Hidden Movement and Base-Building mechanics. Solo and Co-op Modes included! // Has raised £101,206 of £18,000 so far. (~562%) ☑ 1 - 4 1091 $88 / £93 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
Office Buzz The Drinking Game To Become The CEO // Has raised $6,553 of $5,000 so far. (~131%) ☑ 3+ 231 $18 / $28 Oct 15 kicktraq
Machina Arcana ~ To Eternity A dark and immersive experience awaits you and your group of explorers. Travel the unknown, face cosmic horrors and fight for survival! // Has raised $447,554 of $30,000 so far. (~1492%) ☑ 1 - 4 5682 $25 / $79 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg #expansion
Best Left Buried: Deeper A new version of the rules light fantasy horror roleplaying game, Best Left Buried. // Has raised £23,277 of £10,000 so far. (~233%) ☑ ? 447 $13 / £52 Oct 15 kicktraq #rpg
Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai Raise an army of supernatural beings to haunt the islands of Japan in this asymmetrical engine building game! // Has raised $51,323 of $10,000 so far. (~513%) ☑ 1 - 4 904 $50 / $57 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
10+ Game A Card Game for Players & Inventors // Has raised HK$104,132 of HK$46,500 so far. (~224%) ☑ 2 - 6 284 $24 / HK$367 Oct 15 kicktraq
Forgotten Depths A quick-playing but substantial experience of exploration and combat // Has raised $29,423 of $26,000 so far. (~113%) ☑ 1 - 3 994 $30 / $30 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg #take2
Mythalix: Chapter 1: Greek Mythology Gods and Titans clash in a new world.Battle opponents, control areas & build your deck in this light strategy board game. // Has raised £14,588 of £10,000 so far. (~146%) ☑ 2 - 4 316 $32 / £46 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
THE 7th CITADEL After The 7th Continent, explore the world of the Collapsing Lands! // Has raised €2,238,010 of €300,000 so far. (~746%) ☑ 1 - 4 27409 $81 / €82 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
Brick Logic: The Game A kid designed logic game that uses LEGO bricks. Great for pandemic fun. // Has raised $2,227 of $204 so far. (~1092%) ☑ 1+ 130 $12 / $17 Oct 15 kicktraq
Castaway Curse (Second Printing) The shipwreck adventure game, now available with international shipping! 2-6 players, 20 min/player. Ages 13+ // Has raised $1,748 of $1,000 so far. (~175%) ☑ 2 - 6 22 $100 / $79 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg #newedition
RUMSKI (Second Edition) A quick-thinking, rummy style, strategy card game // Has raised $2,904 of $3,500 so far. (~83%) 2 - 6 81 $13 / $36 Oct 15 kicktraq #take2
Set 🔥 Watch: Swords of the Coin ⚔️ The highly anticipated stand alone expansion to our acclaimed 1-4 player cooperative game, Set a Watch // Has raised $167,927 of $20,000 so far. (~840%) ☑ 1 - 4 3554 $28 / $47 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg #expansion
Ultimate Bestiary Miniatures A horde of miniatures for your tabletop adventures! Based on the best selling monster book; Revenge of the Horde! // Has raised $85,513 of $75,000 so far. (~114%) ☑ - 1229 $10 / $70 Oct 15 kicktraq #minis
What's The Point? - The Cactus Card Game What's The Point? is an exciting, family-friendly, and cacti-loaded card game! // Has raised $7,925 of $3,000 so far. (~264%) ☑ 2 - 6 156 $25 / $51 Oct 15 kicktraq
Lucky Luau Flower matching and lei making fun from beautiful Hawaii! // Has raised $5,204 of $4,000 so far. (~130%) ☑ 2 - 6 180 $15 / $29 Oct 15 kicktraq bgg
Choo Choo Game. The Choo Choo card game is a train building game for everyone. // Has raised A$761 of A$750 so far. (~101%) ☑ 2 - 12 19 $20 / A$40 Oct 15 kicktraq
Pets Gone Shady - Card Game A card game that lets you throw octopuses, deal with naked turtles and avoid hangry hamsters! // Has raised $25,190 of $12,500 so far. (~202%) ☑ 2 - 5 520 $20 / $48 Oct 16 kicktraq #newedition
Good vs Gooder Fun debates for funny people—a family-friendly party game celebrating the gooder things in life // Has raised $17,758 of $18,500 so far. (~96%) 3+ 209 $29 / $85 Oct 16 kicktraq
Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write are two stand-alone games set in the Dinosaur Island Universe! // Has raised $642,373 of $25,000 so far. (~2569%) ☑ 2 - 4 7422 $30 / $87 Oct 16 kicktraq bgg
Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants A castlepunk Forged in the Dark roleplaying game. Mask up. Spill Blood. Drink the Rich. Join the discord! // Has raised $48,598 of $10,000 so far. (~486%) ☑ ? 1644 $10 / $30 Oct 16 kicktraq #rpg
DOPPELT ODER NICHTS Ein Kartenspiel, bei dem niemand sicher ist. Du hast die Wahl, aber wenn du dich überschätzt, trifft es dich doppelt -ENGLISH AVAILABLE // Has raised €5,803 of €7,000 so far. (~83%) 4 - ? 115 $20 / €50 Oct 17 kicktraq
Escape Deathrace 2182 A pocket-sized table-top dungeon crawler that pits you against your friends (and aliens!) in a cosmic street race to save the galaxy! // Has raised $4,044 of $8,200 so far. (~49%) 1 - 4 45 $25 / $90 Oct 17 kicktraq bgg
Arms & Influence A political strategy card game, where you compete with neighboring nations to achieve world dominance. // Has raised $10,916 of $7,500 so far. (~146%) ☑ 3 - 4 215 $19 / $51 Oct 17 kicktraq bgg

New This Week

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
"Really Karen?" Party Board Game Live the life of a 'Karen' as you argue and complain around town with your friends in this hilarious party board game. // Has raised $2,715 of $10,000 so far. (~27%) 2 - 6 43 $30 / $63 Nov 06
13 Monsters: Armed to the Teeth - Battle expansion pack Supercharge your battles with 13 Monsters: Armed to the Teeth, the brand-new expansion pack for 13 Monsters: The game. // Has raised €1,558 of €6,500 so far. (~24%) 2 - 8 37 $30 / €42 Nov 05 bgg #expansion #reprint
Additive Drinking: The Card Game For Drinkers A fast paced and competitive drinking game. Influence your opponents drinking tasks to impossible levels using cards like +1, +4, x2. // Has raised $451 of $500 so far. (~90%) 2 teams 16 $12 / $28 Nov 02
Ambush Epic A semi-cooperative Dungeon game. Lead your hero to the creepy and darkest nook of the dungeon. // Has raised €14,570 of €25,000 so far. (~58%) 1 - 4 309 $42 / €47 Oct 29 bgg #take2
Animal Family A card game for the whole family. It matches animals in different family dynamics, which has rules for both ages 3 - 6 and 6 - 10. // Has raised $1 of $5,000 so far. (~0%) ? 1 $12 / $1 Dec 06
ANiMOZ - The trading card game of Australian animals The game changing conservation. Come be a Ranger! // Has raised A$12,836 of A$5,900 so far. (~218%) ☑ 1 - 4+ 198 $11 / A$65 Oct 31
Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black Golden age pirates join the world of Blood & Plunder as we move into the 18th century! // Has raised $220,954 of $120,000 so far. (~184%) ☑ 2 1133 $50 / $195 Nov 04 bgg #expansion #reprint
Bluffy pirates An extremely fun, highly competitive, strategic party game, suited for groups from 4 to 6 people. // Has raised €862 of €5,000 so far. (~17%) 4 - 6 25 $19 / €34 Oct 26
Card Bard A highly thematic card game where players take up the mantle of the bard! // Has raised $4,182 of $12,000 so far. (~35%) 2 - 4 70 $38 / $60 Nov 05 bgg
Cartographers Heroes + 3 Map Pack Expansions The stand-alone follow up to the critically acclaimed map-drawing game - Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. // Has raised $218,516 of $20,000 so far. (~1093%) ☑ 1 - 100 4073 $22 / $54 Oct 23 bgg
Cooking Customers - Play Cards, Roll Dice & Don't Get Fired! Cooking Customers is a "stick it to your competition" card and dice game where you play cards, roll dice and try not to get fired! // Has raised $22 of $100 so far. (~22%) 2 - 10 3 $15 / $7 Oct 24 bgg #take2
Dice Command A semi-abstract tactical wargame for 2-4 players with dice action selection and engine building! // Has raised C$10169 of C$7000 so far. (~145%) ☑ 2 - 4 183 $35 / C$56 Nov 05
DICTATOR-Y LITTLE BITCH: A Cooperative Card/Board Game Team up with intelligent life forms from all over the Universe to resist the DICTATOR-Y LITTLE B!†₵Ħ before he totally Fµ₵кs the WORLD. // Has raised $1,357 of $13,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 6 22 $34 / $62 Nov 02
Disciples - The Immoral Game of Cults and Consequences Start a cult! Perform ridiculous rituals, collect disciples and forget your morals in this fun global strategy tabletop game. // Has raised $2,653 of $3,333 so far. (~80%) 2 - 4 35 $38 / $76 Oct 30 bgg
Do You Realize How Much? An engaging, fun and surprising card game about our human footprint // Has raised €5,721 of €6,000 so far. (~95%) ? 145 $18 / €39 Nov 11
Dungeon Decorators A new tile-drafting light strategy game from the makers of The Red Dragon Inn! // Has raised $26,777 of $40,000 so far. (~67%) 2 - 4 476 $39 / $56 Oct 29 bgg
Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep and Tavern Tales Prepare to drop deeper with an epic expansion to the premier "drop-style" tabletop game. Then complete your story with Tavern Tales! // Has raised $143,731 of $14,500 so far. (~991%) ☑ varies 2357 $16 / $61 Oct 29 bgg #expansion
Eternal Eight A Miniature War game with True 3D Castles and Villages! // Has raised $1,855 of $100,000 so far. (~2%) 1 - 4 19 $89 / $98 Nov 09
EvenQuads A new card deck, and five new games, featuring the biographies of women mathematicians through history. // Has raised $6,043 of $3,000 so far. (~201%) ☑ 1 - ? 146 $18 / $41 Nov 19
Fearsome Wilderness: the board game & miniatures collection a tabletop gaming experience crafted for gamers, hobbyists, and horror fans alike. // Has raised $17,390 of $10,000 so far. (~174%) ☑ 1 - 4 289 $49 / $60 Nov 05 bgg
Filibust! Party Card Game A party card game full of laughter; just don't let it out! You and your friends must keep a straight face saying your whacky lines. // Has raised $587 of $10,000 so far. (~6%) 3 - 8 10 $25 / $59 Dec 08
Frostpunk: The Board Game A city-survival game where heat means life and every decision comes at a cost. From the designers of Nemesis and This War of Mine: TBG. // Has raised €1,093,059 of €200,000 so far. (~547%) ☑ 1 - 4 9962 $89 / €110 Oct 28 bgg
Gun and Gun A fast-paced competitive card game featuring action-packed 1v1 duels and a two-deck draft system, brought to you straight from Japan. // Has raised $27,313 of $10,000 so far. (~273%) ☑ 2 438 $30 / $62 Oct 22 bgg
Herbaceous - Pocket Edition A new, compact version of Herbaceous that's just as relaxing and beautiful as the original // Has raised $18,466 of $4,500 so far. (~410%) ☑ 1 - 4 925 $15 / $20 Oct 19 bgg #newedition
Hey Doc, A adult party game for health care workers, students and anyone who finds bodily functions humerus! // Has raised $12,005 of $11,000 so far. (~109%) ☑ 3+ 269 $35 / $45 Nov 01 #take2 #lolwut
Hidden Society of the Gnomes: Great Invasion Gnomes are taking over the world! The invasion is inevitable! Will they succeed, or will the human race prevail? The choice is yours! // Has raised €222 of €60,000 so far. (~0%) 2 4 $47 / €56 Dec 08 #hmm
High Rise: The UltraPlastic Edition The tabletop board game about construction and corruption, now with gorgeous plastic buildings // Has raised $49,273 of $50,000 so far. (~99%) 1 - 4 706 $5 / $70 Oct 29 bgg #newedition #expansion
Jack Rabbit JAM: Battle Roulette A casino-style 1v1 game of strategy and luck, inspired by classic arcade fighters. // Has raised £83 of £777 so far. (~11%) 2 13 $10 / £6 Oct 28
Journey to Ecrya: A roleplay-driven board game Play as 1 of 8 unique heroes and embark on a dangerous journey through a rich fantasy landscape in this 2 to 4 players game. // Has raised €2,180 of €13,000 so far. (~17%) 2 - 4 53 $30 / €41 Nov 10 bgg
King of the West A quick Weird West area-control card game that fits in your pocket. Only $9! // Has raised $2,169 of $3,500 so far. (~62%) 2 - 9 86 $9 / $25 Nov 03 bgg
Mighty Armies: Invasion The dead have risen! The living must form armies as they combat the forces of foul necromancers. Welcome to Invasion. // Has raised $1,441 of $500 so far. (~288%) ☑ 2? 22 $10 / $66 Oct 18
MUD: A Political Card Game The dirty game of American elections. // Has raised $19,427 of $12,000 so far. (~162%) ☑ 2 - 6 394 $25 / $49 Nov 02 bgg
NOONGK - the future is already here! Harness the power of technologies and leverage them as a tool to achieve the sustainable development agenda. // Has raised €182 of €30,000 so far. (~1%) ? 5 $35 / €36 Nov 11 #hmm
Pocket Paragons 3-minute Asymmetrical Duel // Has raised $11,591 of $8,000 so far. (~145%) ☑ 2 214 $20 / $54 Nov 05 bgg
Prosperitea A simple and elegant card game about blending, selling, and trading loose leaf tea. From the studio that brought you Cantankerous Cats! // Has raised $3,714 of $20,000 so far. (~19%) 3 - 6 95 $29 / $39 Nov 02 bgg
Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Rainbow Unicorn Rescue is a true family board game; created by two young sisters and brought to life with a little help from dad. // Has raised $4,046 of $5,000 so far. (~81%) 2 - 4 56 $30 / $72 Nov 01
Random Fun Generator, Dice Games from Steve Jackson Games A collection of over twenty dice games from Steve Jackson Games! Use any existing six-sided dice, or play using our many custom dice!!! // Has raised $79,119 of $500 so far. (~15824%) ☑ varies 3166 $15 / $25 Oct 12
Rathskellers Modular Table : For Dining, Gaming & RPG's Rathskellers' 1st kickstarter project ! Presenting Sunnygeeks: A truly epic & modular table for Dining, Gaming & RPGs. // Has raised €269,740 of €100,000 so far. (~270%) ☑ - 231 $1182 / €1,168 Nov 12 #bling
Reputation: The Game of Fame A scandalous card game about your journey to superstardom. // Has raised A$1,155 of A$1,500 so far. (~77%) ? 25 $18 / A$46 Nov 02
ROTTEN MINIATURES MMXX Resin miniatures in dark fantasy style for players, collectors, and painters. // Has raised €4,486 of €2,500 so far. (~179%) ☑ - 79 $10 / €57 Nov 07 #minis
RPG Battles: The Card Game The easiest roleplaying, cards, and strategy game ever! Based on the mechanics of the Pathfinder RPG, without the complication. #TTRPG // Has raised $961 of $1,000 so far. (~96%) 2 - 6 31 $15 / $31 Nov 06 bgg
Sig: City of Blades Cosmopolitan Planar Fantasy, Forged in the Dark // Has raised C$15246 of C$10000 so far. (~152%) ☑ ? 354 $19 / C$43 Oct 30 #rpg
Solid Oak Dice Tower Evolution Dice tower / tray / storage combo // Has raised £1,605 of £400 so far. (~401%) ☑ - 26 $39 / £62 Oct 29 #bling
Spindlewheel A tarot-like interpretive storytelling game where you weave a story from card to card. // Has raised $19,970 of $5,000 so far. (~399%) ☑ ? 321 $35 / $62 Nov 07 #rpg
Studies in Sorcery Studies in Sorcery is an engine building and drafting game for 1-4 players about getting your master's degree in the dark arts. // Has raised $16,327 of $5,900 so far. (~277%) ☑ 1 - 4 545 $19 / $30 Oct 29 bgg
Takkure, a cyberpunk rugby game In a violent cyberpunk universe, the players take on the role of coaches to lead teams of 4 players. // Has raised €19,734 of €13,000 so far. (~152%) ☑ 2 282 $77 / €70 Oct 25 bgg
The Conquistadors A game simulating the Spanish conquest of the Americas from 1518-1548 // Has raised $6,373 of $2,500 so far. (~255%) ☑ 1 - 5 80 $64 / $80 Oct 27 bgg
The Sleepover A lightly horror themed family friendly co-op board game. Where you have to restore power to the house before the Boogeyman gets you. // Has raised $2,569 of $27,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 6 32 $45 / $80 Nov 06
Time Vault Soccer - The football card game A 2 player starter pack and expansion for the original Time Vault Soccer "Debut" set - with added World Cup-ness. // Has raised £613 of £1,000 so far. (~61%) 2 - 6 14 $27 / £44 Nov 05 bgg #expansion #newedition
To The Moon And Back A fun and highly tactical board game where in up to six players compete against eachother as intergalactic parcel couriers. // Has raised €3,724 of €20,000 so far. (~19%) 2 - 6 68 $48 / €55 Nov 05
TorKings: The World's Greatest Strategic Alignment Game UNTAMED and UNLEASHED - The genre's EXTREME UPGRADE of gameplay and hardware is here. // Has raised A$38,686 of A$5,000 so far. (~774%) ☑ 2 - 6 406 $39 / A$95 Oct 27 bgg
Truth or lie, do you know your friends? The boardgame where you will have to discover if your friends are lying or telling the truth, with the most intimate questions // Has raised €322 of €2,200 so far. (~15%) ? 8 $24 / €40 Nov 03
Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial Relive one of the most famous trials in US history--a tense, tabletop duel where you sway a jury & a nation for swift justice. // Has raised $22,177 of $7,999 so far. (~277%) ☑ 2 373 $29 / $59 Oct 31 bgg
WOKE UP! “There is no such thing as a single issue struggle"Audre Lorde (Black, Lesbian, Mother, Warrior) // Has raised £1 of £4,600 so far. (~0%) 2 - 6 1 $20 / £1 Nov 04
Yonder: A Fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Game Refugees from a cataclysm venture into a magical land where they are transformed as they reveal their inner nature. // Has raised C$8192 of C$6000 so far. (~137%) ☑ ? 176 $19 / C$47 Nov 01 #rpg
You Don't Know Me: The Friendship Party Game Testing friendships since 2020. // Has raised C$2957 of C$8000 so far. (~37%) 3 - 6+ 36 $19 / C$82 Nov 05

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pandora's vault analysis because i'm a simp and a nerd for the greek mythology refs techno is putting into the plot

It's me! I'm back! I found the Pandora's Vault situation interesting, to say the least. The name, the use, who's it for? I'm gonna dump a bunch of myths on y'all, coming up with theories about who the prison is for, etc. This is a really self-indulgent post lmao.

as always, this is just roleplay! this is acting! all CC are friends (maybe) irl!
tw for beastiality, what the hell is up with greek mythology smh my head

who is pandora and why does she have a vault?

Pandora, the One Who Bears All Gifts, was basically the Eve in Ancient Greece. She was made by the gods to be a punishment to humankind after Prometheus gave them fire. She was then married to Prometheus' little brother, Epimetheus, who wasn't supposed to accept anything given to him by the gods but holy shit Pandora was hot. Fun fact: Pandora originally had a jar, called a pithos, but later versions say that she had an ornate box!
Cursed(?) by her curiosity, Pandora opened the box, setting all kinds of evils loose. Panicking, she closed the box, trapping Hope (some scholars translate the Greek words elpis as Expectation) inside. According to Hesiod, Zeus kept Hope/Expectation inside to remind humans why you don't disobey gods. Jokes on Zeus, he's a dead god now. Get clowned, weather boy.
Pandora's Vault is going to contain either the true evil on the server or the last hope for New L'Manberg against Dream.

okay... but you said myths plural. what's the next one?

Thanks for pointing that out, u/Glittering-Ad98 who is also me :]
Basically, this dude named King Minos of Crete had a problem and called in a favor from Posiden, the god of the Sea and also Horses. Posiden made a snow-white bull from the sea foam, and Minos promised to sacrifice the bull to Posiden as a show of thanks. The thing is... the bull was really cool. Minos decided to go back on his promise and sacrificed some plain old bull, which made Posiden mad. He went to Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty but wasn't actually all that lovely, and together they made Minos' wife, Pasiphae... want to fuck the bull. She went to an inventor, Daedalus, a genius architect, inventor, and sculptor who was staying in Crete because he yeeted his nephew off of a cliff, and commissioned him to make her a fursuit for a cow. To fuck the bull. You heard it here, folks! Pasiphae, wife of King Minos is a furry. So she fucked the bull and got pregnant with the Minotaur. Um! What the hell! Minos very understandably freaked out, got Daedalus to build a Labyrinth to hold the Minotaur, then banished Daedalus into the Labyrinth because he 'knows too much'.
I'm assuming y'all know how the Minotaur goes since it's myth goes with Theseus'! Beastiality and disgraced heroes, the staple of the Dream SMP /j.
We're talking about Daedalus more later.

okay, but who's pandora's box for?

Ah yes, the question for the time being. All we know about this person is that they're 'highly capable,' and 'someone Dream can't kill' which puts... a lot of people on the plate. *sighs*
Technoblade. Most popular contestant for the Vault, most likely contestant for the Vault, most contestant for the Vault. He fits the 'highly capable' description, we know that Dream fears him, and Technoblade Never Dies. The only thing I see getting in the way of this is Techno's whole pacifist retirement thing. And also Philza.
Philza. Also very plausible. Highly capable? Check. Someone Dream can't kill? Maybe? Dream would definitely try and imprison Phil for leverage over Techno. Leverage for what, you ask? To force him out of his retirement, out of his pacifism, and onto Dream's side. But! Philza is smart and could probably figure out what was happening before it's too late. Maybe leading to a canon Dream death? Pog.
Awesamdude. Sam! I don't know much about him but he's pretty pog! This is why I mentioned Daedalus, Dream could very much throw Sam into Pandora's Vault. Maybe Quackity as Icarus, he and Sam seem pretty close. As I said, I don't know much about Sam. He's apart of the Badlands, maybe Dream wants to sway them onto his side? But Bad/Co are busy with the Crimson... But Sam's like, stacked with resources. Dude's got 5 tridents in his ender chest, but I'm not sure about the worth of those anymore, everyone seems to have a trident. Definitely a threat to Dream.
Ghostbur. Highly capable? Alivebur definitely was up until his insanity/fall from grace. Someone Dream can't kill? He's already dead. Ghostbur is a liability in Dream's plans, so Dream resorts to trapping him. This can also link the Crimson Arc to the Exile Arc, since Blue (the lapis lazuli Ghostbur carries around) can fight Red (in reference to Ponk's lil Red at his casino construction site.)
Dream. The man himself. Pandora's Vault is completed! Finally! Sam shows Dream around, explaining the defensive layers, the red stone contraptions(?), and check out the prison cell suspended above a lake of lava, pretty neat, huh? Dream walks in, surprised when he hears the iron doors clang behind him. What the hell, what's the meaning of this? The SMP members all surround the cell, grave looks on their faces as Dream tries to escape. It's a sad sight, similar to Schlatt's last moments. A lonely leader, surrounded by former friends, a past lover, and hated enemies. They all look at him with pity in their eyes as he utters his last (canon) line, cursing and insulting them to the very end.
Woah that got kinda fanfic-y.

... But that's just a theory, a [REDACTED]
Thanks for making it to the end of the post :] I don't have any posts to link this time! Remember to stay hydrated and to sleep! And to take care of yourselves!!! :]
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Persona Fan Project Idea

So I just wanted to share some ideas that I've created these past 4 years for a fan Persona game and see if anybody found it interesting. Although this is is mostly just a project for myself, I wanted to share just in case someone out there has criticisms or problems with it.
I'll start with the protagonists of the game. Yes, there's going to be more than one, twins to be precise. You can choose which one you'd like to live the story through, which will definitely change some of the experiences in the story, such as social links, general events, etc. These two are 16 years at the time of the story, just like most other persona protags, but they actually live in the U.S. initially. Due to their father passing though, they leave and live with their mother in Japan, along with her husband and son, their step-family (Their mother and father separated when they were young, the father taking main custody while they visited their mother every summer in Japan).
The school they will attend is based off of the ASIJ school in Chofu, Tokyo, which is an International school (An international school is a school that adopts another country's educational curriculum; ASIJ or American School in Japan is a school that adopts the American school system). So their will be a change in the game's school system, like not having a school outfit requirement for example. This is were the protags will meet most of the main cast, though some will be introduced outside of the school.
*Also another important factor, this sorry is actually going to take place over the course of two years. For story purposes and just a wanting of more character interaction.
Speaking of the main cast, it consists of the two protags, the mascot character (I'm planning on it being a fish ;D), and 8 other main cast characters, leaving a total of 11. All of these characters are capable of having a social link with the main protagonist, as well as being romanced no matter which protag you choose (this excludes the mascot character though because there ain't N O way I'm condoning dating fish I'm sorry). I could write about every main character here, but that would take hours so maybe some other time if y'all are interested.
Here are the main ideas for the respresentation behind the main character's shadows, personas and social links: regret, desire, and change. The way this will work for each character is similar to P4, whenever someone is dragged into the world in which shadows exist, it will create an extension of that person's biggest regret/desire, usually in the form of something familiar to that person. For example, one of the main character's has someone close to him die by suicide. He massively regrets not being there for his friend, and just wants him back. This will take form as his shadow, that being the friend that he lost. (Kinda messed up, right?) The personas will come after the person has come to accept what has happened in the past. Though the complete moving on from the past will likely be shown through social links with the main protags.
For now, the main sort of idea behind personas is drifting. For each game there was a sort of theme for every main characters persona, P3 being greek mythology, P4 being japanese mythology, and P5 being famous thieves (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG). As of now I'm going with famous figures that suffer from regret. For example, the tale of La Llorona will be the inspiration behind one. (La Llorona or "the weeping woman" is hispanic folklore; long story short it's a woman who mourns her drowned children. There are multiple iterations of this story though, so I recommend looking it up if you're interested).
Although I haven't completely figured out the medium the world of shadows will exist through (I was thinking something technologocial as the color theme will be green), I do know that I want to include the Amanojaku. This is a mythological figure usually represented by a small Oni that is able to provoke someone's deepest desires, which fits in with the representations behind the shadows (Again, the iterations could change). I was thinking that this would be the creature that took people into that world, but I still need to work or specifically how it is going to work.
The Velvet Room is going to be based off of a casino this time around. This is to go along with the regret, desire and change themes, as casinos usually come along with that. I was thinking about involving a gambling system when fusing personas, but it's only an optional things. I still have to work this idea out too, but I just know it's going to be based off of the gambling game 'Roulette'.
Before anything else though, I want to restate that this is just a personal project. It's nothing official, just something that I wanted to create as a "love-letter" to he persona series, and things I wish I could have seen in a persona game myself.
I know this ambitious, don't worry. I can't draw, compose music, create full on stories, code: it's going to be a process. I'm currently working on these skills so if anything it'll probably be a good decade before I can actually do anything with these ideas.
That's it for now! Sorry if this is vague, I just want to GAURD some of my ideas. Not that they are absolutely game-changing or anything, it's either just specifics or things that I'd rather not have other people see until I'm ready.
Thank you so much if you read through all of this! Please let me know if you have anything to say about this idea at all.
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Theory: Are Gods and Devils personifications of aspects?

In mythologies like the Greek or Norse, Gods and some monsters are personifications of aspects, like Zeus and the Lightning ( all Lightning comes from Zeus' weapon ) or the monster Typhon and his catastrophes, or Uranus who is the sky.
So is it similar in Konosuba?
Kazuma believes that he could only win the casinos in Elroad because Eris ( The Luck ) was backing him up and if he tries to gain money for a selfish reason Eris would block his luck.
We know that when you worship a God you gain a bit of the aspect of his power, like Luck buff with Eris Church or the Revenge Blessing from Regina.
In Bakuen, Cecily says that all water comes from the Goddess of Water, quote: "Water the rice fields! Where did the water come from? …That’s right! It came from the rain blessed by Aqua-sama, the goddess of water."
End quote.
You could say that it was BS from an Axis Cultist, but we know from canon that it is true, in the Aqua SS that came out before her V17 SS that it's about it.
In the new WN SS, Eris says, quote: “Y-You don’t really have much respect for gods, do you… Aqua-san is a really powerful and important goddess, you know? No one can live without water. Everyone takes getting fresh water every day for granted, that’s why no one respects her very much".
End quote.
She basically says that without Aqua there would be no water at all and the Konosuba world isn't even Aqua's world.
And this supports the the LN canon as I previously mentioned as it isn't WN-only, when it is explained that you cannot summon water from nothing, all water in the world has always the same volume, however as the Goddess of Water Aqua can make new water from nothing and even give people dolls that summons rain too.
Quote: There hasn’t been any rain recently, so it seems like the fields around town are starting to experience a shortage of water.
However, magic exists in this world.
They could just get a few magic users here and solve the problem with a few applications of Create Water.
“Kazuma, magic doesn’t create water out of nothing, you know? Create Water and similar spells just gathers up water from the area using magic."
… Yeah, if you can create an infinite amount of water from nothing, the amount of water in the world would steadily increase until it eventually turns the entire planet into a ball of water.
This world is under the guidance of a goddess, after all. I’m sure they set up such limits to prevent the world from being destroyed so easily.
End quote.
Aqua even says that although she knows it about water she has no idea about Create Earth as she isn't thr Goddess of Earth or something.
Eventually Aqua summons rain through divine power and not magic and fix the problem, quote:
Eventually, we fled from the massive downpour that descended over the fields and praised Aqua who managed to be useful for once–
A few days later.
The Axis Cult gained a new follower after Aqua gave him a teruteru Aqua, that she made while she was bored, that could call down rain by being turned upside down, but that’s a story for a different time.
End quote.
Now about Devils, I'd say the same thing applies to at least Duke of Hells.
Vanir then would be the personification of Foresight as the Devil of Foresight and all things related to that comes from Vanir. Just as Aqua giving a Aqua doll that summons rain, Vanir can make Vanir dolls that have a bit of his power, even his masks will grant you a buff.
In Bakuen, in the same way Cecily says that all water comes from Aqua, she mentions that it's well known that Soketto's Divination Powers have a diabolic source, quote: "I heard that the powerful diviner from the Crimson Demon Village is always accurate in her predictions. According to what I’ve heard, she used suspicious diabolic power to see the future and perform intricate divination."
Just like all Gods are Gods of something, the two Dukes of Hell we met were Dukes of something, if the same rule applies to Devils, wouldn't all Foresight related things come from Vanir as he is the personification/the Devil of Foresight and Soketto is channeling Vanir's power? We know from Hoost that Komekko if became a skilled enough Mage would be able to even summon him and Foresight just like Aqua or Luck isn't exactly regular magic.
My point with all of this is to say that, just as Eris says that no one lives without water and people have water daily because of Aqua, would that mean that if a God is killed, his dominion/aspect would cease to exist too?
If Aqua dies, does that mean no more water in all worlds? If Eris dies there's no more Luck? Kazuma would lose his Luck? If the same applies to Devils, would Soketto lose her job as she won't be able to tell the future anymore if Vanir dies?
Would all the worlds be affected in a catastrophic way if a God/Devil of something dies? What would have been the consequences if Chomusuke wasn't fine after Wolbach died? Would all NEETs stop being lazy and no one else would become violent after her death? She's the Goddess of Sloth and Violence after all.
Would the war between Heaven and Hell described on Vanir's Spin-off have stopped because the existence of Gods and Dukes of Hell are necessary for the balance or something? As if one with an important aspect dies things would get bad.
Vanir clearly dislikes Aqua and had many chances to kill her like when she sleeps in front of him but not only he never does anything but when Aqua left Axel to the DK Castle he took drastic measures to help Kazuma and ensure he would be able to save her.
Without water the humans Vanir likes to use as food would soon vanish and he would definitely hate that.
So many questions...
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The meaning of flora behind Runeterra's characters and institutions

The meaning of flora behind Runeterra's characters and institutions
I was bored and had creative block so I did this...I just tried to make a connection between flower names/titles and the lore. After the release of Samira, the Desert Rose, I decided to write it down. Without further ado:

The Black Rose

  • A black rose is often used as a death and mourning symbolism, but it can also carry the meaning of change, new beginnings and renewal.

  • A rose bush must be religiously pruned annually. If not done It'll manage to survive, although It'll get weaker and weaker blooms over time. It'll also lose the shape and be more vulnerable to diseases. In order to archieve a healthier and stronger rose bush, pruning is imperative.
This can associated to the fact that Le Blanc is constantly disposing of old BR members and recruiting new ones. Darkwill, Granth...In the Black Rose, no one is truly irreplaceable. For Le Blanc, those are mere pawns in a bigger game, and she'll do anything to make the Black Rose bloom once again...Stronger than before.

The Desert Rose

  • It is native to desert climates, and it thrives and blooms better in harsher enviroments. Full sun, spaced watering. It's resistant to high temperatures, strong winds and drought. Actually, if you give it too much attention and care, like constant watering, It may rot and die. This perfectly fits Samira's character, as she's all about jumping into fights and scaping with a sliver of health.
From her bio:
"[...] Samira thrives in life-or-death circunstances, eliminating any who stand in her way with flash and flair."

  • The desert rose may appear pretty and harmless...Afterall it doesn't have thorns like a common rose. But be careful! It has a poisonous sap that can irritate skin and sicken/kill small pets when ingested. Again, I think it fits Samira. She may look pretty and seductive on the outside, but is actually a deadly, trained assassin.
From her voicelines:
"I am the Beauty and the Beast."

The Daisy

  • It is often used as an association for innocence, purity, children and childhood.

  • It can be considered an invasive weed. Someday It may appear out of nowhere in your garden, It'll spread fast and grow deep roots and suddenly you'll find yourself having a hard time to get rid of it. This can be related to the fact that Annie views Daisy as a stranger living in her house, which is evident in her crayon drawings.

  • The daisy exibits a behaviour called heliotropism, whereas the flowerbud follows the path of the sun in the sky. It gravitates towards heat and light like a moth to flames, and just like the myth of Icarus ("don't fly too close to the sun" or you might get burnt) the moth won't realise until It's too late. Was it Annie's fault? Was it Daisy's? Is there even someone to blame? It doesn't matter now, what happened won't change.

  • The name "daisy" is the result of the agglutination of "day's eye", which is a metaphor to It's bloom cycle: it opens the bud at sunrise and closes it at sunset. Not only it is more active during the day, but It's white, delicate petals are better appreciated under natural light.
On the other side, fire shines brighter against the dark constrast of the night.
This day and night cycle is evident considering Daisy and Annie are portrayed as opposits in ANNIE: Origins, and this antithesis is clearer in hair, dress and frame colours. Daisy has blond hair and wears a bright yellow dress, while Annie has dark brown hair and wears a vivid, blood-ish shade of red.
In ANNIE: Origins there's only two moments where sunlight is present: yep, you guessed right, both are the scenes where Daisy is in. While the rest of the cinematic has an overall darker tone and background, specially those framed by Annie.

The Lilypad

  • I wasn't sure about what flower would Lillia represent...But as Riot stated in "Crafting Spirit Blossom", the skin-line was dedicated/inspired by Lillia.
"We've recently tried matching the release skin for new champion with thematic that makes sense for their character. Aphelios is a Lunari, so he receved a Nightbringer skin. Sett's a punchy guy, so he got Mecha Kigdoms. Lillia's literally a flower from Ionia, so hers is Spirit Blossom."
And for the symbol of that universe, they used a lilypad shape:
Riot wanted the skin-line more "whimsical and dream-like", isn't that a perfect description of her? It also fits her name (Lilypad). So I'll consider Lillia's flower a lilypad (or a water lillie, or lotus, It's kinda a synonym).

  • A common known symbolism is innocence, purity, hope and peace. It's also associated with gods and spirituality, and dreams.

  • Honestly, listen to this and tell me It's not literally Lillia LOL.
In Greek mythology, there was a race of Lotophagi (lotus-eaters), who lived on a far away island dominated by the Lotus Tree (metioned in Odyssey), whose narcotic fruits caused a pleasent drowsiness. It's inhabitants were put to a peaceful slumber, whereas they slowly lost memories of their home, of their family and friends.
You can see a reference to this mythos in Percy Jackson's "The Lotus Casino" (look, I know this film is trash, but the reference is there).

  • During winter, the lilypad loses all It's leaves, staying hidden beneath the surface of the water, "asleep". During spring It awakens and breaks the surface, blooming to It's full potential. I connect this to Lillia's shyness, and her journey on overcoming it.

I wanted to write about Zyra, but she's in the list of rework so...That's it for today, folks. So, what do you think? :P
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15 Most Famous Slot Machines and Most Popular Slot Games

1. Liberty Bell

Invented and designed by a San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey in 1895, the Liberty Bell is the first slot machine. The main symbols here include horseshoes, stars, spades, diamonds, hearts, and Liberty Bells. Once three bells are aligned, the machine pays 50 cents.
Having a coin slot at the top, it features small reels in the middle and a paytable at the bottom. It works like this - players insert a Nickel and pull a lever on the right-hand side to spin the reels. Although the Operator Bell and Liberty Bell have been removed from casinos, the original Liberty Bell on display can be seen in the Liberty Belle saloon in Reno, Nevada.

2. Lion's Share

One of the most famous slot machines, Microgaming’s classic slot Lion's Share, gained a lot of success back in 2014, due to news channels that discussed the topic on how Lion's Share's progressive jackpot hasn’t been hit for two decades. Thousands of people have tried but no one was lucky enough to pull it off.
Although the machine only featured 3 reels and only 1 payline, Lion’s Share has managed to become one of the most popular releases in Vegas, so popular that people waited in line just to put a coin into it and try spinning those reels.
Eventually, a New Hampshire couple hit the $2.4 million progressive jackpot in MGM’s Grand’s Lion’s Share. Soon after, MGM Grand made a decision to retire the Lion's Share machine since it required a lot of maintenance. Still, the game became part of slot history with a jackpot that took 20 years to win.

3. Megabucks

Created by IGT, Megabucks has managed to become one of the world's best progressive slot machines. The game is also responsible for numerous big wins throughout the entire jackpots’ history. Also known as the biggest money jackpots of all time, Megabucks slot machines are described as simple games with a massive progressive jackpot. One of the biggest wins was when an anonymous engineer won a staggering $39.7 million at Las Vegas' Excalibur, back in 2003.
As for the other big wins hit on this machine, there was a cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan who snagged an incredible $34.9 million at Vegas' Desert Inn, as well as a retired flight attendant hitting $27.5 million at Vegas' Palace Statio­n. J­ohanna Huendl won $22.6 million whereas an Illinois businessman hit $21.3 million on the very first spin.
However, after winning the prize, one of the winner's family members had a tragic accident, which (as some believe) only supported the theory of a Megabucks curse. Other unfortunate stories are just believed to be urban legends, including anecdotes about underage players, as well as casino employees, being big winners but not being able to claim their jackpots because of specific state laws and regulation.

4. Wheel of Fortune

IGT’s Wheel of Fortune has proven to be the second most famous slot machine of all time. Featuring a bonus feature just like the real show, the slot machine is usually played by many slot fans and can be found in numerous casinos all over the globe. Although the game comes in more variations, probably the most popular one is still its 3-reel version, with a colourful wheel at the top.
The Wheel of Fortune multiplayer game features a bank of machines where every player gets their own screen. What makes the game even more exciting is the multiplayer edition where people can play the bonus round together, which really intensifies the game show aspect.
In a 5-reel Wheel of Fortune slot, however, Wild symbols will help players land winning combos and, if you’re lucky enough, you may get a Super Wild that will boost your win up to 5x! Last but not least, the Triple Action Bonus is activated by getting at least 3 Triple Action Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. But still, none of the newer Wheel of Fortune slots measure up to the original one because of the large progressive jackpot involved.

5. Mega Fortune

Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot became very popular among players as it usually grows into a multimillion-euro amount before being hit. The main symbols here include luxury cars, yachts, and expensive jewellery, Mega Fortune is an online slot machine game which justifies its theme that comes with the largest ever online slot jackpots.
The game offers a few different features that make the entire gameplay more fascinating, however, by far the most interesting ones are the 3 different progressive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot. There are counters for all 3 of these that are displayed above the reels. Champagne is the Scatter and if you land at least 3 of them simultaneously, you will trigger Free Spins bonus round. Likewise, Wheel of Luck is the Bonus symbol, and if you land 3 or more symbols in succession from left to right on an active payline, you will activate the Bonus game.
What’s interesting about this slot is the fact that a Finnish man won a huge jackpot worth €17.8 million while spinning the reels of Mega Fortune. This record from 2013, has been passed by Mega Moolah, but the game is still proof how rich players can get after playing Mega Fortune.

6. Mega Moolah

Powered by Microgaming and being among most popular slot games, Mega Moolah is a 25-payline progressive slot which has served as a competitor to Mega Fortune's big jackpots. Followed by African safari music, the game features antelopes, elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys and zebras as the main symbols.
Landing at least 3 Scatters at the same time will trigger 15 Free Spins. What’s more, all wins hit during Free Spins are tripled, whereas Free Spins can also be retriggered. Players can win one of the 4 Progressive Jackpots within the randomly triggered Bonus round.
The game paid some of the largest slot machine jackpots that have ever been triggered. In 2015,for example, Mega Moolah gained international recognition when a British soldier Jon Heywood won a massive €17,879,645.

7. Cleopatra

Inspired by the famous Egyptian theme and Developed by IGT, Cleopatra is a 20-payline classic game that managed to stand out above similar releases. Featuring ancient Egyptian music, the main symbols here include Cleopatra, the Eye of Horus, scarabs, and pyramids. Landing at least 3 Sphinx symbols will trigger the Cleopatra Bonus, which awards 15 Free Spins. All prizes, except for the 5 Cleopatra symbols, are tripled in the Free Spins round.
The game has been so successful that it inspired its creators to make a sequel, Cleopatra II, with richer graphics and engaging sound effects. But even if you choose the original game, you'll be playing a classic that's still enjoyed by various players today. And, in case you land 5 Cleopatra symbols you’ll get a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

8. Book of Ra

Having a popular Ancient-Egypt theme, Book of Ra has always been one of the best choices to play in land based and online casinos. Powered by Novomatic, Book of Ra is a 9 payline video slot that offers plenty of bonus features and big payouts. With entertaining narrative and energising gameplay, there are numerous ways to win here.
In case you land 5 archaeologists simultaneously, you’ll get an impressive 5,000x your line bet. Earning big bucks, however, comes from the Free Spins feature. What players need to do is land at least 3 Scatter books to trigger the Free Spins feature. Pages of the book will flip and randomly determine which symbol will expand during the 10 Free Spins.
Although hitting the jackpot may not be easy, with only a few one in between, when big wins come, they can be big.

9. Starburst

There’s no denying NetEnt’s Starburst slot became kinda legendary in the iGaming universe. With its dark background and shiny space looking gemstones, Starburst slot features 5 reels and 10 paylines. The well-known futuristic music in this release is also easily noticeable, as is the game’s expanding Wild.
More precisely, the Wilds may only occur on the reels 2, 3 and 4, and, once 1 or more wilds appear on those reels, the Starburst Wild feature will be activated. During this feature, Starburst wilds expand to cover the entire reel and remain while the other reels re-spin. Should a new wild land during a re-spin, it expands and stays along with any previously expanded Starbursts for another re-spin.
Another cool feature is that Starburst pays both ways, instead of only paying you for landing at least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels starting with the reel furthest to the left. The maximum single spin payout for a person (betting the $200 maximum) is $100,000. But, in order for that to happen, you must land five bars on consecutive reels on an active payline. Players love this slot, probably because it’s suitable for both newbies and experienced players.

10. Immortal Romance

Powered by Microgaming, Immortal Romance is based on sci-fi and the cult of Vampires which has become one of the popular casino slot machines in the last couple of years. Apart from superb graphics and great audio and visual effects, the slot features 5 reels and 243 paylines, and the theoretical RTP rate of 96.86%. The four main characters are Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah.
When it comes to features and bonus games, Immortal Romance offers different variants. Wild Desire feature can occur randomly, and as soon as it does, it can turn 1 to 5 reels completely Wild. Likewise, landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels in this game, activates the Chamber of Spins feature which cannot be triggered during Wild Desire.
The game is still among the most popular slots, as many players still try their luck in this slot in the hope to get the highest multiplier possible.

11. Gonzo’s Quest

Beautifully designed video slot powered by NetEnt, Gonzo Quest features 5 reels and 20 paylines. The story is based on the famous conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro who is on his way to the Peruvian ruins and just about to experience the unique quest.
Now, Gonzo’s Quest has become one of the most popular slot games of all time, probably because it comes with a few interesting features, Avalanche Multipliers feature being the most interesting one of all. In Essence, the reels in the slot move in a cascading manner which resemble an Avalanche. As you activate each new Avalanche, you will win a multiplier. Multipliers are displayed above the reels, and go up to 5x, that is if you land 4 or more avalanches simultaneously.

12. Age of the Gods

Being among famous slot machines and inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, Age of the Gods is a 5-reel, 20-payline progressive slot powered by Playtech. The main characters are Athena, Zeus, Hercules, and Poseidon power up 4 free game modes that offer extra wilds and win multipliers! Once you start spinning, you’ll come across a series of bonus features, such as Athena Free Games, Zeus Free Games, Poseidon Free Games and Hercules Free Games.
Wild logo is the game’s wild card and it substitutes for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter. Landing at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels simultaneously triggers the Bonus game. Moreover, landing 5 God symbols in any order on an active payline will get you 200x your line bet!
During the main game, any spin can activate the Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot. This mini game guarantees a win of up to 4 progressive jackpots. All you gotta do is click on the coins to reveal jackpot symbols, and if you match 3 identical ones, you will win that jackpot.

13. Money Honey

Having a cute theme, Money Honey is a 5-reel and a 243 payline slot themed around honey. With Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters and multipliers, it is a fast-paced exciting creation featuring vibrant colours. Likewise, it is a mobile-optimized slot which may be an excellent choice if you’re new to online gambling or if you’ve been playing for years.
Just like in other games, Wilds will help you win payouts as they are able to replicate most other symbols on the reels once a winning combination has been made. Another symbol you may want to keep your eyes on is a Money Wheel card. Once you manage to land at least 3 of them on your reels after a spin, the bonus game begins, and you spin a big wheel to choose a prize.

14. Quick Hit

And our selection wouldn’t be complete without Bally's Quick Hit slot. Featuring traditional Las Vegas symbols with sharp graphics and relaxed music, the video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Once you decide how many paylines you want to bet on, your gaming adventure can begin. There are Scatters symbols and three bonus games to benefit from.
The biggest payout here comes from landing the triple seven symbol. Should you land 5 of these lucky numbers on the reels at the same time, you will win 5,000 coins, whereas if you land five wild symbols, you’ll get 12,500 coins.
Those looking for hitting a jackpot should pay attention to Quick Hit Platinum symbols as 5 of these contribute to 5,000x players’ original bet amount – and even more, with the max bet activated. The second-highest jackpot can be hit by landing 9 Quick Hit Slot symbols. Both the Quick Hit Platinum and regular Quick Hit symbols must occur on or within one position of the first payline to be eligible for a jackpot win.

15. SlotZilla Zip Line

And now something completely different. We’re finishing our selection of famous slots in style, with the world’s largest slot machine - StotZilla Zip Line - 128 feet tall which has two take-off levels. This $12 million SlotZilla zip line took more than a year to build and opened its doors in 2014 and has already had more than 2 million riders so far.
The 11-story slot machine is decorated with over-sized dice, a glass of martini, a pink flamingo, video reels, coins, and two showgirls - Jennifer and Porsha. SlotZilla offers two different rider experiences - the upper Zoomline and a lower Zipline. This unique machine has a huge video screen with reels and a gigantic arm, replicating a true slot machine experience.
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🇬🇪☀️5️⃣ Star Tour➖ 1️⃣ Week ''East '' Georgia➖ Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kakheti and Kazbegi/5️⃣ Sterne Tour ➖1️⃣ Woche ''Ost'' Georgien➖ Tiflis, Mtskheta, Kakheti und Kazbegi/5️⃣ Звездный Тур➖ 1️⃣ Неделя ''Bосточная'' Грузия➖ Тбилиси, Мцхета,Кахетия и Казбеги (EN,DE,RU)

🇬🇪☀️5️⃣ Star Tour➖ 1️⃣ Week ''East '' Georgia➖ Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kakheti and Kazbegi/5️⃣ Sterne Tour ➖1️⃣ Woche ''Ost'' Georgien➖ Tiflis, Mtskheta, Kakheti und Kazbegi/5️⃣ Звездный Тур➖ 1️⃣ Неделя ''Bосточная'' Грузия➖ Тбилиси, Мцхета,Кахетия и Казбеги (EN,DE,RU)
(EN) ✅Day 1️⃣➖2️⃣ 🏙Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the heart of the Caucasus, the most important economic and cultural center, a modern metropolis, developing at an accelerated pace and adopting the best European features and Traditions. ℹ The name of Tbilisi comes from the ancient Georgian word "tbili", which means "warm". The legend about the founding of Tbilisi says that in the middle of the 5th century. `` King Vakhtang I Gorgasali '' hunted a pheasant in a wooded area, the wounded bird fell into a nearby hot spring. The king was so impressed by the hot springs that he decided to build a City. ✅Tourism in Tbilisi is very developed, every tourist of this city is surprised by the unimaginable number of beautiful places. 👉Places to visit: ➕Cathedral Tsminda Sameba-The largest temple ➕Rustaveli Avenue ➕Old town ➕ Shardeni Street ➕Sulfur Baths - Abanotubani District ➕Glass Bridge of Peace ➕Rike Park ➕Flea market "Dry Bridge" ➕Ropeway ➕Narikala Fortress ➕Tbilisi Botanical Garden ➕Temki Monument ➕ Legvtakhevi Waterfall ➕Tbilisi Sea ➕Tbilisi National Park ➕Sioni ➕Metekhi ➕Darejani Palace ➕ Tskneti ➕Funicular - from the city center to the upper park to Mount Mtatsminda ➕Assuritekhevy valley 👉Place to Stay: 🏨5️⃣Star-Hotel ''Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace'' is located in the historical center of Tbilisi. The hotel's elegant rooms offer beautiful views of the old town and mountains. 👉Hotel Services: ➕Spa and Wellness Center➕Bar and Restaurant➕Fitness Center➕Pool➕Casino ➕Parking ✅Day 3️⃣ 🗺Discover Georgia's mesmerizing heritage and visit some of the most iconic and popular landmarks in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region: ➡️Old town Mtskheta ➡️Jvari Monastery ➡️the ancient rock complex Uflistsikhe. ✅Day 4️⃣ 🏞Kakheti is Mimino, Father of the Soldier, Alazani Valley, “City of Love” Sighnaghi, ancient monasteries, legendary wines “Tsinandali” and “Kindzmarauli” and national parks. 🍇The lion's share of Georgia's grapes grows here. The first seed of cultivated grapes in the world was discovered in Georgia. This grape seed is 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ years old, therefore Georgia is considered the birthplace of winemaking. 👉Places to visit: ➕Signahi - the city of love ➕ Telavi - the capital of Kakheti ➕Gurjaani -15-meter monument "Father of the Soldier". According to the plot of the famous film, Giorgi Makharashvili was from Gurjaani. ➕ House-Museum of Chavchavadze in Tsinandali. ➕ David-Gareji Monastery-Cave Monastery, one of the main Orthodox shrines in Georgia ➕Alaverdi is the main temple of Kakheti ➕ The St. Nino Convent in Bodbe - the relics of St. Nino are buried in it ➕Cathedral Ninotsminda One of the oldest Orthodox churches in Georgia - was built in the middle of the first millennium AD ➕ Kvareli lake ➕Telavy wine cellar ➕ Winery "Teliani Veli" ➕Tunnel Winemaking Khareba 👉Place to Stay: 🏨5️⃣ Star-Luxurious ''Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia'' is located in Tsinandali, 1.4 km from Tsinandali Palace Museum. ✅Day5️⃣➖6️⃣ 🏔Kazbegi is one of the must-see places in Georgia. ℹMount Kazbegi (or Mkinvartsveri) is located at an altitude of 5️⃣0️⃣4️⃣7️⃣ meters above sea level, is the third highest mountain in Georgia and is surrounded by myths and religious traditions. According to Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus was forever chained to the side of a mountain. as punishment for teaching humanity to make fire. Prometheus (known in Georgia as Amirani) was imprisoned in a cave at the top of 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ meters near Kazbegi peak. The cave, now called Betlemi, later served as a dwelling for Orthodox monks and kept many sacred relics, including the tent of Abraham and the manger of Jesus. Mineral lakes surround the mountain. Covered with a glacier in 1️⃣3️⃣5️⃣ sq. km, Kazbegi is a great place for mountaineering. Daryal Gorge, connecting Russia and Georgia, stretching 1️⃣8️⃣ km from Stepantsminda to the border with Russia in Upper Lars. For millennia, this mountain pass has been strategically critical and has been fortified from the beginning. 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ BC In some places, the cliffs reach over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣m, and the towering medieval watchtowers, rushing mountain waterfalls and wildlife make the Darial Gorge one of the most incredible roads in the world. 👉Places to visit: ➕Stepantsminda Historical Museum ➕Kelitsadi Lake ➕Gweleti waterfalls ➕Arshi waterfalls ➕Jute Cliff ➕Valley Truso ➕Bethlem hut ➕Gergeti Trinity ➕Darial Monastery Complex ➕Khevi Sioni Church Complex ➕Zakagori ➕ Bath Monastery of the Mother of God ➕Men's monastery named after Elijah the fortuneteller ➕Ketrice 👉Place to Stay: 🏨 ''Kazbegi rooms Hotel '' stylish design with excellent location and mesmerizing mountain views. ✅Day 7️⃣ - return to Tbilisi. 🅿Privileged package- 8️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲 -2️⃣ People - 7️⃣ days = ➕transfer to the hotel-5️⃣ (Stars) ➕ Breakfast➕Excursion around the area➕Personal driver. ✅Travel with us and accumulate an unforgettable experience❗ (DE) ✅Tag 1️⃣➖2️⃣ 🏙Tiflis ist die Hauptstadt Georgiens und das Herz des Kaukasus, das wichtigste Wirtschafts- und Kulturzentrum, eine moderne Metropole, die sich schneller entwickelt und die besten europäischen Merkmale und Traditionen annimmt. ℹ Der Name Tiflis stammt vom alten georgischen Wort „Tbili“ ab, was „warm“ bedeutet. Die Legende über die Gründung von Tiflis besagt, dass Mitte des 5. Jahrhunderts "König Vakhtang I Gorgasali" jagte einen Fasan in einem Waldgebiet, der verwundete Vogel fiel in eine nahe gelegene heiße Quelle. Der König war von den heißen Quellen so beeindruckt, dass er beschloss, eine Stadt zu bauen. ✅Tourismus in Tiflis ist sehr entwickelt, jeder Tourist dieser Stadt ist überrascht von der unvorstellbaren Anzahl an schönen Orten. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Kathedrale Tsminda Sameba - Der größte Tempel ➕Rustaveli Allee ➕Alt Stadt ➕ Shardeni Strasse ➕Schwefelbäder - Bezirk Abanotubani ➕ Glasbrücke des Friedens ➕Rike Park ➕Flea Markt "Dry Bridge" ➕ Seilbahn ➕Narikala Festung ➕ Botanischer Garten von Tiflis ➕Temki-Denkmal ➕lWasserfall Legvtakhevi ➕Tiflis Meer ➕Tiflis Nationalpark ➕Sioni ➕Metekhi ➕Darejani-Palast ➕ Tskneti ➕Funicular - vom Stadtzentrum über den oberen Park bis zum Berg Mtatsminda ➕Assuretikhevi-Tal 👉Platz zum bleiben: 🏨Das 5️⃣Sterne-''Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace'' befindet sich im historischen Zentrum von Tiflis. Die eleganten Zimmer des Hotels bieten einen schönen Blick auf die Altstadt und die Berge. 👉Hoteldienste: ➕Spa und Wellness Center➕Bar und Restaurant➕Fitness Center➕Schwimmbad➕Casino ➕Parkplatz ✅Tag 3️⃣ 🗺 Entdecken Sie das faszinierende Erbe Georgiens und besuchen Sie einige der bekanntesten und beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Region Mzcheta-Mtianeti: ➡️Alte Stadt Mtskheta ➡️Jvari-Kloster ➡️Felskomplex Uflistsikhe ✅Tag 4️⃣ 🏞 Kakhetien ist ➖Mimino, Vater des Soldaten, Alazani-Tal, "Stadt der Liebe" Sighnaghi, alte Klöster, legendäre Weine "Tsinandali" und "Kindzmarauli" und Nationalparks. 🍇Der Löwenanteil der georgischen Trauben wächst hier. Der erste Samen von Kulturtrauben der Welt wurde in Georgien entdeckt. Dieser Traubenkern ist 8000 Jahre alt, daher gilt Georgien als Geburtsort der Weinherstellung. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Signahi - die Stadt der Liebe ➕ Telavi - die Hauptstadt von Kachetien, ➕Kvareli ➕Gurjaani -15-Meter-Denkmal "Vater des Soldaten". Laut dem Film stammte Giorgi Makharashvili aus Gurjaani. ➕Hausmuseum von Chavchavadze in Tsinandali ➕ David Gareji-Höhlenkloster, eines der wichtigsten orthodoxen Heiligtümer in Georgien. ➕Alaverdi ist der Haupttempel von Kachetien ➕ Nekresi ist ein funktionierendes Kloster aus dem 4. Jahrhundert auf einem Berg über dem Alazani-Tal ➕ Shuamta sind zwei Klosterkomplexe, die 2 km voneinander entfernt sind. ➕ Das St. Nino-Kloster in Bodbe - darin sind die Reliquien des St. Nino begraben ➕Ninotsminda-Kathedrale Eine der ältesten orthodoxen Kirchen in Georgien - wurde Mitte des ersten Jahrtausends nach Christus erbaut. ➕Telavi Weinkeller ➕ Weingut Teliani Veli ➕ Weingut Khareba ➕ Kvareli Meer ➕Lagodekhi-Nationalpark 👉Platz zum bleiben: 🏨5️⃣ Sterne-Luxuriöse ''Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia'' befindet sich in Tsinandali, 1,4 km vom Tsinandali Palace Museum entfernt. 🏔Kazbegi ist einer der Orte, die man in Georgien gesehen haben muss. ✅Tag 5️⃣➖6️⃣ ℹBerg Kazbegi (oder Mkinvartsveri) liegt auf einer Höhe von 5️⃣0️⃣4️⃣7️⃣ Metern über dem Meeresspiegel, ist der dritthöchste Berg in Georgien und von Mythen und religiösen Traditionen umgeben. Nach der griechischen Mythologie war der Titan Prometheus für immer an einen Berg gekettet. als Strafe dafür, die Menschheit zu lehren, Feuer zu machen. Prometheus (in Georgien als Amirani bekannt) wurde in einer Höhle auf einem 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Meter hohen Gipfel in der Nähe des Kazbegi-Gipfels eingesperrt. Die Höhle, jetzt Betlemi genannt, diente später als Heim für orthodoxe Mönche und bewahrte viele heilige Relikte auf, darunter Abrahams Zelt und Jesu Krippe. Mineralseen umgeben den Berg. Kazbegi ist von einem Gletscher auf 1️⃣3️⃣5️⃣ km² bedeckt und ein großartiger Ort zum Bergsteigen. Die Darial-Schlucht verbindet Russland und Georgien und erstreckt sich über 1️⃣8️⃣ km von Stepantsminda bis zur Grenze zu Russland in Oberer Lars. Seit Jahrtausenden ist dieser Gebirgspass strategisch wichtig und wurde von Anfang 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ v.chr. befestigt. An einigen Stellen erreichen die Klippen mehr als 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ m, und die hoch aufragenden mittelalterlichen Wachtürme, rauschenden Bergwasserfälle und wild lebenden Tiere machen die Darial-Schlucht zu einer der unglaublichsten Straßen der Welt. 👉Besuchsorte: ➕Stepantsminda Historisches Museum ➕Kelitsadi See ➕Gweleti Wasserfälle ➕Arshi-Wasserfälle ➕Jute Cliff ➕Truso-Tal ➕Bethlemhütte ➕Gergeti Trinity ➕Darialklosterkomplex ➕Khevi Sioni Kirchenkomplex ➕Zakagori ➕ Badekloster der Muttergottes ➕Männerkloster namens Elijah Fortuneteller ➕Ketrice 👉Platz zum bleiben: 🏨 '' Kazbegi Zimmer Hotel '' stilvolles Design mit ausgezeichneter Lage und faszinierendem Bergblick. ✅Tag 7️⃣ - Rückkehr nach Tiflis. 🅿Privilegiertes Paket - 8️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲 -2️⃣ Personen - 7️⃣ Tage = ➕ Transfer zum Hotel-5️⃣-(Sterne) ➕ Frühstück ➕ Ausflug in die Umgebung ➕ Persönlicher Fahrer. ✅Reisen Sie mit uns und sammeln Sie ein unvergessliches Erlebnis❗
(RU) ✅День 1️⃣➖2️⃣ 🏙Тбилиси – Столица Грузии и сердце Кавказа, важнейший экономический и культурный центр, современный мегаполис, развивающийся в ускоренном темпе и перенимающий лучшие европейские черты и Традиции. ℹНазвание Тбилиси происходит от древнегрузинского слова «тбили», что означает «теплый». Легенды об основании Тбилиси гласит, что в середине V в. ''Царь Вахтанг I Горгасали'' охотился в лесистом районе на фазана , раненая птица упала в близлежащий горячий источник. Царь был настолько впечатлен горячими источниками, что решил построить Город. ✅Туризм в Тбилиси очень развит, каждого туриста этого города удивляет невообразимое количество красивых мест. 👉Места посещения: ➕Собор Цминда Самеба-Самый большой храм ➕Проспект Руставели ➕Старый город ➕Улица Шардени ➕Серные бани - район Абанотубани ➕ стеклянный Моста Мира ➕Рике Парк ➕Блошиный рынок "Сухой мост" ➕Канатная дорога ➕Крепость Нарикала ➕Тбилисский ботанический сад ➕Монумент Темки ➕Водопад Легвтахеви ➕Тбилисское море ➕Тбилисский национальный парк ➕Сиони ➕Метехи ➕Дворец Дареджани ➕ Цкнети ➕Фуникулер-из центра города в верхний парк на гору Мтацминда ➕Ассуритехевская долина 👉Mесто проживания: 🏨5️⃣Звездочный-Отель ''Sheraton Гранд Тбилиси Метечи Пэлес'' расположен в историческом центре Тбилиси. Из элегантных номеров отеля открывается прекрасный вид на старый город и горы. 👉К услугам гостей: ➕Спа и оздоровительный центр➕бар и ресторан ➕Фитнес-центр➕Бассейн➕Казино ➕Парковка ✅День 3️⃣ 🗺Откройте для себя завораживающее наследие Грузии и посетите некоторые из самых знаковых и популярных достопримечательностей Региона Mцхета-Mтианети: ➡️Cтарый город Мцхета ➡️Mонастырь Джвари ➡️древний скальный комплекс Уфлисцихе. ✅День 4️⃣ 🏞Кахетия – это мимино, Отец Солдата, Алазанская долина, ''Город любви'' Сигнахи, древние монастыри, легендарные вина «Цинандали» и «Киндзмараули» и национальные парки. 🍇Здесь произрастает львиная доля винограда Грузии. Первая косточка окультуренного винограда в мире была обнаружена именно в Грузии. Этой косточке 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ лет, поэтому Грузию считают родиной виноделия. 👉Места посещении: ➕Сигнахи – город любви ➕ Телави – столица Кахетии ➕Гурджаани -15-метровым монументом «Отец солдата». По сюжету знаменитого фильма, Георгий Махарашвили был родом из Гурджаани. ➕Дом-музей Чавчавадзе в Цинандали. ➕ Монастырь Давид-Гареджи-Пещерный монастырь, одна из главных православных святынь Грузии ➕Алаверди является главным храмом Кахетии ➕Женский монастырь святой Нино в Бодбе-в нем покоятся мощи святой Нино ➕Собор Ниноцминда Один из древнейших православных храмов Грузии — был построен в середине первого тысячелетия нашей эры, ➕Телавский винный погреб ➕ Винзавод «Телиани Вели» ➕Тоннель Виноделие Харебы ➕ Кварельское озеро 👉Mесто проживания: 🏨5️⃣ Звездочный-Роскошный ''Рэдиссон Коллекшн Хотел, Цинандали Эстейт Грузия'' расположен в городе Цинандали,в 1,4 км от дворца-музея Цинандали. ✅День5️⃣➖6️⃣ 🏔Казбеги- одно из мест, которое обязательно нужно посетить в Грузии. ℹГора Казбеги (или Мкинварцвери) находится на высоте 5️⃣0️⃣4️⃣7️⃣метров над уровнем моря, является третьей по высоте горой в Грузии и окружена мифами и религиозными традициями. Согласно греческой мифологии ,Титан Прометей был навечно прикован к склону горы. в наказание за то, что человечество научил добывать огонь. Прометей (известный в Грузии как Амирани) был заключен в пещеру на вершине 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣метра недалеко от пика Казбеги. Пещера, теперь названная Бетлеми, позже служила жилищем для православных монахов и хранила множество священных реликвий, включая шатер Авраама и ясли Иисуса. Минеральные озера окружают гору. Покрытые ледником в 1️⃣3️⃣5️⃣ кв. км, Казбеги является прекрасным местом для альпинизма. Дарьяльское ущелье, соединяющих Россию и Грузию, протягиваясь на 1️⃣8️⃣ км от Степанцминды до границы с Россией в Верхнем Ларсе. В течение многих тысячелетий этот горный проход был стратегически крайне важен, и был укреплен с начала 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ до н.э. В некоторых местах скалы достигают более 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣м, а высящиеся на них средневековые сторожевые башни, стремительные горные водопады и дикая природа делают Дарьяльское ущелье одной из самых невероятных дорог в мире. 👉Места посещении: ➕Исторический Музей Степанцминды ➕Озеро Келицади ➕Гвелетские водопады ➕Аршинские водопады ➕Джутовый утес ➕Долина Трусо ➕Бетлемская хижина ➕Гергетская Троица ➕Дариальский монастырский комплекс ➕Комплекс церкви Хеви Сиони ➕Закагори ➕Банный монастирь Божьей матери ➕Мужской монастирь имени Елия предсказатель ➕Кетриси 👉Mесто проживания: 🏨Курортный отель ''Казбеги rooms Hotel'' стильным дизайном отличным Месторасположением и завораживающим видом на горы. ✅День 7️⃣ -возвращения в Тбилиси. 🅿Привилегированный пакет- 8️⃣8️⃣0️⃣💲 -2️⃣ Человекa - 7️⃣ дней =➕трансфер в гостиницу-5️⃣(Звезд)➕ Завтрак➕Экскурсия по местности➕Персональный водитель. ✅Путешествуйте с нами и накапливайте незабываемые впечатления❗
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Yung Lean Radio Interview Transcript

I saw that many of you non-swedes wanted to be able to enjoy the recent interview he did in Swedish. I have not had time to edit the text yet so it will be filled with spelling mistakes and such but if I have time later on I might fix that. The interviewer is called Mats Nileskär and he alternates between asking questions and explaining stuff so that's why sometimes it's just him retelling things that lean said earlier. Anyways here is the transcript:
There was once a sixteenyearold full of love for screw, drill and Florida trap. Full of fascination for fantasy figures and the cinematic. He rapped honest, drowsy, tentatively and almost apathetic to strange, mind expanding beats. Music that didnt exist in reality. Yung leans journey from his laptop in his room in Södermalm, to sold out shows and rock star dreams in the country of Hip Hop. It is one of the most beautiful stories in the history of Swedish music. And like all beautiful stories it holds plentiful of darkness. Yung Lean could have ruined everything and been scarified on the emo rap scene. Instead he became the influential survivor. Yung Lean and the producer friends in Sad Boys changed the world and intertwined with something beyond their own existence.
I usually don’t sit and count who my influences are. Because I have always had a lot of my own influences that I have payed homage to. But sometimes I don’t think about stuff and then I get a dm on Instagram. Like I got a dm from Trippie Redd that read like “Shoutout to one of my biggest influences.”
Music break
Ugly God. Like lots of rappers that I wouldn’t think were fans of me. Then there are these that are a bit more obvious like maybe suicide boys, Pouya. When they meet me at festivals, they are fans. And I don’t want to come off as bragging, it is the same way when, like I met young thug once in New York, and then I get star struck, I am a fan of him, nothing weird about that. But there is like, you know, group from group, it goes back. If you look at Wu Tang, and then it goes down, it gets weirder, like Odd Future and Asap Mob. And when we started, there was probably more people that thought like, like Yung Sherman, Yung Gud, Bladee, and all in Drain Gang and Sad boys and this is what we look like, we can also do this. I think we made it even more easy to access. And even more like, you only need a computer and internet. And less of, like maybe you don’t even have to skate, maybe you don’t even have to live in New York. More of like, you have a concept, and we were strict with that concept, we had a clear aesthetic, a clear way of making music videos, a clear message. It was easy to take things from that goth aspect, or the sad aspect, or like, people had purple hair like Ecco had. People dressed exactly like Bladee or Sherman, or rapped like me. And I still think that I see that today. And I’m proud, and I’m happy. I don’t see it as something negative, like, shit these boys are stealing or all these rappers are stealing, it’s more like, in that case I have also stolen. Everyone has been influenced by something, and as long as you are not ashamed about that, it’s okay, because that is how it goes. People can be like, I’ve never listened to Yung Lean, And I can see that they obviously have, and like…
Music break (Unreleased Lean)
We got a lot of the autotune aspect from, like Bladee and Whitearmor started using it a lot, and me and Micke (Gud) used it a lot. For us that was inspired by Future and Atlanta. And Casino and the first FBG mixtapes with young scooter and all those. Like those were using autotune. But we were from Europe, like, we are from The Knife country, Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel (Swedish artists), it is more like Kraftwerk when we do it. It is more monotone, a bit more dead, maybe a bit more ABBA english. It is a bit more depressing I think. And that is not something you try to do, it just ends up like that. And then I think that, a mix of that, we we got big during 2013, Hip Hop went more Nihilistic, dark, it was grim. The way Chief Keef rapped, everything after Finally Rich, Bang 2, Almighty So, it was like melodies but dark mumbling about killing people. Hip Hop was going that way. You no longer had to have a hook like “Woke up in a new Ferrari”. The whole song could be the same melody.
The bored and monotone mumbling turned into an anxiety lowering melody. And a manic flow of words. Yung Lean and sad boys, deeply uninterested in conventional song structures landed in the beginning of the start of a new era. Post Hip Hops surrealistic and psychedelic era. The new era was open for people that had not belong before. People that looked and sounded like Lean. A new sound, a new way to experience and listen to music. It was perplex and fascinating. Something Sad Boys happily utilized.
Yeah, it’s true. As long as you, like for us it was the natural thing to do. For us it wasn’t that we were exploiting this style of music or what they were doing in the US. For us it was more like, I have rapped since I was a kid, same for making beats for Micke. Drain Gang had a punk band. All of us made music. And when the time came it was just logical for us to take part. Same with rapping in English, it just came naturally. I actually lived in Vietnam three years before that. My mom is a diplomat so I was in the English school and spoke English so rapping in English came naturally. That the beats were slowed down, that, like everything was a bit weird, it came naturally to us. And of course the timing was perfect, it wouldn’t have been able to come at a different time. I think I’ve said that before. That if that had happened in 2009 it would have felt fake. I would have had to be more of a Paul Wall character or like Petter (Swedish Rapper). I was very lucky with coming up during that time. But after all I was just being myself to 100%. I think that if I hadn’t been, it wouldn’t have worked out.
Music break
Except for you and some others it was typically Swedish, a prime example of how it is in Sweden. A Swedish artist comes up, something they don’t recognise. They think it’s embarrassing. A Swedish sixteen year old boy from Södermalm, a middle class boy. He shouldn’t be doing this, it’s embarrassing. They wouldn’t want to touch me with a ten foot pole. He can’t be included here blah blah blah. But the second that the US started appreciating it and when he was in the New York Times or when he collaborates with Frank Ocean or other big names. Then they are ashamed of themselves. Like “Oh shit, he is Swedish, he is with us now…” It’s typical for Sweden, the law of Jante, like you shouldn’t think that you are somebody. That was basically what I witnessed since I was sixteen. It’s sad that we can’t trust each other and support everyone. I really believe that there is room for everyone to make it in Sweden.
What did it do to you, experiencing this? The Journey from hate to understanding and in the end to love.
I think that it might have been easier with hate. To be completely honest, if you look back at a lot of rappers, when they were hungry, when they were still hated or underground, they had so much to give. And I had that kind of idea in my head. That it was more exciting when Sweden hated me and I was only famous in the US. I really thought it was interesting. But I have matured now, time has passed, six seven years since we talked. The music I make now is different. If I had not been loved and was still hated, it would have been a bit perverse. Maybe then I had only been provoking just to provoke. I don’t like that. Right now I think I deserve to be where I am. I wouldn’t want to be in any other position.
Music break
What happened when you got to the US for the first time, as an unlikely star?
What happened? I can’t say I remember a lot. We were very young. Suddenly we were sitting in limousines. Lots of drugs, lots of illegal substances. We were very young, you know almost like a Metallica documentary, suddenly someone is sitting there with a knife in some group or something. No but a lot of things went downhill, but all the gigs were so much fun. It was some kind of friendship, like a family. You can’t take away all the gigs and the touring we did in the start. When we arrived in the US, it’s like, you know Femi, Emilios girlfriend, that has been with us since day one. She says it’s like we were all a part of Lost. Like the airplane crashed and when we meet each other now all of us know that we were part of that. Character wise I don’t remember anything that was any special. I remember us playing at Röda Sten in Gothenburg for 150 people. And when we got to New York we sold out Webster Hall twice, back to back. And rappers were contacting us, we were hanging out with artists. It was another level of respect. I guess I’m a bit like you there. I’m a hip hop nerd, always have been. When I started expressing myself through this music it was easier for Americans to understand what the fuck I was doing than for like a 40 year old Swedish man. So there’s nothing weird about that. But I wish I remembered more from the first tours (laughing).
Music break
You are sixteen, you go to the US, you are living in some hotel, you get to meet some drug dealers from Florida whom are also promoters, they have a Cadillac, and someone is backstage and lots of different rappers are coming in and suddenly Travis Scott is there and blah blah blah. Things are happening all the time. You wake up in a bed there are people around and then you have to go on stage. (Lean starts talking about something else) Is that David Lynch? Sorry we are watching a movie, we are watching Dumbo. (Back to interview) I wasn’t really ready for that. That it was going to be so much work. You don’t think that but there is so much work. Now I can do many shows. Like the last tour that I did sober I was able to do like 70-80 shows and been able to do that but you are still tired. Like you have to workout and sleep. But back then, where did all the energy come from? Including all the drugs and the shitty sleep and all partying. I don’t understand it at all.
Let’s talk some more about Florida. How was it to meet spaceghostpurrp who sort of created the foundation for what you got your inspiration from, the do it yourself attitude, punk, the south, three six mafia meets other genres in Florida. How was it to meet him?
I-I have to be completely honest. Spaceghostpurrp is insane you know. He is crazy as a human being. I think he is bipolar and doesn’t take his meds. And the people who actually met him, I met Denzel Curry, Travis Scott and some other people from raider klan, while all the rest of Sad Boys met Spaceghostpurrp. Because I had a bad comedown. So I didn’t meet him that time but our old manager was a good friend of him and he is a misunderstood legend, he really is. But the whole thing about him is like Rocky, the pretty artist and the genius ugly duckling. We both know that Asap Rocky got more famous because he is prettier and it just fit better. The picture was prettier to give to the people than that of spaceghostpurrp who was kind of wacky. But yeah I hope that everything is good with him. I have no contact and don’t know how he is doing nowadays, I don’t. But blacklander was some of the best. I remember when that was released and I was in eight or ninth grade. First I was so into MF DOOM and madvillain and then suddenly I saw a picture of Odd Future and then spaceghostpurrp came and then that was what I wanted to listen to all the time. And via spaceghostpurrp, I remember he linked a lot of good artist that I started listening to. So then came Waka Flocka.
It must have been like heaven, but as time would tell also hell. Landing in Florida.
It feels good. We were there a bit too long but it’s such a special feeling. You can go to Everglade and see alligators and you really feel all that in fort lauderdale that is it like a swamp. We recorded at a place called pink house, pink mansion. They had a lot of brick that they had thrown down so that it became pink. Rick Ross had recorded there and it’s really Florida. People run around with machetes and it’s voodoo and all of that Haiti thing. Music break
And then we were there in the pink mansion and recorded all of Warlord. It was insanely creative and it was like, I guess like when you read about Black Sabbath recording it feels like you have like a demon in you and you just make so much music and don’t realise what’s happening and yeah it ended up bad. It ended up with me at the psych ward, smashing a balcony and covering myself in the blood and the same night my manager died and then I got back to Sweden and was in convalescence, like at the psych ward. After that trip a lot of things changed in my life. I remember after a while when Hoover was released, maybe two months after. All the boys, I remember Axel and Benjamin, Bladee and Sherman was like, this might be Jonathans last video ever. And I was sure of that as well for a while. My mom helped me write a CV and I walked around with that and was thinking about working at a kindergarten.
Music break
I was so fucking tired, of all that had to do with music, and all that shit.
Music break
It went down like this. Barron, may his soul rest in peace, me and Benjamin and Hunter lived in an apartment that was owned by Barrons father, who’s a lawyer named Stephen Machat. Stephen was a lawyer for Ozzy Osborne, Nate Dogg and his father, Barrons grandfather, was the lawyer that cheated Leonard Cohen out of a lot of money. So it’s a lawyer family. I had started to go into psychosis, or like drug related psychosis or an overdose for some days and I wasn’t feeling any good. Barron and Hunter was out to buy some paper, paper and soda. And while that’s happening, at the same time that Barron crashes, I’m smashing this balcony without knowing what had happened. And Benjamin calls 911. I was not in the car with him and the car did not catch on fire either. He crashed into a tree. There are a lot of weird versions of that story. But I have also heard a lot of terrible things from family members and people around that were sure that I was the devil and that I had evil powers and all that. If you think about it, I was seventeen eighteen how the fuck can you put the blame on a seventeen year old. It was tough for me as well. But I have no magic powers. Unfortunately. If I had I would use them for good things.
It was the father of the manager, Stephen, that accused you of being pure evil.
I wonder why it was me that got that since he has worked with like Ozzy Osborne and have told stories about when Nate Dogg ran into his office with an AK-47.
Music break
Yeah I wonder how I ended up being pure evil. But I guess there was something there, Swedish folklore with midsummer powers.
The troll syndrome or something like that?
Yeah haha, exactly, the big monster, Näcken (Water spirit) haha.
But there is something provoking about it still right?
When it is about peoples lives. I knew Barron, we were with each other every day. It is not fun to be called the Devil or pure evil when I was just seventeen and ended up at the psych ward. It’s about real peoples lifes. You can’t just call young people those things. And of course I understand that someone is scared and upset because their child died, but you can’t put the blame on people or call them things like that, it’s sick. But if it had been in a completely different scenario I would probably have been more proud of being called that. If it had to do with my music. But when it’s about real things it’s just scary.
Music break
Yung Lean took drugs, dressed up as a nurse and wrote an unreadable book about his life. Everything got out of control around the making of the dark album Warlord. Where Sweden and Florida in songs like the Billy Bragg sampled song Miami Ultras. Yung Lean took an overdose, experienced psychosis and ended up at a mental hospital. At the same time he lost his American manager in a car accident. Barrons father, the well known show business lawyer with ambitions to reach the American senate put the blame on Yung Lean. He planned to release an unfinished version of Warlord. Back in Sweden, Sad Boys could see how a version of the album had leaked.
Yeah shit I remember that. Yung Sherman was celebrating his birthday and we were out bowling, or maybe it was his old girlfriend who was celebrated and suddenly everyone was on their phone like shit, Stephen has released it all. Directly on band camp connected to his account. Unfinished versions of the songs, the song names were wrong. We had been working on that album since we got back home, it was all we had. Leaks can be the worst things. If you have been quiet for so long and so much has happened and you just want to release Warlord the right way, with the correct videos and artwork and then something like that happens. It’s like a fucking punch to your face. We lost a lot of hope that day.
Music break
I think that the most crazy, for me, was a while ago, the had been at Fort Lauderdale at a large fair and I had bought a costume that was made for nurses and I wore that all the time. We were going to a hotel with an artist and he was buying weed from a stripper. And when we are at this hotel a man in there is arguing with the workers there and he has a large entourage and I recognise the voice. I’m like it’s Jim Jones, Jim Jones from dipset. I did not realise It by then but I had started living a little in my own world. I was begging to enter the psychosis. I was wearing the nurse outfit and took a picture with Jim Jones and we talk for a while. When I have looked at that picture years later I’ve been like what the fuck is this shit.
Music break
Who was it, I think it was The Who, who met in a clothing store, and a guy was like you should make music. And then they made music. And it kinda felt that way, like yeah you guys should make this music.
Music break
Sad rap, haha. Sad rap is quite a sickening term. It shouldn’t exist. We don’t make sad music. When you start going into the dark water you just want to go deeper and deeper. And you can only get back up when you are really hit by the waves. It was a mixture of destructivity, teenage anxiousness, and yeah, just how I felt back then.
Music break
What for some appeared like a smart joke in the beginning, and for others like INAUDIBLE (he speaks danish accent Swedish) entertainment had in the middle of the 20th century attracted a dedicated fan base in the US. Something that no Swedish rapper had dreamt about. Yung Lean saw the opportunity to create surrealistic art and shabby rap. And history was written when Yung Lean was the first swede to enter the top 40 American R&B list. A list whose history goes back to Harlem Hit parade, 1942, where leaders like Louis Jordan and Lionel Hampton ruled. Yung Leans Unknown Memory entered at 36th place on the album list, right above Kanye West and under Migos. It was October 2014.
It sounds like a lot of fun now that you say it but the most fun was just if the songs and the album were great for me, like it goes so far. Prices and stuff comes but it’s so temporary compared to creating it, what you have gone through to create the music.
Yung Lean was a a part of the drug cult. The cough syrup drinking and pill popping that defined a depressed generation. Lil Peep with Swedish roots had just started building his emo vision, related (musically) to Yung Lean, and Juice WRLD stopped breathing after just a couple of albums.
The death that affected me the most among those is a person that I didn’t know that well. But it was when I met Fredo Santana and we were in the studio. Me, Fredo, Axel and some of his boys. He was the kindest. We were listening to get rich or die trying and made a song together. He was a really good guy. And the day after I got a message that he was dead. It’s not more than that. In the US and in Sweden. I have friends that have died from benzodiazepines in Sweden as well. I think that it has a lot to do with, like lean, it goes hand in hand with the sales. Lean, Codeine. First Actavis, and then it gets so expensive and after a while completely banned. Then people start drinking red, and it costs like a thousand dollars a pint. You can’t pay that much unless you are a rapper. If you are a rapper you get special prizes. And then you want to get cheaper stuff, you want to take the same things as the rappers you look up to. I guess that once everything was very weird. Around 2013-2014, there was ILoveMakonnen there was, like mushrooms and that stuff. Before it was all opioid based with Percocets.
Music break
It felt like, I don’t want to be that guy but, the music often gets very interesting when people are trying different stuff. I think that’s the sad reality. Maybe not with my music. I feel as I can create more when I’m sober. I have tried most of the drugs so if I feel I want to channel some type of drug I can go back in my memories to get the feeling if I want to sound a special way. If you think about like Young Thug when he made I came from nothing, you could hear he was all fucked up. You can’t do that sober. Gucci Mane is also an example. But now Gucci mane is also an example because now he’s skinny, he looks good, he has a great body, he has his wife, I wanna give him that. I don’t want him to be fat and have a codeine belly, be constipated and on the brink of dying all the time. I want him to look like he does now. I will sacrifice the music for that. His music is not good any more. But fuck that I can listen to the old songs. I’d rather have him healthy. And with Future as well. That he is afraid of going public with having quit lean because his fans wouldn’t trust him no more. That’s sad. But the music is explosive now. There is more hip hop being created now than ever before. It used to be kind of a mainstream genre with Lil Wayne and people thought it was a joke and the underground stuff was much cooler. But hip hop now, the biggest artists, it is the most experimental genre right now. It is more experimental than experimental indie pop. They use more drugs than those who do experimental jazz. It is weirder than punk. It is the weirdest there is right now. And people just have to live with that. That so many people die on the way doesn’t have to be a part of that. It could continue to be this special without people dying.
Music break
Much of the trap you listened to in the beginning was like, more voices, almost choirs, Siberian choirs. Gucci Manes adlibs are louder than the main track. One of Chief Keefs biggest hits, Citgo, you can’t even hear the instrumental. There’s like six different layers of “smoking on the gas, gas citgo citgo”. It’s amazing. It’s weirder than anything else and I think I saw it from my own perspective. For me, all the elements of hip hop ant trap, and the clothing, has been art. And my way of expressing myself, minimalistic, if it’s with an iPhone camera or if I get to direct a whole video, it will always be done my way. It’s a mix of movies I’ve seen, experiences I’ve had, colours I think about that day. I think that this timing. Luck doesn’t exist to put it that way. If I am allowed to leave it at that. Haha.
Music break
When you got back to Sweden from Florida. Your dad picked you up right?
Yeah, I think both my parents were at the airport. You mean that my dad came to Florida and I walked around the mental hospital and I called my dad the king of California, because I didn’t recognise him. I just told him several times, “Are you the king of California?”. He became quite sad, but he has also been able to joke about it a lot now. There was one story that was quite scary actually. I kept saying that there was a doctor that was coming in and fucking things up for me. He was threatening me that I was gonna go to juvie and things like that, threatening me. And my dad asked me what the doctor looked like and I explained it to him. And he was like, that is not a doctor, it’s the guy who comes in to clean. He just came in to provoke me. And I was told that months later. It was quite scary. I have actually been at the psych ward in Sweden as well, much longer than in the US. 2017 I was at Danderyds (place outside of stockholm) closed section for a month. For psychosis as well, but not drug induced. But I have been sober now for two almost three years. I work out, I do boxing. I’m really happy and I’m more creative than ever. I think that everything that we’ve been talking about, me being a part of drug culture. Kids that say like, Yung Lean, I smoked my first joint for you, I took my first E for you. They would have done it to someone else’s music as well. I promise that. I’ve never pushed anyone to do drugs, I promise. I’ve just told it how it is, from my perspective. And you can do exactly the same thing and be sober as well. It is as much fun if not more fun. If I go out to club now, I can be out all night, I don’t get tired. I have much better relations now with everyone around me. I’m just a happier person. I think it’s much more fun for me to do this interview now compared to last time.
(They put in a clip from the interview they did way back)
It sucks to be in school but that’s also a way to be down to earth and not feel so like I’m so fucking special, which I’m not. In a way it’s nice to be in school. Like, I’m no superstar. I have a normal life. It’s nice to live out my teenage life before something crazy happens.
How old are you right now?
I turn eighteen this summer.
(Back to the interview again)
I was at the Mount Sinai (Medical Centre) in Miami. And I found out Avicii was also there when I watched his documentary. And when at the hospital in Danderyd. It was very nice I must say. I was fucked up, completely manic, but it was a very nice place. Big up to the Swedish health care. That they put up with all the people there.
Music break.
Those hours. All the people who are there, who try to break out, or try to commit suicide, or are screaming. You are laying there and you hear screams all night. It’s like being in a nightmare 24/7, plus that your own head is a nightmare 24/7. I had plans of escaping, I had a map of the hospital that I took a copy of and hid under my pillow. It was like One flew over the cuckoo's nest. You walk around there.
Do you remember when you started making music after all this? The first attempts at getting back there musically.
I was still a bit manic and when I was allowed to leave for some hours I chose to go to the studio. So I was driven to the studio from Danderyds hospital. I recorded six songs and then had to go back. When I finally left and was convalescent and quite low because of all the medication I just chose to never listen to those songs)
Music break (Lean starting singing I’d rather go blind by Etta James)
I have no idea what I’m talking about there. I don’t really want to know. I just remember that I made a listen to your heart cover and I made a version of Etta James song because I had listened to that so much when I was at the hospital.
Music break (Lean continue to sing I’d rather go blind by Etta James)
In the beginning you just try. You are like Bambi on the ice, trembling. But then I finished Stranger. We had made that album before I ended up at the hospital. Me and Micke finished it in the studio and then Whitearmor and I did our own tape. We went out to Mariefred where a guy named Pontus has a studio. He produced Britney Spears Toxic. And there we were making Poison Ivy. It felt very nice to just clear my head and the music turned out great. Those days were nice.
Music break
Mats: (talking about the upcoming album)
The adventure continues. The new album that follows up the anxiety filled milestone, Stranger, is punky millennium R&B, that can only be made by Yung Lean.
It’s everywhere. Some of the songs are almost like ballads and some are more to the classical witch house, others sound like some, you know SVT Play (Swedish national TV) intro with piano haha, it’s everywhere. But I’m very inspired by The Stooges, I wanna be your dog. That song, and R&B.
Music break
Jonathan spend the first time of his childhood in Belarus.
You know you have some fake memories. You have a picture of an apartment. But I have one memory that I’ve been told so many times that It’s like I can see it. It’s when I was at kindergarten and my dad comes to pick me up. He asks for me and I’m not with the other kids. I had been bad so I was put in the corner with a large cone on my head. My dad walks over there and since he is Swedish he gets super mad and wanted me to quit going there. My mom was calmer and explained that that’s what they do, nothing weird about that, just some discipline. My mom is grown up in Soviet you know and went to a Russian school. Two different worlds. But I have lots of nice memories from there. I went to a school theatre and danced in snow and that stuff. I must have been a Pinocchio, somewhere around there I turned into a donkey. The cigar came. (Referring to I had a very nice childhood, middle class, Södermalm. My dad’s a writer, raised in Söder as well. My moms raised in Russia, she’s a real boss. She has had a crazy life. One time she told me that she was a cleaner at an embassy, and that one day she would be in those rooms. Now she is becoming an ambassador in Albania. She has worked her way up. I’m very proud of her. We lived in Söder. I have been to a lot of schools, Södermalmskolan, Gamla Maria, Katarina Norra, Kärrtorp…
Music break
When I got back to Sweden from Belarus I started going to a kindergarten. It is one of my first memories. I was still speaking Russian and I so badly wanted to be understood. I walked around speaking in Russian Swedish, can I have milk and bread, can I have milk and bread. I really wanted to learn Swedish so I forbid my parents to speak Russian with me. That was very stupid, I really wish I hadn’t said that. I wish I had learnt Russian as well. Music came into my life early. It was what made my life fun. It was always my thing and what I was good at. I think I said that last time we talked. When I was young I got a little bit famous with a song called Söder Söder. I was opening for Adam Tensta (Swedish rapper) when I was in fourth grade. Then I made a mixtape with a friend during a summer, and I made a lot of music with my sister. I dressed up and put on makeup. Went to school and listened to Green Day. You know, you wanted to, I basically dressed up the way I do today. I did the same thing back then as I do now. The only difference is that I make money now.
I think that they were worried a lot. I guess the drug aspect of it. When you get so interested in things, those things comes with it. When I was I seventh grade I was caught with some weed, petty shit, and yeah they were worried about all that. But in the end they have been very proud and they will come tonight to my show. They have been to so many of my shows and they are very proud. If I make a good song I want to show it to my mom. If she likes it then it will be released. Same with my dad. I don’t know if they understood if they that there was always something extra or something special that I wanted to do. I guess you will have to ask them about that. But I know that they are proud.
Music break
I think it’s so much fun. That I’m Swedish and that there are not that many Swedes that like me. I means that I’ve made it. I remember when I went out to eat with my mom, she had got us Indian food, I told her that I had gotten a gig in Gothenburg. And she asked like for who, for yourself or what? She was just laughing at me. I had to convince her, showing the event. And she asked like, Yung Lean, is that you? And I showed her videos and she still didn’t get it. I finally had to call Emilio on speaker and have him explain it to her. My dad didn’t get any of it either. It was quite tough because someone had written an article where it said that I was the son of Kristoffer Leandoer, the horror writer. He was so mad, I came home from school and he was furious. He was like “What’s all this? My name, and this song, greygoose?”. But afterwards when he understood it he was proud. But no one ever understood how big it was. I was at my room all the time. We remade the basement into a small studio and I was always there. I was smart with that shit. I got like Lofty 305 and people from Miami and small underground people that I kept sending my songs to. I just sat home and we had this Tumblr that Axel created and we were like dolphins, we communicated directly to the fans, even if I had like 3 fans, and suddenly I had ten thousand fans, and we still communicated directly to them. They got to know all about us. They knew exactly what we were doing.
Music break
(Again a clip from the older interview when Lean was seventeen)
I do not claim that I do all the things I sing about in my songs. I’ve never said that. That would be completely crazy. I wouldn’t be a good seventeen year old then. It would be insane. But I guess you should believe that Yung Lean doesn’t exist. That he is just some fucking seventeen year old that’s completely crazy, and then the real me comes in and say things and have real emotions and real lyrics. I guess the mix between those things are Yung Lean, that’s what Sad boys are. The mix of what’s real and what’s not. That’s what the listeners have to think about themselves, and decide what they want to believe and now. And what they like, is it the music or the person.
And it is when you balance that where everything becomes interesting.
It’s exactly that. And it’s so nice because you get to do that, while really you are not allowed to do it, it’s completely wrong, but if you really want to do it, do it, and then you do it. Everything that’s written should have to be thought of several times, nothing should be just straight forward. I get it, that’s good, now I won’t listen to it again. That’s no good. If it’s an album or a song where you get everything there’s no fun in it. It’s like watching a bad film. You want to see something that leaves an impression. It’s much more fun that people talk about me. Rather than that they just say like he’s such a good rapper. It’s not like I’m trying to be a weird rapper, I guess that what I feel like doing, that’s real. I make things from myself. I don’t rap about these crazy things because I want to be like that or because I want to build up an image. I do it because it’s what I feel like doing. I do it because it’s what I want.
Music break
(Back to the new interview again)
I remember Charlie XCX saying that her and Robyn had been in the studio and she had shown her Ginseng strip and they had been like turn it off, turn it off. They hated it. And then some days passed and both of them had listened to it by themselves. And when they came back to the studio the just kept on listening to it. It’s like you have to hate it at first. It’s so provocative. Like he looks this way, or it’s so honest, or it’s just something. It’s too close, or I don’t know. Like it’s still a meme on all my YouTube videos. Listened first time, hated it, listened tenth time, my favourite song. It’s the Yung Lean effect.
Music break
I would love to make film when I get older. I would like to make film of greek tales. There is a tale of a man called Geryon, he is completely red and has a red dog and lives on a red island. He is killed by Hercules. I would like to make a film about that but more of a psychological thriller. Kinda like pusher, Snabba Cash (Swedish movie) meets Greek mythology.
You have the John Ausonius (Swedish serial killer) project, you are drawn to darkness.
Yeah, yes I do. It’s natural and not at all an image. I remember my dad joking about that when I was small. I always wanted the orchs to win in the lord of the rings, and that Voldemort was much cooler than Harry Potter. I think it’s quite simple psychology really. That it’s just more interesting. If I had a history of real darkness. Like growing up in war or torture. I think I would be very interested in happy stuff. But now I am not. You are attracted to what you are not from, where you don’t think you belong. But where I am is where I belong the best. I am privileged where I do not belong any more. I think everyone wants to find a world where they don’t naturally belong. For me that has been music. No one in my family had anything to do with music. No one has been a rapper. I have always felt at home in front on a microphone.
When you found the darkness in Florida and managed to get out of it, was it mission completed?
I don’t know if it was mission completed really. Barron died so I would want to take back a lot of what happened there. I think I had the darkness within me before that. It is inside of you.
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Fortunes of Troy Slots is a video slots game created by Pussy888 Malaysia Casino. Pussy888 is known the world over for being a standout amongst other game engineers for on the web and land-based club. A portion of the games made by the engineer depend on subjects, for example, Cleopatra, the Transformers and Cluedo. Fortune of troy is basically a five-reel slots game with 1024 paylines. It receives numerous viewpoints from the skirmish of Troy, which is one of the most popular stories in Greek Mythology.

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Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas) Atlantis Greek Mythology Animatronic Live Show Hit It Rich! Casino Slots - Gods of Greece Gameplay Age of Mythology! (Main menu music) Caesars Palace Greek Gods - YouTube Greek Gods as Vines/Tik Toks because i have no soul - YouTube Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods In History - YouTube Top 10 Gambling Movies - YouTube Kronos slot machine free play  JACKPOT BIG WIN  CASINO GAMES Casino Games - Medusa Slot Game - Casino Hermes  The greek mythology casino online - YouTube

Greek Mythology: Guide To Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Gods, Zeus and More! Kronos Zeus Son Titan God Greek Divine Deity Jackpot Lucky Casino Slot Machine Poker Machine - Vegas Casino Slots - Free Coins if below certain amounts! Try Greek Mythology slot online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game's review before playing for real money. Online Casinos Online casinos. Top online casinos Newly opened casinos Big brands All casinos Popular filters. Mobile-friendly casinos Bitcoin/crypto casinos Live Roulette Casinos High Roller casinos Anonymous casinos Casinos by payment ... Gambling Greek Mythology, casino street makati clothes, poker nuts meaning, golden acorn casino san diego ca. €500. Over 1200 Casino Games; Live Casino Games; 24/7 Live Support; 0. 40x. Gamble Responsibly Visit casino Betive. Gamble Responsibly Fruit Case. 100% up to $1000-40x. Hungary. October 1, 2018 . 40x. Bonus. Free Spins. Read our full review ... Greek Mythology Casino at Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel is one of the older casinos in Macau with a rich history, and a Greek Mythology themed casino and hotel. From the moment you drive up until you finally gaze upon Zeus himself, you will find yourself surrounded by the gods and godesses of Greek mythology. It has even had its lobby shot up in a film from 1999 called "Casino" - the film was ... I’ve done my best Greek Mythology Casino Macau News to put together the following listing of free casino bonuses which should suit your needs the most. The list is based mostly on your country, as many bonuses are only valid to players from certain countries. However, other ranging factors, such as the bonus value and the casino's rating, have been added into the mix as well. Greek Mythology: Guide To Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Gods, Zeus and More! Kronos Zeus Son Titan God Greek Divine Deity Jackpot Lucky Casino Slot Machine Poker Machine - Vegas Casino Slots - Free Coins if below certain amounts! Gaming and casino investor Amax International Holdings Ltd has taken the dramatic step of writing off its 24.8% stake in closed Macau casino Greek Mythology, valued at more than HK$353 million (US$45 million), in order to remove a Disclaimer of Opinion issued by its auditors. Greek Mythology: Guide To Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Gods, Zeus and More! Kronos Zeus Son Titan God Greek Divine Deity Jackpot Lucky Casino Slot Machine Poker Machine - Vegas Casino Slots - Free Coins if below certain amounts! Greek Mythology: Guide To Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Gods, Zeus and More! Kronos Zeus Son Titan God Greek Divine Deity Jackpot Lucky Casino Slot Machine Poker Machine - Vegas Casino Slots - Free Coins if below certain amounts! Greek Mythology Casino - located inside the Imperial Palace Hotel (formerly (New Century Hotel) - is one of the older joints in Taipa, possibly the oldest. It seems to have taken a cue from Caesars Palace, but instead of zeroing in on Roman political leaders, it takes its theme from the greek gods. There is a fountain outside that depicts Greek god of the sea Poseidon with babes in arms ...

[index] [11185] [33612] [27686] [31148] [6186] [12181] [31932] [23603] [26010] [19087]

Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas) Atlantis Greek Mythology Animatronic Live Show

Caesars Palace hotel and Casino inside the forum shops statues of Ancient Roman & Greek Gods 2016 Play Medusa slot game for free or real money and enjoy an absorbing and suspenseful 5 x 3 reel slot game with 25 pay lines in a theme of the Greek myth of Medusa the monster with her stone gaze ... According to the mythology Greek, Chronos was the leader of the Titans, that is represents as the descendant real of Gaia. Moreover, the myth tells that Saturn was the father of Zeus, and was ... Greek Gods as TikToks playlist - there is this.. ¿video? Sorry if there are any mi... Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods In HistorySubscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: A Most Amazing Top 10 Member: Casino Slots - Gods of Greece Gameplay. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next 🔴 LIVE 😱 My BIGGEST JACKPOT of 2020! 🎰 Brian ... 🔴 Live: Hollywood Studios Grand Reopening PART 1 - Walt Disney World Live Stream 🔴 Here With The Ears 378 watching Live now Sometimes the risk is worth the reward, and sometimes it’s just dangerous. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 gambling m... Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 - Duration: 4:48. Periodik Recommended for you. 4:48. Age of Mythology Extended Edition ... Age Of Mythology Greek Theme - Duration: 1:02. bloodknight1996 140,286 ... Experience exciting online gaming at Casino Hermes. We offer a wide choice of casino games online that include a selection of slots, blackjack and more...htt...