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Guards glitched out (stationary) in Casino Heist?

For Big Con approach:
When you’ve collected the vault contents and take the stairs up to the main casino floor, you usually wait for the guard outside the stairway door to pass and then melee him. However, in my recent plays of the Casino Heist, neither he nor any of the other guards move at all unless they are alerted.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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9/11 and the Mandela Effect

9/11 and the Mandela Effect
You’ve probably seen the meme that says we’re living in the wrong timeline. While this sounds like a joke, there might be some truth to it. There are some researchers who claim what happened on 9/11 was a temporal event that caused our timeline to split in two. Supposedly there is a parallel world where the Twin Towers still exist and the apocalypse is being avoided. This is not to say I think we are living in the wrong timeline, but that is something I will get into in another thread. Just know that there is still hope.
Perhaps the darkest timeline is needed for some collective shadow work.
However, I do think our timeline has been altered and probably more times than once. While this is not something you can really prove, there are many oddities surrounding 9/11 as well as a synchronistic pattern hidden in pop culture that seems to point to this. In the movie Back to the Future, after the protagonist accidentally activates a time machine and alters the future, the Twin Pines Mall becomes the Lone Pine Mall. Notice how the clock reads 9:11 when flipped upside down.
134 reads like hel when flipped upside too. Are we living in a bardo state like in the movie Jacob's Ladder or the show The Good Place?
Was this a reference to the Mandela Effect and the Twin Towers becoming the One World Trade Center? In the second Back to the Future movie, the protagonists accidentally create a new timeline where a wealthy man named Biff takes over their town. Biff lives in a skyscraper casino and turns their town into a chaotic dystopia. According to the screenwriter Bob Gale, Biff was based on Donald Trump. This is not a political statement, I’m just saying it’s odd how things turned out.
I wonder if Bob Gale knew Trump would run for president?
In the Super Mario Bros. movie, a meteorite impact millions of years ago caused the universe to split into two timelines, the one we live in, and one where dinosaurs evolved into a humanoid race. President Koopa, a reptilian human hybrid, seems to be another caricature of Trump. President Koopa wants to merge his dimension with ours and attempts to rule Manhattan from the Twin Towers, which are portrayed as a gateway between worlds. The Super Mario franchise is strange when you think about shamans eating mushrooms to commune with serpent gods.
Looks kind of similar, right?
There are many more examples of the WTC acting as a gateway. In an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Twin Towers are used to transmit energy that propels the earth into another dimension. Take note of the sphere between the buildings, this will become relevant later. In the intro of Power Rangers: Time Force, a machine called the Time Shadow is seen standing on the towers. Take note of the moon in the background as well. This will become relevant too. During the final scene of Fringe season 1, the WTC is seen intact in a parallel universe. In the intro of Power Rangers: Time Force, a machine called the Time Shadow is seen standing on the towers. Take note of the moon in the background as well. This will become relevant too. During the final scene of Fringe season 1, the WTC is seen intact in a parallel universe.
I miss cartoons.
Another interesting example can be found in Star Trek. In the show, space explorers are sent back in time to stop an alien invasion in the 1940s that altered the outcome of WWII and allowed the Nazis to invade the US. Once they kill the alien leader, one of the characters tells the protagonist that the timeline has corrected itself just as an image of the Twin Towers burning passes in the background.
From Star Trek: Enterprise
The idea of a parallel world where the Nazis won WWII is very prominent in pop culture. But why is this? Is it possible creative people can intuitively sense other realities while absorbed in the act of creating? Philip K. Dick believed that’s what he did when he wrote The Man in the High Castle. He claimed:
"I in my stories and novels sometimes write about counterfeit worlds. Semi-real worlds as well as deranged private worlds, inhabited often by just one person…. At no time did I have a theoretical or conscious explanation for my preoccupation with these pluriform pseudo-worlds, but now I think I understand. What I was sensing was the manifold of partially actualized realities lying tangent to what evidently is the most actualized one—the one that the majority of us, by consensus gentium, agree on."
Coincidentally, Philip K. Dick was one of the first modern thinkers to predict the Mandela Effect. He once declared:
“we are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in our reality occurs.”
The Nazis were rumored to be in possession of a time machine known as Die Glocke, or in English, The Bell. They were supposedly taught how to build this device by extraterrestrials and the craft was said to be kept in a facility known as Der Riese, or The Giant. It sounds far fetched, but The Nazi Party was actually formed from The Thule Society, an occult group that dabbled in channeling and other magical practices. They were also known to use the Black Sun symbol, an esoteric representation of a gateway into another dimension.
In Twin Peaks, a show about a small town caught in the midst of an interdimensional battle between good and evil, there seems to be a reference to Die Glocke. In season 8 there is a device that looks just like it, and at one point, a character called The Giant appears next to it.
A conception of Die Glocke compared to the mysterious bell device in Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is full of occult symbolism. In one episode a character is given instructions to find a portal that opens 253 yards east of Jack Rabbit’s Palace at 2:53 pm on October 1st. This portal is located in Washington. However, there is another in Las Vegas. Strangely enough, on October 1st, 2017, the Las Vegas shooting occurred in a lot 253 yards away from the Luxor Hotel, a giant black pyramid with the strongest beam of light in the world shooting out of it. Victims were mostly those attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival.
There's also black pyramids on the instructions.
But it gets stranger. Jason Aldean was one of the headliners. If you look at his tattoos, there’s a Jack card and an Ace card underneath a black sun, which as mentioned earlier, is an occult symbol that represents a portal. This card from the Illuminati game is almost identical. A Jack is worth 10 points. An Ace is worth 1 point. This odd coincidence seems to be a reference to the date 10/1. Keep in mind this date looks like the number 101. This will become relevant too. But was the Route 91 Harvest a literal harvest of souls meant to energize a portal?
This one is too much of a coincidence for me.
The name Twin Peaks seems to be a reference to the Twin Pillars, a Masonic concept that originated from the Biblical idea of Boaz and Jachin, two pillars that stood on the porch of King Solomon's Temple. The Twin Pillars can be found in ancient architecture all over the world and are sometimes used in Tarot. They are said to represent a doorway into a higher realm. In this Masonic artwork, you can see the Black Sun between them.
Jachin, Boaz, and the Black Sun.
The Twin Pillars and the gateway in between can be represented by the number 101. In Twin Peaks, the entrance to The Black Lodge, a place that exists in another dimension, is depicted as a rabbit hole between two trees, which resembles a zero between two ones. In George Orwell’s famous novel 1984, Room 101 is a place where people’s worst fears come true. In The Matrix, Neo’s apartment number is 101. Here it’s interesting to note that he escapes the matrix by going in room 303. This year marks 303 years since Freemasonry was founded. Perhaps they will make their getaway come December? Many occult researchers claim the Twin Towers were supposed to represent the Twin Pillars. There even used to be a statue called The Sphere placed in between them, making the buildings resemble the 101 Gateway.
The Black Lodge entrance from Twin Peaks and The Sphere centered between the Twin Towers.
Is it possible that the WTC‘s design was intended to create an interdimensional doorway using sacred geometry? Some say the Twin Towers even acted as a tuning fork. The buildings were wrapped in aluminum alloy with a resonant hollow interior. If you look at the picture above and to the right, you can kind of see how the sides of the towers even look like one. The Colgate Clock also once faced the WTC from across the water. If you’ve read my previous threads, you’ll probably notice it’s octagonal shape. Many portals in pop culture are portrayed as being 8 sided, like CERN, the largest particle collider in the world. Many conspiracy theorists speculate CERN is actually an interdimensional doorway. Some of the scientists working there have even said this. Why is there so much symbolism? Can it all really be just a coincidence at this point? Did 9/11 really alter our timeline?
The Colgate Clock compared to CERN.
According to many people, 9/11 is the reason the Statue of Liberty’s torch is closed. However, this isn’t true. Lady Liberty’s torch has been closed for over 100 years. Yet, there are some people who claim to have visited it. But according to official history, this is impossible. In this reality, The Black Tom Explosion was the reason the Lady Liberty’s torch closed. The explosion occurred in 1916 and was one of the first foreign attacks on US soil prior to Pearl Harbor. The explosion was also one of the largest non-nuclear explosions ever documented. The explosion was so powerful it caused the outer wall of Jersey City's city hall to crack and the Brooklyn Bridge to shake. Ironically, besides Lady Liberty’s torch, the explosion lodged shrapnel in the clock tower of The Jersey Journal building, stopping the clock at 2:12 am. It also caused windows miles away in Times Square to shatter. Perhaps the matrix was trying to tell us something. Was this a time shattering event?
Some people also claim they remember the Statue of Liberty being on Ellis Island. However, it has always been on Liberty Island. Once again, this is not something I recall learning in school. I’m sure some people do, but if my theory is correct, it’s because only some people in this timeline are from the old one. However, you can still find what appears to be residue left over from the previous reality.
Residue from a previous reality?
There are references in pop culture that seem to hint at the connection between the Mandela Effect and Lady Liberty as well. In the video game Assassin’s Creed Unity, the protagonist must find an exit portal to get himself out of a simulation. He finds it on the statue’s torch. In the movie Men in Black II, the statue’s torch is actually a giant Neuralyzer, a handheld device that uses a bright white flash to wipe people’s minds. At the end of the movie, the torch is activated and it illuminates the sky, erasing the memory of everyone in New York City.
The scenes from Assassin's Creed and Men In Black II
In the Netflix series The OA, a show about people who can jump between parallel universes, the Statue of Liberty shows up a lot. It seems to play an important role that was never really explained due to the show’s sudden cancellation. Some fans have pointed out that in one scene, Lady Liberty is holding her torch in the wrong hand. Some say this was just an error while others think it may have a deeper meaning.
The Statue of Liberty scene from The OA.
In The OA, the protagonist searches for The Rose Window, an object she says acts like a portal to other dimensions. I find this very symbolic considering the Twin Pillar symbolism mentioned earlier. Many older cathedrals have huge rose windows centered between two tall towers.
Old cathedrals with 101 Gateway symbolism built into the architecture.
If you’ve read my previous threads, you might have already made the connection that the 101 Gateway is another version of the Saturn Stargate. If you’re not familiar with the theory, we live in a simulation controlled by Saturn and the Moon, and The Elite are tying to break out. Our simulated reality is sometimes represented by a cube, and some say The Kaaba is one of these symbolic structures. The Kaaba sits between two pillars underneath a clocktower with a crescent moon on top.
Kaaba at Mecca.
Ironically, Fritz Koenig, the artist who created The Sphere sculpture between the Twin Towers, said The Kaaba was the inspiration behind his art installation. We can see this symbolism repeated in much of our pop culture as well. In the video game Fortnite, a giant cube destroys a location called Tilted Towers then forms a portal in the sky. At another point in the game, it is revealed that the cube’s true form is a giant demon named the Storm King. His horns are reminiscent of a crescent moon.
The second time you fight the Storm King its at a location called Twine Peaks lmao.
But are there anymore significant Mandela Effects associated with the WTC? According to some people, Hurricane Erin never happened in their timeline. If you‘re unaware, like I was until recently, there was a massive hurricane headed right for New York on the morning of 9/11. Because of the events that occurred on 9/11, I understand how Hurricane Erin would be easy to forget. Nevertheless, the storm was strange. Hurricane Erin, which was slightly larger than Hurricane Katrina, received almost no media coverage as she charged toward New York City. On the morning of 9/11, just as the planes were about to hit, Hurricane Erin grew to her largest size, but slowed down and remained almost stationary off the East coast. But right after the WTC fell, she made a sharp right turn and headed back out to sea.
Hurricane Erin on September 11th, 2001.
Hurricane Erin’s name is also interesting. The name Erin originated from Ériu, a goddess typically seen by the sea playing a harp. I find this curious becau HAARP uses extremely powerful radio frequencies to heat up the ionosphere and create clouds of plasma. Not only does this affect the climate, but the electromagnetic waves produced by it could hypothetically mess with our minds, perhaps changing or even erasing our memories. se many conspiracy theorists blame HAARP for both weather manipulation and the Mandela Effect.
In my last thread, I talked about MH370. I believe it’s disappearance, like the events discussed in this thread, was a part of a Saturn Stargate ritual. A sacrifice to the god of time. Would it be beyond the god of the fourth dimension to grant someone access to a wormhole? Perhaps The Elite are not purposely creating Mandela Effects and branching timelines. Perhaps it is just a side effect of trying to beak the matrix. But I digress. At the end of my last thread I said I would talk more about rabbit symbolism and its association with time travel. However, before I talk about that, or the Law of One, I thought I should talk about this first. Thanks for reading.
Oh yeah, in case you did read my last thread, check this out. The fact that this article was posted 2 weeks after my MH370 conspiracy post has me kind of spooked lol.
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Your Pre Market Brief for 12/15/2020

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Your Pre Market Brief for Tuesday December 15th 2020

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Monday 12/14/2020 News and Markets Recap:

Tuesday December 15th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)

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Possible Dip Buying Opportunities in the near future (Other suggestions appreciated):

Suggested Dip Trading Strategy

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Other News & Analysis:

Upcoming Earnings:

COVID-19 Stats and News:

Macro Considerations:


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Los Santos Summer Special FAQ, Links and Discounts!

Rockstar has released their brand new Summer Special DLC including a ton of brand-new vehicles, missions and clothing items available for purchase.
Some previous links to get you sped up on the DLC:
This thread will become a host for all the further official announcements by Rockstar, reputable datamines and user-made content by our very own members such as R* Editor clips, screenshots, guides and the like! FAQ will be included here as well. So if you're busy at work and can't play yet anyway, give these links a look!

General Information

As of about 10AM UTC the update is out now on consoles - it seems to be about 2GBs in size. Will update soon! Edit: Now available on all platforms from what I can tell.
Feature Updates & Improvements

New Content and Discounts

New Content:
Legendary Motorsports:
Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
Benny's Original Motorworks:
Kudos to klegnut for the upgrade costs.
Thank you to Cpt_Foresight and Azarenas for the new clothing info!
Podium Vehicle:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Thanks to Biomixels for the time trials.
Premium Race:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:



When will the DLC drop?
Soon. Rockstar usually pushes updates around 3:30AM EST or 9:30AM UTC. Check this helpful map showing all the timezones.
Does the DLC cost money, how can I get the DLC?
The DLC will be made automatically available through whatever launchestore you have the game on. Those using the Rockstar Launcher can expect to see their games updated first, so be ready for that.
What can we expect?
Judging by Rockstar's announcements and timelines, this DLC won't be massive. They've confirmed new business battles and yacht missions, probably comparable to the previous client jobs we've gotten with the Terrorbyte.
Additionally they've teased some cars, of which we've gotten images of a new supercar, a musclecar and an F-1 car. Some new race modes have been mentioned as well. It's safe to assume that the content will be dripfed in stages, especially the more interesting items might be left for later.
Have the Acura NSX and new Toyota Supra been added?
Some images of the Toyota Supra and Acura NSX being converted at Benny's have been floating around - these are fake and have been put into circulation by a clickbaity asshole who shall not be named.
Are weekly updates on Tuesdays starting now?
Probably not. Rockstar always goes a little off their usual schedule with DLC drops and this is probably the same thing. It's hard to say if the sales will already change this Thursday, but I'd recommend y'all reek the benefits of the sales before you regret it.
What's going to be on sale next? / When will the next sale be up? / What's going to be in the next DLC?
If any Rockstar employees are on this sub, we'll let you know.

User Submitted Content

We're also hosting a Summer Special DLC Discussion Megathread which will be unlocked once the DLC has dropped to keep discussions related to the release of the DLC and first wave of content in one place. Have fun playing everyone!
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List of various specific updates


STORY HAS CHANGED SLIGHTLY FOR CENSORSHIP. No more details as I don't want to spoil too much, and I won't give any opinions as I don't wish to stir up debates.


If I have missed anything you feel is important or easy to miss feel free to add it. There's a lot to go through right now and a lot of changes that aren't listed. I'm also extremely busy getting weeklies and shit done.
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[TECH] La Paz Sation - Lima 1

The groundwork is now in play for us to develop a S. American Solution to space habitation. Doing so will require 3 projects in order to fully achieve a "sprint" at temporary dominance in space before N. American systems come online that must be compensated for. Achieving this has brought 3 distinct designs to be rapidly put into play following opening operations by the HX launch center in Venezuela.

La Paz Station (LEO [500-800km])

La Paz is being considered as a logical first step to S. American space exploitation as Skylab was to the moon landing. La Paz station has been designed as a logistics base in order to facilitate several key goals seen as being necessary for inter-solar activities:
To help facilitate these needs, the station's design is set to incorporate a number of features. These being a large pressurizable free-fall garage to act as a spacecraft servicing and assembly area (similar to a drydock in most regards) situated next to an anti-radiation storm cellar to help keep the onboard crew safe from solar flares, radiation storms, or potential degradation of radiation shielding all being housed within a stationary central "stator". Around the garage will sit many tanks designed for water-trimming, air and fuel storage, and emergency escape capsule containers. Extending from the "mouth" of the garage is planned a set of robotic manipulator arms to help with docking efforts, the capture of payload, or general maintenance.
Attached to the said stator is planned the habitation module of the station. Comprised of the centrifuge (designed to provide artificial gravity to the crew) it spans 100m with a spin of 3 RPMs used to simulate Earth-like gravity at 1 gee. This habitation module is counterweighted at the opposite end of the 100m length in order to provide stability to the station. To attach the centrifuge to the stator without causing unwanted friction a magnetic bearing is used. To help further provide stability to the station a long boom is planned (at the length of 350m) pointed directly down in order to tidally lock the station to Earth. To further alleviate stress on the station the centrifugal module is planned to stay in parallel to the station plane of orbit.
Transfer of crew from station to the centrifugal habitation module is planned to make use of an airlock "pod". Said pod, being a pressurized capsule with docking hatches on both ends and riding a rail, will start docked from the stator. Once crew moving from the stator (or calling from the hab) are safely inside, the capsule detaches from the stator (after locking hatches ofc) and moves towards the centrifuge along the rail whilst at the same time beginning a spin to match speed with the centrifuge. Once the pod has reached the centrifuge hub it will have matched the spin and can easily dock with the hub, opening its hatchway to allow the crew to enter or exit the pod.
On the lower end of the tidal boom, the entirety of which comprises most of the station's length is planned will sit the station's storage which will be used for both their intended purpose as well as acting as shielding for crew members against solar storms. Further up will sit a 4 solar panel arrays and a single array of radiators designed to provide the station with power and bleed off any unnecessary heat from the station. Being fully enclosed, this will allow for the crew to move around the stations lower length performing maintenance, scientific experiments at labs, component assembly, or utilizing onboard electric forges to process raw materials.
The upper end of the boom will mostly only consist of an open truss with enclosed sections of the stator only enclosing a portion of its length and a portion towards the end similarly enclosed. Movement between the two sections will be achieved via a rail system with an airlock present at both ends as well as the top of the boom. This will crew/payloads to be transferred up the length of the boom and deployed into higher orbits utilizing the station as a refueling/assembly point. Similarly, at the bottom of the boom is planned an airlock and a skyhook (of sorts). Whilst, not a true skyhook as to pluck craft from deep atmosphere and suffering from some of the same problems, it will allow craft/payloads arriving at the station to expend far lest propulsive mass in order to achieve orbit with the station. To compensate for the loss of momentum from such an act a series of ionic thrusters are planned at the bottom of the station to be used to help prevent the station from simply falling into the atmosphere (as well as such corrections not relating to a skyhook).
While the station's primary goal has it facilitating astroid mining, it runs into a rather paradoxical issue in that asteroid mining won't exist until such a facility is in place and a facility won't be in place unless there is asteroid mining in need of it. To help compensate for this, the station will primarily be used (in the first phase) to assemble, deploy, and maintain satellites and craft looking to leave earth orbit. Once asteroid mining as the industry comes into its own, then the station's functions will transfer over to material processing and shipping.
Altogether a total crew capacity of 20-30 is planned with options for later expansion of crew facilities.

Lima 1 (LEO[600 KM])

Lima Station is in of themself, designed to fully commercialize space the public and provide those willing and wanting to experience space as a luxury the chance to as well as provide ample room for scientific experimentation and development. Lima 1 is designed to incorporate four distinct elements into its construction the Gateway, the Central Port, The Inner Ring, and the Outer Ring. Each provides a certain function to Lima 1 and together form the next and first generation of S. American Space Habitation.
The Gateway is, in itself, to Lima 1 as a deck is to an aircraft carrier (but in a vacuum) and is designed to facilitate the transfer of shuttlecraft to and from the station. The Gateway holds an unpressurized volume greater than 270,000m3 with approximately 10 total airlock gates, 8 cargo airlocks, and 14 active bay pads (used to move shuttle craft around the Gateway). The bay will be the first constructed area of Lima 1 supporting and facilitating building the rest of the structure.
The next is the Central Port. The Central port is designed to be the business heart of Lima 1. It is here that Lima 1's administration, control room, storage, viewing areas, environmental processing, and Gateway will be located. Designed to house 50 crew with a width of 152m and depth of 76m the Central Port has a total pressurized volume greater than 1.1 million m3. Built second to the Gateway, this section will officially allow for economic/solar operations to begin on the station allowing our personnel to get a feel for the station and test the design before full operations and expansion go into effect.
The Inner Ring is designed to accommodate the first of those willing to take a vacation into space as well as allow our scientists access to microgravity experimentation. Producing 20% of earth gravity via centrifugal spin, the Inner ring the planned features will include such areas as a large open-air gymnasium, a Japanese style garden, a fabulous destination hotel, a food court with restaurants, a band stage for concerts, and a casino. However, this won't just be an exercise in luxury as part of the garden will be situated for vertical farming in order to allow our scientists to better understand and design solutions around farming in micro-gravity. The hotel itself will feature several sound-proof hotel rooms allowing the best sleep in microgravity that can be achieved. Under the guest rooms, a series of hangers housing escape vehicles are planned to give guests to the station the best sense of security possible while enjoying their stay. While guests to the station might have a lot of fun playing around in the inner ring, areas will be designated to the sciences allowing our scientists and engineers to experience, plan, and test in micro-gravity on a scale not normally afforded to other scientific teams around the globe. The width of this disk is slatted at 304m with a depth of 76m which narrows to 45 m at the rim. Gross volume in the Ring is upwards of 3 million + m3 and planned guest rooms set to 300 with solar panel energy generation (along the outside of the ring) expected to achieve total energy output of 10.4 Mw.
The final part of this station will be the Outer ring. Connected via one of four connecting tunnels the outer ring will produce 30% of earth gravity with spacious accommodations for upwards of 1000 residents for lease/rent. With a width of 488m, depth of 45 m, and height of 30 m the total gross volute of this outer ring is slatted at 2.23 million + m3 with similar solar power generation techniques pulling in approx. 45.7 Mw of energy.
Building Lima 1 will happen in stages with the first 3 stages happening closer together with a final "proving" stage occurring 1 year after construction to nail down any issues that might arise before finally building the outer ring. During this time, occupancy of the Inner Ring will be kept to around 30% total occupancy and expanding to 100% after the proving stages are complete. After which a similar proving period will occur with the Outer Ring keeping occupancy to 30% before expanding that to 100%. Each station in of themselves, making use of industries and technologies either currently in development or having been developed within the last century, should be relative "cost-efficient" with a price tag for both coming in at $10 billion USD utilizing the HX launch system, taking into account cost for materials, and labor.
Implementation times are as follows (with material stockpiling and manufacturing occurring within the 2 years period that the HX system comes online after the design phase):
La Paz:
Lima 1:
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A d100 Table of Space Stations/Habitats Orbiting a Star/Planet

d100 Space Stations/Habitats Orbiting a StaPlanet

A list of stations you would find orbiting a star, in a system that has hundreds of them orbiting said star. Anything from a diner, to a city.
  1. BOBSON DUGNUTT'S DINNER. An alien owned human style diner. Serving quadruped milk-based beverage, fried starchy vegetable, along with avian, and mammal meat. The inside has a floor made of an ice-like compound with a high freezing point, the servers ride around with ice skates.
  2. A large city with several other stations orbiting it. These other stations seem to be growing algae and synthetic meat.
  3. A group of stations built on top of asteroids. They seem to be mining operations.
  4. A ship maintenance and repair station.
  5. A hotel with sleeping pods.
  6. Large Bulk Goods store.
  7. A closed ecosystem that's essentially a tourism spot that's been around a few decades. Mixing different animals from different planets.
  8. A guild of pretentious "Galactic Explorers"
  9. Megacorp owned city full of people in indentured servitude. The crime's pretty low there.
  10. An apartment complex with several rooms available to buy/rent.
  11. 0g manufacturing plant [World_Of_Ideas]
  12. 0g sports arena [World_Of_Ideas]
  13. Agricultural station - grows food and medicinal plants [World_Of_Ideas]
  14. Alien Embassy [World_Of_Ideas]
  15. Alien Immigration Office [World_Of_Ideas]
  16. Cryogenic DNA and Seed Vault [World_Of_Ideas]
  17. Debris Collection Station - houses the ships and teams that clean up hazardous debris from (orbit, around space stations, shipping lanes). They also deal with decommissioned satellites [World_Of_Ideas]
  18. Derelict Space Station - an older space station, that had to be abandoned due to maintenance issues [World_Of_Ideas]
  19. Emergency Response Station - houses the ships and teams that respond to distress calls within the system [World_Of_Ideas]
  20. FTL Communications Station [World_Of_Ideas]
  21. FTL Disruption Station - prevents ships from using FTL within secure areas of the system [World_Of_Ideas]
  22. FTL Portal Station - opens a gate way to another portal station. instant travel between portals / allows FTL travel between portals / speed up FTL travel between portals / reduces power cost of FTL travel between portals [World_Of_Ideas]
  23. Fuel Depot and resupply station [World_Of_Ideas]
  24. Gas Giant Mining Station [World_Of_Ideas]
  25. Mass Driver Cargo Station - Launches cargo pods at (spaceships, space stations, other cargo stations) / Ability to safely catch cargo pods [World_Of_Ideas]
  26. Massive Communications Array [World_Of_Ideas]
  27. Massive Sensor Array [World_Of_Ideas]
  28. Maximum Security Prison [World_Of_Ideas]
  29. Orbital Defense Stations - lots of guns, missiles, and interceptor ships [World_Of_Ideas]
  30. Planetary Shield Station [World_Of_Ideas]
  31. Police Station and spaceship impound yard [World_Of_Ideas]
  32. Resort Station - hotel, casinos, shows, rides, theme park, etc [World_Of_Ideas]
  33. Science Station - conducting various scientific experiments in space [World_Of_Ideas]
  34. Shipyards - building spaceships [World_Of_Ideas]
  35. Solar Reflector Array - giant mirrors reflect sunlight toward solar power stations [World_Of_Ideas]
  36. Space Naval Base [World_Of_Ideas]
  37. Space Race Waypoint Station - Stations positioned along the race course. When a new course is made the stations are towed into position. [World_Of_Ideas]
  38. Spaceship Cleaning and Decontamination Station [World_Of_Ideas]
  39. The Flotilla - a space station made of many spaceships docked together [World_Of_Ideas]
  40. The Grand Bazaar - merchants from all over known space sell their wares [World_Of_Ideas]
  41. Used Spaceship Emporium [World_Of_Ideas]
  42. The Space Museum - housing life-size replicas of early spacecrafts, satellites, & propulsion systems [World_Of_Ideas]
  43. Spaceship boneyard and recycling station [World_Of_Ideas]
  44. Spaceship drive-in movie theater [World_Of_Ideas]
  45. Interstellar "Truck Stop/Depot/Transfer Hub" where interstellar jump ships exchange cargo with other jump freighters and smaller short-haul (interplanetary) freighters. [rhpsoregon]
  46. Autonomous planetary or system defense grid. [rhpsoregon]
  47. Enigmatic alien artifact that defies analysis [rhpsoregon]
  48. Interstellar or rogue asteroid or planetoid entering system [rhpsoregon]
  49. Derelict (alien or otherwise) ship in stationary orbit [rhpsoregon]
  50. Rogue asteroid - on a non-orbital path thru the system [rhpsoregon]
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Confrontation: Coronavirus VS Gambling business
For many years, the authorities of almost all countries of the world have been fighting a nervous battle with the gambling business. Underground casinos are opening everywhere and the authorities are again throwing all their forces into the fight against betting.
But then it appears: Super Coronovirus! This whole situation is like a fairy tale about a Golden egg, which everyone tried to break, but only the mouse did it. In a few months, the Coronavirus infection managed to do what the Supreme rulers of humanity took decades to do – it "killed" the gambling business!
But is this really the case? Are there no more places in the world where you can drink a glass of whiskey and bet a couple of bucks on zero?
The editorial of has prepared an analytical material for you, about which branches of the gambling business were most affected by the Coronavirus.
Land-based casinos
The first and most powerful impact of the Coronavirus was on land-based stationary casinos.
In the face of an epidemiological threat, people tried to leave their homes and stay in public places as little as possible.
The famous Las Vegas, which worked smoothly during the first and Second world war, turned into a Ghost town in a matter of months. Its casinos closed for the first time since 1963, the year President Kennedy was assassinated. According to the latest statistics, the total losses of Las Vegas casinos amounted to more than 5.5 billion dollars.
Czech Republic
Although the Czech Republic had the fewest cases of Coronavirus infection, King's Casino, which is a venue for major international poker events, had to cancel all tournaments and close for a period of quarantine. According to official data, the casino's losses amounted to about 5.5 million dollars.
The famous Concord Card Casino, which was supposed to be 25 years old this year, was closed due to the inability to pay taxes to the state. The main specialty of this casino was poker, but in early March, the institution declared bankruptcy. The main reason is the lack of clients due to the Coronavirus epidemic.
Owners of land-based casinos are recommended to start developing the online component of their gambling houses as soon as possible so that the Coronovirus does not completely sink their business.
Online casino against Coronavirus
But the online casino, on the contrary, is experiencing its best times. In a situation when almost the entire world was in prison, many of the boredom began to "spend" honestly earned coins in the casino. In this regard, our editorial staff has prepared for you the TOP 3 online casinos that not only earned money during the epidemic, but also managed to bring their brand to the world level.
Rox Casino
A casino that everyone already knew about, but they learned even better during the Coronavirus period. According to unofficial data (after all, who will tell us the truth) on the excitement of their customers, Rox managed to earn about 4 million dollars. And this is almost 13% more than the casino's income before the Coronavirus epidemic.
All British Casino
The most famous British online casino, with which, according to rumors, Prince Harry liked to spend his free time during the pandemic, managed to increase its revenue by up to 24%. And this is despite the fact that gambling is illegal and the UK government has introduced strict regulatory measures regarding online gambling and betting. The high attendance of this platform has brought All British Casino to a new level and attracted customers from all over the world.
And while real Las Vegas endures its worst times, virtual Vegas is on top of the glory. In the face of fierce competition and in order to attract the maximum number of new customers and keep the old ones, a welcome bonus of 5000$ was introduced. Either a gift from the company, or boredom, but the number of players for the period from January to may increased by 40%. And where new players - there is profit!
Sports reference: offline or online?
The sphere of sports betting has suffered the most. The fact is that the absence of Grand sporting events such as the world Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the League of Europe, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and many other competitions were either canceled or postponed indefinitely.
According to the analytical company Standard & Poor's, the betting market fell by almost 37%. This has never happened before!
For example, in the UK, the demand among both beginners and professional bettors for betting shops that specialize in sports has decreased by 41%, and this is despite the fact that the demand for online casinos is growing on the contrary.
In addition, during the quarantine period, offices are prohibited from using topics such as Coronavirus and self-isolation for advertising purposes.
"And if there is no sport, then there is no point in betting" - you might think. But it wasn't there! Global companies such as 1xBet began offering their clients an alternative-Belarusian football. As you know, there is no Coronavirus in the Republic of Belarus – so the President of the country said. This means that there are no reasons for changes in the gambling services market. In this regard, many ratting corporations offer their clients to bet on the Top League and the football championship in Belarus. This is certainly not the European Cup, but in the context of a pandemic, you do not have to choose very much.
The second birth of e-Sports
E-Sport has become an excellent alternative to standard sports betting.
According to the latest analytical data, e-Sports betting activity looks something like this:
● 73% - FIFA cyber football
● 21% - Counter-Strike
● 5% - Dota2;
● 1% - Other games;
And as for the world e-Sports Championships, no one canceled them. This means that e-Sport is one of the few industries where avid players carry their money in the hope of getting an adrenaline rush and earning a couple of hundred dollars. For example, the FIFA cyber football world Cup and the NBA 2K20 cyberbasketball tournament are waiting for us. Thus, e-sports, whose popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, as well as betting on e-sports have received an additional impetus to even greater development.
Alternative betting
However, bookmakers are well aware that you can not deprive their customers of the pleasure of gambling and offer alternative ways of betting.
So, for example, you can bet not only on
local social events in your country, such as when the football season resumes, or the League of Europe. However, the most popular bet was on Coronovirus. Betters around the world are betting on when the pandemic will end, whether the borders of States will open, and whether there will be a second wave of the epidemic.
Thus, it is safe to say that no sphere of life, no economic or social sector could resist the Coronovirus. But as far as gambling business is concerned, everything is ambiguous. Actually, everything is like in betting: someone wins, such as online casinos, and someone suffers losses, such as sport ratting. But we believe that sport betting will return as the Phoenix bird as soon as all sporting events resume.
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Repertoire to play at an Italian-themed Vegas casino?

I just got hired for a gig playing classical guitar at a Vegas casino called The Venetian. Does this sub have any recommendations on pieces I could play for this sort of outfit? The pieces can be most levels of difficulties and durations, and I have liberty to choose as long as it is ‘Italian-sounding’. Bonus points if it’s flashy or extremely recognizable! I’ll be stationary as background music for casino goers & an attraction for a few seconds as the gondolas go by.
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Potential Tokyo Trip In September

Hello! My friend and I are planning a trip to Tokyo for the middle of September (we already pushed it back because of you know what, so we’re hoping to be able to get there by this timeframe). I have been perfecting our itinerary and I would love some opinions on our activities. I’m also interested in any spots we may have missed!
I will be marking down time based on Japan Time Zone. Also, we do not have our reservations made (lodging, plane tickets, etc), however we are keeping track of that rn. We are interested in lodging near Shibuya or Akihabara. We are also trying to get SIM cards and traveler’s insurance for the trip.
September 13 (JP Time) - arrive at Haneda Airport around 4 pm - get cash exchanged (we have a layover in Toronto where we could possibly exchange for cheaper, however it’s only for an hour, so we may have to wait to get to Japan to do that) - purchase Passmo/Suica cards - go to AirBnB - explore Shibuya ~ Disney Store (my friend wants to get a pin) ~ Tokyu Hands ~ GU (I love GU!!) ~ Mega Don Quijote ~ Don Don Down on Wednesday ~ Genki Sushi for dinner ~ Walk Center-gai ~ Shibuya 109 ~ Find Hachiko
September 14 - head to Ikebukuro ~ Mister Donut for breakfast ~ Sunshine Aquarium ~ Sunshine City - head to Shinjuku ~ Yayoi Kusama Museum (there’s a a chance this may be closed on Mondays; need confirmation. If it is then we’ll hold off on it for the last full day) ~ Aburasoba for lunch ~ Try cream puffs at Beard Papa’s ~ Maruhan Casino (my friend wants to play pachinko) ~ Cat Cafe Mocha Lounge ~ Hanazono-jinja Shrine ~ Walk Golden-gai ~ Thermae Yu Sento
September 15 - head to Harajuku around 9 AM (it’s gonna be a long day) ~ Meiji Jingu ~ Yoshinoya at start of Takeshita Street for brunch ~ Go along Takeshita Street (there are MANY stores I want to visit along this path, someone please tell me how long you spent on this street) ~ Go to sevens thrift store, DOG, 2nd Street, Kinji, and Nadia ~ Laforet ~ Sailor Moon Store ~ Visit Tokyu Plaza - walk to Omotesando ~ Kiddyland ~ Walk Cat Street ~ Ragtag thrift store ~ Asoko - head back to Airbnb to drop off stuff - train to Shimokitazawa ~ Hiroki for dinner (Okonomiyaki) ~ Stick Out ~ Chicago ~ Garage ~ Flamingo ~ Haight and Ashbury ~ New York Joe
September 16 - head to Tsukiji Market early in the morning - head to Asakusa ~ Get fitted for kimono/yukata ~ Senso-ji ~ Nakamise Street ~ Ueno Park ~ Return kimono/yukata ~ Imahan for lunch (sukiyaki) ~ Kakimori stationary store - head back to AirBnB - Gonpachi (Kill Bill restaurant) for dinner - Find a karaoke room and sing to our hearts content
September 17 - head to Odaiba and go to TeamLab Borderless - head to Akihabara ~ Yamashiroya ~ Hard Off Hobby Off ~ McDonald’s for lunch ~ Gamers ~ Super Potato ~ Mandarake ~ Animate ~ Taito Station ~ Gashapon Hall ~ Muji ~ Coco Ichibanya for dinner
September 18 - Find a Lotteria to get breakfast - Head to Mitaka and visit Ghibli Museum - Head back to AirBnB and order Pizza-La for dinner - Go clubbing
September 19 - check out of AirBnb and check into a capsule hotel - go to a ramen shop for lunch ~ Kikanbo (Ikebukuro) ~ Menshotaketora (Roppongi/Ginza) - free-ish day (places listed below are optional) ~ Geisha Experience with Kaiseki set (Asakusa) ~ Owl Cafe (Harajuku) ~ Peanuts Cafe (Daikanyama) ~ Flamingo Cafe (Shibuya) ~ Gotoukuji Shrine (Setagaya) ~ Shirohige’s Cream Puffs (Setagaya) ~ Bape Store (Shibuya) ~ Cup Noodle Museum (Yokohama) - places we have to visit today ~ Parco (Shibuya) ~ Kiki2 (Koenji) ~ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure bar (Nakano)
September 20 - check out of capsule hotel - get lunch at Mentsudon (udon) - spend time in Tokyo for two hours - head back to Haneda 2 PM - return Passmo/Suica cards and head home
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Character concept - Havik

Probably one of the most requested (after Mileena) character to appear in this Mortal Kombat, Havik the cleric of Chaos is, indeed, a possible character to lead the next Kombat Pack. Maybe he would join, maybe he won't due the fact he was the major threat in MKX prequel comic, but still, one should wonder, how would NRS update and improve them most Chaotic character? My personal answers was giving him incredible and really innovative moves messing with everything we take for granted in MK11 and in fighting game in general. Probably his fighting style would be too erratic and difficoult to program in the game, but after all this is just a concept, and it follow the canon of the character: amaze and shock with it unpredictability. Here you have, my own version of Havik! . . Name: Havik Origin: Chaosrealm Species: Chaosrealmer (possibly undead) Alignment: Chaos (possibly evil) Bio: Coming from a realm which worship water for not having a shape and to flow freely without bounds, Havik is a difficoult man to decipher. Beliving in Chaos and coincidences, he doesn't seem to follow a real scheme or a plan, he just fight to create as much anarchy and chaos as possible, in every factions and every real. Loyal to no one beside casuality, he fights Raiden and Knonika's both, as both seek to put order in the sand of times. But the cleric, he only seek to free them and to let them flow, making the future obscure and unwritten, where everyone action would be unpredictable and chaotic just as he wishes.
Skins: 1st model - Chaos cleric: Havik first custume would be a modern adaptation of his Deception look, which is also the look he did wear in MKX comic series. Havik would have his half-body suit with just one sleeve, the gloves and the straps. Also he wears his headgear, black pants and the big boots with metal plates./10 colors 2nd model - Chaotic newby: Havik alternate costume from Deception enhanced for the current generation. The V-shapes overcoat vaguely resembling a classic ninja attire would be bigger and with longer shoulders, to looks like the tunic of a (blood) mage, while the hood would cover a little more of his head to looks like the grim reaper hood. Also, the armguards and the boots would have leather straps instead then metallic insert, reinforcing the concept he's more a mage then a warrior with this costume./10 colors 3rd model - Knight of disorder: If his second costume made Havik look more like a mage, the third one would make him look like a warrior, with metal armor protecting the cleric. However, most pieces of his equipment would not matches, looking like he put on different armor sets, in a deliberate way to represent Chaos even in his clothes. The cleric would wear a dragon-like helmet leaving his face esposed, a metal collar of Egyptian fashion with a samurai like shoulderpad, but the other one being a more barbarian like shoulder guard with horns and bones protracting from it. On his chest, he would have just a pectoral resembling a metal place keep in place by big leather straps. One arm would be covered with chainmail and an oriental like gloves with 'claws' (like those Shang Tsung wear in aftermath story mode), while the other arms doesn't have chainmail, but have a bigger metal gauntlet covering almost the entire arm. He would also wear a leather with metal insert kilt and a metal boot on a leg and a long shinguard with sandal on the other, making the outfit pretty 'chaotic' indeed./10 colors 4th model - Thief for greater evil: We had mage and warrior, now is time of thief. Havik would wear dark clothes, the chest piece resembling a ninja garbs, but his shoulders would be left exposed, partially compensated by long sleeve-like armwarmers made of leather armor. His right hand would have a fingerless glove, while his left one have a full glove. He would also wear buggy black pants and short dark boots. His headgear would be no more then a semple headband, but with a medialion in the middle resembling a circle divided by a cross with some writing on the various section, kinda like his chestpieace in his first model./10 colors
Gear: Mace: Havik signature morning star, with variation which would include similar clubs, hammers and even a pike with an head on top. Kamidogu dagger: Havik most important relics from MKX comic series, used to perform powerful blood magic. Variation will include daggers from realms beyond the bounds of MK, like a OCP dagger, Skynet (and Legion color alternative) dagger and even DC dagger. Mutilation: Why limitating to Havik headgear? His most prominent feature is his skeleton jaw, isn't it? Why not make this a gear item? Havik would have a collections of ways to mutilate his own face and his body, comprising scars, scarnifications, bone exposure, burn, missing eye and even organ exposure. Or even a completly healed one in homage to MKX comic which show his healed face for the first time before he would ripe it off himself. or Headgear: If fusing Havik with Meat would be too much, we can always stick with headgear, giving him hats, masks and helmet of chaotic nature.
Intro: Anarchy warrior: Havik swing his mace around as he approaches his opponent and while talking with it, puting the weapon away right before the round start. You'll be agent of Chaos: Havik holds the Kamidogu's dagger on his chest with both hand, his eyes closed, opening them just after a moment, checking the blade sharpness as he talks with his opponent. How does he still move?: Havik is on the ground bended in vary poses, not a single one of them right, when suddently the corpse starts moving, relocating his bones as he stand, fixing his body even while talking with the opponent getting fully fixed for good just as the announcer says 'Fight!' From... Where?: The camera gets some statics, turning the immage of the arena to a pixelated mess. When things fixes, Havik is standing in front of his opponent.
Outro: No order: Havik grabs his mace, holding it for the handle in the palm of his hand. The mace seem in balance, so the cleric tip it with a finger, letting it falls, grining as a subtle reference about his crusade against 'balance'. God blood magik: Havik pull out his dagger, and carve its own face with it, when the wound emit a sinister red light, as the glow 'contaminate' his eyes too while he smiles. No fear of pain: Havik starts dislocating his own body, breaking his legs, his chest, his arms until her turns his head to 180° degrees facing the camera and laughting evily. Creepy cleric: Havik stand still as the camera zoom on him. Suddently the cleric turns to stares into it, grining, until the camera apparently breaks in an error screen. Very softly, a voice would whispers "You are next."
Competitive variations: Chaos incarnate: A risky variation which gives Havik the ability to heal himself in multiple ways with risk to damage himself or heal the opponent too. Gain Gambler, Medic and Inversion. Power through pain: High risk high profit variation which gives Havik the ability to buff himself through self inflicted damage. Gain Blood pression, Stomatitis and Eye for eye. Real blood magik: Peculiar variation which gives Havik the ability to use the kamidogu dagger to gain control of his opponent. Gain Kamidogu's blade, I control you and Hurt yourself.
Special moves: Head snap: Havik twist his neck in a lethal position, but instead then damages, he gets healed by that. Can't be amplified and have a 'recharge time'; if used before an ammount of seconds are past from the last use, the ammount of healt recoverd would be minimal. Corpse taunt: Havik breakes his back, laying on the floor basically broken in two, but gets back up healed of a considerable ammount of healt, but it leave Havik expose for a moment both as he's bended and when he stand back up. It have a 'recharge time', as if used before an ammount of time is past from the last use, it would heal just a minimal ammount of healt. Can be amplified to going back up and acting almost instantly, taking by surprise an enemy, becoming similar to a parry since when bended on himself Havik can dodge high attack. Torso spin: Havik rotates his torso extending his arms, hitting the enemy close by. Amplified, Havik would draw his mace, rotating faster hitting the enemy at longer range. Craking legs projectile: Havik cracks his legs backward, extending his arms forward sending a projectile of energy toward the enemy at mid trajectory. Amplified Havik cracks his hip too forward and sending a second low projectile to the enemy. Spine catapult: Havik cracks his spine bending backward until he touches the floor with his hand. He can be hold in this position for a second keep helding the attack button. On release, Havik snap like a spring hiting the enemy with his legs knocking it away, bringhing them behind and standing up normaly. Amplified, the kick toss the opponent in air, while Havik stand up and swing his mace and performing an home run with the enemy. Gambler - 1st variation: Enhance Head snap and Corpse taunt. Both moves regenerate more healt and doesn't have a 'recharge time', but there 25% chance uppon use to harm Havik instead then healt him. Conflict with Blood pression and Stomatitis. Medic - 1nd variation: Havik places his hand on the opponent chest and gives him some of his healt actively healing the enemy at cost of Havik own healt. Can be amplified lasting longer and passing more healt to the enemy. Inversion - 1st variation: Havik charges the energy of Chaos on himself for a moment, before his colors reverse (black becomes white, red becomes blue and so on) becoming a negative of himself. In this status, any harm done to him become an healing, but also any damage he does become healing for the opponent. Also, his Head snap and Corpse taunt moves drains his healt instead then healing him (unless Gambler is active, in that case there a 25% chance the moves would still restore healt). His Medic ability, however, drains the enemy healt replenishing Havik during the time. Can be amplified while casted to last longer, but also the cast time becomes slightly longer, increasing the chances the enemy would interupt it. To be noted, the duration of this ability vary at every attivation (it would last between 3-6 second for normal and 5-10 second for amplified), making difficoult to predict when Havik would get back to normal. It also happens without any warning, even in the middle of a combo or a special attack. Blood pression - 2nd variation: Replace Head snap. Havik use his dagger to stab himself in the neck, losing a little ammount of healt but gaining ability to gain 30% of the damage he deal as healt. Amplified, Havik stab his neck and slit his own throat, losing more healt, but gaining 75% of inflicted damage as healt. Conflict with Gambler. Stomatitis - 2nd variation: Replaces Corpse taunt. Havik stab himself in the guts with his dagger, losing some healt but gaining a buff to every damage he deals of 15%. Amplified, Havik stabs and rip his stomach open, losing more healt but gaining 30% of damage boost. Conflict with Gambler. Eye for eye - 2nd variation: Havik stabs his arms with his dagger, start dragging a line on it, losing some of his healt. The attack button can be held to make the move last longer, but that would also make Havik lose more healt. If the enemy attack Havik with an high melee (no projectile) attack while he perform the move, he grabs the enemy arm and cut it instead, absorbing the blood drawn restoring some of his healt. Amplified, Havik would parry attack from any direction instead then just high ones and would lose less healt when the move is been held. Kamidogu's blade - 3rd variation: Selecting this ability gives the player a little icon with a counter resembling a Blood Drop near it meters (where Erron Black bullet counter would be). Using the move, Havik takes a step forward trying to stab high the enemy with his Kamidogu's dagger. If connected, the Blood Drop counter augment of 1 to a max of 6 charges. The move have a different amplify depending if Havik already had a charge of Blood drop when he use the move. If Blood Drop was at 0, amplify cost normal attack metter and Havik stabs again the enemy, gaining 2 charge of Blood drop but inflicting minimal damage. If instead Blood Drop wast at 1 or more, amplify takes 1 charge of Blood Drop instead then attack meter, and Havik holds the dagger into the enemy's meat, charging it with a powerful magik blast which send the enemy away inflicting high damage. I control you - 3rd variation: This move requires a charge of Blood Drop to be used. Havik takes control of the enemy mind, not inflicting damage, but making it confused and open for a combo. To amplify, it takes another charge of Blood Drop. Amplified, the enemy not only stay confused, but it start walking toward Havik basically asking for a combo. Requires Kamidogu's blade. Hurt yourself - 3rd variation: This move requires a charge of Blood Drop to be used. Havik force the enemy to punch itself, autoinflicting damage. To amplify, it requires another charge of Blood Drop. Amplified, Havik order the enemy to drop down and slam it head on the ground, inflicting more auto-damage. Requires Kamidogu's blade. Diving corpse - Optional: Havik dives like a dead body forward under his enemy knocking it down. Amplified, instead to get knocked down the enemy is propelled up for a juggles. Cracking arms projective - Optional: Havik turns around cracking his arms backward sending a projectile toward the enemy in high trajectory. Amplified, Havik bend his back backward sending a second projectile in mid trajectory. Heal me - Optional: This move requires a charge of Blood Drop to be used. Havik makes the enemy spit a ball of blood taking damage. The ball fly toward Havik healing him on contact. To be amplified, requires another charge of Blood drop When amplify, it force the enemy to spit a stream of blood which forms three balls of blood, all of them would heal Havik uppon contact. Requires Kamidogu's blade.
Taunts: Round lost: Fall on front: Havik places his feet on the ground and unearthly lift his legs with his back bending backward making the back of his head touching his feet, then slowly he raises forcing in place every single vertebra of his spine with a cracking noise as he does so. Fall on back: Havik bend his back in a 90° degree angles backward and places his hand on the ground, before lift himself correcting his back and placing his feet on the ground standing up. Round win retreat: Too much...: Havik stretches pulling his arms, but this crack and seem dislocating itself. The cleric walks backward as nothing happenes, fixing his arm back in the shoulder shocket before the next round starts. - "What a curious coincidence!" Don't break the wall: Havik toss his mace toward the edge of the arena, but it seem to bounces off the side of the screen, getting back in his hand as he put it away. - "The bound of this world have no meaning to me." What just happened?!?: Havik laughs and suddently the whole screen appears pixelated before to go black for a moment, when everything goes back to normal, Havik would be distant from his opponent. - No quote, just a laugh Round win stationary: Give a pray: Havik unite his hand like offering a pray to the Chaos' god - "Chaos would choose its winner now." I'm unbreakable: Havik grabs his own jaw before to bend his head backward, dislocating both head and jaw, before to reconect them. - "No pain is too much." Is he watching me?!?: Havik stares at the camera, pointing toward the player before to turn back to face his opponent - "Are you having fun?" After Brutality: Contortionism's king: Havik turn his torso in a 180° degree angle, also turning his head at 180° degree, watching the camera with a grin before to spin his chest returning normal. - "You are a mere casualty." or "Didn't seen this coming, not then I mind." Cleric of Chaos: Havik beat his own chest with a fist a couple of time, crossing his other arm on the first beating his chest with the fist once more before to bend his head forward in meditation. - "Chaos will find the way." or "Order will never prevail."
Throw (forward): Havik land his mace on the enemy shin, forcing it to kneel. Then he grabs it head, raising his mace high charging a blow, but instead he unpredictably kick the enemy in the face pushing it away. Throw (backward): Havik hit the enemy in its head with his mace forcing him on the ground, then the cleric jump on the enemy back stomping to inflict more damage before to jump off.
Fatal blow: Master mind: Havik swing his mace vertically in front of himself with a very short high range, but the blow is unblockable. When connected, the enemy is knocked up when Havik grabs it for its feet and slams it down. Then the cleric jumps on his opponent and stab it in the chest with his dagger. Last, but not least, the Chaosrealmer step back, imposing his will on the opponent, forcing it to grab the dagger still in its chest and push it deeper before to cut open it whole abdomen by itself. The moves ends with the enemy losing the grip on the dagger tossing it toward Havik who grabs it in mid air and put it away.
Crushing blows: Uppercut: Must hit the enemy after ducking under an high attack. The attack button must be held. Havik use his mace to hit the enemy crushing his jaw and making him losing teeth. Throw (forward): The opponent must have already soffered a Crushing blows or more and Havik must be in the right side of the screen. Havik kicks the enemy face making it hit the side of the screen, kicking again to break its skull. Throw (backward): Must hit the enemy with a Throw (backward) after have used the Fatal Blow (can be between rounds). Havik stomps on the enemy's back pushing with all his weight, shattering its spine. Talk to mace: Must hit the enemy with Talk to mace combo (Back Punch, Forward Punch, Forward Punch) as counter or punish. Havik ram his mace against the enemy mouth making its losing various teeth. Head snap: Must have used Inversion three times. Havik crack his neck so hard he recover a great ammount of healt (Gambler ability won't apply: it won't augment the amount of healt recoverd this way, but also won't turn it into a damage). Eye for eye: Havik must have less then 50% healt left. Havik cuts the enemy arm so deeper the blade tip would emerge on the other side. Kamidogu's Blade: Blood drop counter must be at it maximal ammount (6) and Kamidogu's Blade mist be amplified. Havik charges the enemy with an huge ammount of blood magik shattering its ribs when the cleric makes the energy explode.
Fatality: It used to taste better: Havik grabs one of the enemy's arms, planting his legs on it armpit and pulling to rip it off. Then, he bites the fingers, chewing them off, but he coughs them up spitting them grunting as they didn't taste good, before to use the arm as a mace to knock down the enemy, before to force the shoulder down the opponent throat making it choke to death. Hidden - From alt to Chaos lord: Havik suddently pull out a scythe from his pockets, using it to cut the enemy stomac wide open. But then the cleric let the scythe falls and places his hand on the wound, healing it forcing the gut back in place and sealing the skin. The enemy watches confused as the wound seem heal, but then it suddently start spitting blood and pieces of gut, and its chest starts explode in multiple places, spilling blood and guts until a wide hole opens in the enemy chest.
Friendship: You didn't expected this, ain't you?: Havik grabs his own head and remove it, offering it to the enemy before to falls down. The opponent watches the head, when suddently it starts to grins chuckling, making the poor soul throw it in air and run away. The friendship ends in a loop where the head rolls for the screen, chasing a running enemy first, then escaping Havik headless corpse which try to get it and lastly with Havik body rolling on it toward the other side of the screen (like Komo in Nightwolf friendship).
Brutalities: The not-so-klassic: Last hit must come from an uppercut, Back Punch must be held and must not block a single attack during the whole final round. Havik would strike his opponent with an uppercut from his mace so hard the enemy's feet detaches. Close enough klassic: Last hit must come from a sweep (Back+Back Kick) and must have connected at least 3 uppercut during the match. Havik sweep his opponent down, pinning him on the ground with a knee on its back and then proceed grabbing the enemy's head ripping it off it body with all the spine attached. Morning meal: Last hit must be a forward throw and a mercy must have been performed. Havik raises his mace, but instead to hit the opponent, he let it falls grabbing it for it head and rams the handle down the enemy throat, leving it to choke to death. It slipped: Last hit must come from the combo Feet up (Forward+Back Punch, Front Punch, Down+Back Punch) and Havik must be in the left side of the screen. Instead then sweep the opponent with his last blow, Havik grab it for a foot and pull until take off the enemy's leg. The Chaosrealmer then pretend to hit the opponent with its own legs, but it slip passing by the enemy without hurting it. The opponent watches the leg fly away confuse before to turn around just in time to see Havik ramming it against the screen edge and sliting its throat with his dagger, cutting so deep the enemy head falls off forward ward while the body falls lifeless. Aces and eights: Last hit on Havik own life must come from Head snap or Corpse taunt as an unlucky effect of Gambler. Havik takes a step backward, looking up and screaming before to be squashed by a giant Casino's chip. Backfire: Last hit on Havik own life must come from Head snap or Corpse taunt while under the effect of Inversion. Havik start screaming before to suddently burst into flames to have played too much with the forces of Chaos. Take my life: Last hit on Havik own healt must come from Medic while not under the effect of Inversion. Havik would pass his whole life force to the enemy, becoming just an emaciated mummy, falling down. Give me your life: Last hit must come from Medic while under the effect of Inversion. Havik would drain his enemy life force leaving behind just an emaciated mummy, letting it fall on the ground. This is gonna s...: Last hit on Havik own healt must come from Blood pression, Stomatitis or Eye for eye. Havik gets mad due the blood magik stored into him and grabs his own dagger, stabbing himself over and over falling in a pool of his own blood still stabbing until he's completly death. Eye for whole body: Last hit must come from Eye for eye and Havik must have hurt himself at least once in any way possible before this use of this move (he can hurt himself using Eye for eye, but must do it at least once before to use it to perform this Brutality). Havik absorb the enemy blood as he keep cutting the enemy, ripping off its arms before to assault it stabbing and cutting the opponent repeatedly, until the cleric is satisfied. Is dangerous to go alone: Last hit must come from Hurt yourself and Havik must have at least 1 more charges of Blood drop. Havik toss his mace to the enemy, which grab it and raise it high, but before the opponent can use it in any way, Havik shoot a red projectile of red blood magik destroying the enemy head and letting it fall down. I'm a shark!: Last hit must come from Diving Corpse and the enemy legs must have been hit at least 10 times during the match. Havik starts biting the enemy leg, cutting it off leaving just the femur, making the opponent limp before to die for the blood lost. All your blood: Last hit must come from amplified Heal me. Havik would force the enemy to spit up a lot of his blood, before to use it as an high pressure stream right on the enemy face, leaving behind just the flesh. (or the skull as an alternative if Block and Front Kick are held while performing the Brutality)
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Floor Idea: Covenant

This is a holy place and a place where Isaac's parents got divorced. It was not a fun day for anyone. Isaac began to wonder if God truly loves him or not...
The covenant is the fourth chapter after beating bar or casino. This place has many holy enemies and only two demons are allowed to enter due to being friends with a mini boss that lurks here. In a first of Isaac since the Womb and it's alts, this floor has more than one final boss. (not counting bar or casino due to them being separate.) This floor has gray walls with chanting from the background. It's theme is this: Spirit and enteral hearts are common here.
Priest: An humanoid that looks like an upset Isaac. These guys will revive those monsters that Isaac has slain in the room. If all of the monsters are killed before the priest, he will throw crosses at Isaac.
Holy knight: Variant of selfless knights but with glowing eyes. When these guys hit something, they will cause light beams to go in four cardinal directions.
Crusader: Holy versions of the racers These guys will swing their sword at Isaac and charge at him.
Protectors: Babies that have either a yellow, blue or red symbol on their forehead. The red one will increase all of the monsters (and bosses if possible) speed, the blue will increase their defense and the yellow one will shoot slow moving bullets to heal a monster up to 10% of it's health.
Choir: Groups of angelic babies singing together. Their songs will temporarily make all occupants in a room (not pertaining to Isaac of course) invincible for about 5 seconds. The only way to defeat them is to destroy the podium and once that's done, 5-7 angelic babies will appear. Thankfully a rarer enemy in the covenant.
Holy swords: Swords that are made to slay the wicked but can't tell the difference between Isaac and those wicked. Stationary until Isaac enters the room. Will stop once the room is clear.
Ascended fly: A boom fly that has four wings and a halo on it. It will charge up it's halo and shoot a light beam from it's halo. The beam will follow Isaac for a few seconds before disappearing.
Belief: A fatty with wings and a bell. When Isaac enters, it will wait a few seconds before ringing it's bell and summoning an angel from the angel room deals. Will leave once the angel enters. Another rare enemy.
Preacher: Another humanoid that looks like Isaac. It will speak to monsters in a room and when it's done, the monsters will circle around him. Will only affect monsters and not degraded bosses.
Normal enemies:
Angelic babies
Holy leech
Physic Maws
Physic Horfs
Blind bats
Degraded bosses:
Gabriel and Uriel
Little horn
Headless Horseman
All of the sins including their super variants
Mini bosses:
Angelica: An angelic baby with a yellow crown and four wings. Angelica will yell and put up shields for other monsters in the room (but not herself), summon protectors and angelic babies and fire three quick triple shots in rapid succession. Can also appear with Loki and Little Horn
Spawny: A regular looking boom fly but with a golden crown and angel wings. Spawny uses his crown to stop Isaac's tears and throw them back at him. This also works with regular bombs and tech tears but not lasers. His crown can also give a temporary shield to everything in the room including himself. This lasts for 11 seconds. Spawny will also spawn ascended flies, spit out purple fires, jump around leaving light pillars as he jumps and turns his eyes purple and shoot homing bullets. He can usually be seen with Little Horn or Loki.
The dove: An dove with wishes to protect the covenant. It will teleport around the room, throw feathers around the place and lay "eggs" (really bombs that look like eggs). It can also ram into the walls and create light beams. (the ones the Isaac makes). When it's defeated, it will yell out for help and a swarm of enemies will appear.
Angelic Plum: A holy version of everyone's favorite fly. With a light blue body and four wings, Angelic Plum is ready to fight. Angelic Plum has new attacks at her disposal. She can use her halo to charge up a laser like the ascended flies, summon ascended flies, teleport out of the arena and come crashing down while creating light pillars, spins herself around which somehow creates a ring of blue fires coming out of her and even lights up the walls with light and shoots them out like a bunch of squares. When she gets low, Angelic Plum will heal herself for up to 20% percent of her health. She can only do this once however. When she sadly dies, more blue fires in a ring come out of her.
Ghaglia: An angelic version of Famine. Ghagila will use her stick horse to charge at the player and hits a wall where light pillars appear in a cardinal formation, summons crusaders and spits out a five way shot three times in rapid succession. When her horse is destroyed, the battle will continue as she flies around the air spitting out homing bullets. At the start of the second phase however she will throw a holy sword at the player which won't stop attacking until the fight is over. Ghagilla will also summon holy knights and angelic babies and summon a swarm of light pillars around her.
The thief: An Isaac humanoid that cheated his way into the covenant. The mini bosses and bosses would love to be rid of him. Guess who has to do that? The thief will shoot Isaac with whatever he has on him (If Isaac has epic fetus, Thief will have epic fetus) and summon robbers. When his health is depleted, the second phase will begin. Thief will transform into a gray trite like creature. At this point, Thief will become frantic and spit out big and small spiders, make numerous leaps towards Isaac and spit out bullets into the air. When defeated, Thief will attempt to devour Isaac like the Soul Drainer and then shoot a laser at him.
Isaac: Same face and mostly the same fight. Everything is normal until Isaac's health bar is depleted. Isaac will get 20% of his health back and will lose his angel wings and fall to the ground creating shock waves. After Isaac gets up, he will start crying leaving creep around the floor and run away from the player. Once his health is depleted again, Isaac will explode and die. The music is Tomes from the original Binding of Isaac.
Final bosses:
The Split: A conjoined and rotting entity with Dad's face on the left and Mom's on the right, this creature can do a few things depending on who's attacking. Dad will shoot out creep like the one in bar, fire a brimstone laser and summon maws. Mom meanwhile can shoot a triple shot, summon physic maws and make a bullet that explodes into light pillars going in eight directions. Once the halfway point is reached the REAL fun will begin. Mom and Dad will "split" and gain new attacks. Mom will throw knives, scream "ISAAC" and summon three angelic babies and throw her "Bible" which causes light pillars to rain down on the "Bible". Dad can make chips rain down, puke bullets and throw glasses of beer. They can kill each other.
St. Peter: A angel in disguise. St. Peter has a human and angel form, His human form can throw crosses, summon light pillars, summon angelic babies and teleport around the arena. Phase 2 begins at the halfway point. St. Peter reveals himself to be a angel with gold clothing and sliver wings. Peter can use his faith as bullet attacks, read the Bible to summon another angel, teleport to the top of the room start an light laser from right to left and has spots marked to summon lighting. When defeated, he flees like the Isaac boss.
Beating one of these final bosses gives the player a crossroad: Hell and the Stars. I will talk about Hell next.
Notes: The Bible is near useless against most of the bosses as using it will kill the player unless they have Wafer. This induces St. Peter . It's still best to keep it with you though if you plan on going to the Stars.
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Just some ideas for improving the game experience and long-term health (Long)

Sup. If we're still taking balance suggestions on this sub (outside of the community feedback thread) then I wanted to give my two cents after playing a lot of the game since it came out (and for a day in the beta; it was only around for like two days on PS4). I saw that the dev team was apparently looking out for feedback and I'm hoping something in here will be seen and be useful to them or to someone else. I don't usually do stuff like this because I figure no one's gonna be interested, but I like the game and would rather see it grow than stagnate. To grow, it's gonna need things other than an occasional new character.
I played a lot of both sides and don't really "main" one or the other. My thoughts are aimed more at the system mechanics than anything else, just certain things that keep sticking out as bizarre whenever I play, and I wouldn't want to see much (if anything) in the way of direct nerfs to specific Survivors or Masterminds yet, but I do have some thoughts on them. I want to see a buff to the "gameplay experience" for both sides more than anything; I seem to remember reading an interview where the dev team said they wanted a focus on fun regardless of the match outcome. Right now, there's fun to be had in the game but also some things getting in the way of that.
Some skills may seem too good right now, but system changes (addressing stuff like +10 seconds for a regular Zombie) are the bigger fish in my opinion. Once there are some system changes, some Survivor or Mastermind stuff that looks broken right now might not be so bad, but we can't know for sure until we get the changes. Please feel free to agree/disagree with any of this, suggest improvements, tell me to uninstall, etc. Apologies if this should have been posted in the official community thread, I just felt it'd be weird to put a post this long as a reply in there.

General - Quality of Life:

Balance - System:

Balance - Survivor:

Balance - Mastermind:
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Casino Heist S&S Major Unluckiness?

I’ve been trying to run the casino heist S&S for 2 hours but it constantly has guards that don’t move as they should, but rather stand where they spawn. Is this extremely bad luck or a new bug? Thanks! . EDIT!!! I figured out why the stationary guards happens. For anyone having this issue, let Lester say his thing about the stun gun before swiping to keycard to get into the casino. Both times I tried this the guards moved. Hope this helps people!
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Maximillien, Talon’s Crime Boss (Updated)

Maximillien is an Omnic who works for Talon. He’s a weasel, using others to fight his battles and doing anything to survive.
Health: 200 health
Passive: Bodyguard
For a few seconds after placing a Proxy, all damage done to Maximillien is reduced and transferred to the Proxy instead.
Primary Fire: Glock .44
Maximillien doesn’t like to fight his own battles, but he will when necessary.
Secondary Fire: Negotiation
Maximillien can negotiate with enemies, trading ammo for safety. For the next few seconds, Maximillien takes reduced damage from enemies, at the cost of him having to immediately reload.
First Ability: Proxy
Maximillien can call in a Talon soldier (he points to the ground in front of him and the soldier appears in a burst of red and black dust like the assassins from the Storm Rising event. When recalled, they simply disappear in a burst of red and black dust) that acts similar to a turret, shooting at enemies within range. The Proxy can be healed, stunned, slept, etc. The Proxy will report to Maximillian when an enemy it has attacked is below 75 health (“Tracer is almost down” “Hanzo is almost down” etc.) The Proxy can be recalled.
Second Ability: Misdirection
Maximillien can turn into a black and red wisp of smoke (think of the assassins from the Storm Rising event) to dash forward, leaving behind an identical hardlight copy of himself (has a red outline for enemies) The dash is like Genji’s slash without the damage, so it can be used vertically. The hardlight copy runs in the opposite direction that Maximillien was running, does no damage, but explodes when killed or when it’s duration ends. The wisp that Maximillien turns into is barely visible to enemies, making it difficult to realize when he had used this ability.
Ultimate: Reinforcements
Maximillien can call in a Talon dropship, dropping out 3 Talon agents to aid him in battle. They drop in a triangular pattern around Maximillien, with 1 in front of him and 2 behind him. They are stationary and act as turrets, shooting at enemies in their line of sight. They cannot contest points/payloads.
LORE: Maximillien started his life as an accounting Omnic, used by businesses to handle their money. Over time, his adaptive programming allowed him to take on a personality, which made him decide to begin laundering money to become more wealthy. He was never caught, and with the money that he laundered he opened the Casino Monaco. The Casino became a place where criminals, including Talon soldiers, would go to make business deals and conduct business. Over the years, he has formed many alliances and deals for his protection that made him nearly untouchable by fellow criminals. When Antonio (a Talon associate) was killed by Gabriel Reyes during his time in Blackwatch, Maximillien used his connections with the Talon soldiers he served to become a part of Talon’s inner circle, securing his most powerful alliance yet.
Widowmaker: Maximillien? I never thought I’d see you in the field.
Maximillien: Me neither Amelie. But even I must work with the expendables sometimes.
Widowmaker: Tsk. Make sure your amateur riflemen stay out of my way.
Reaper: Maximillien. You better stick to the plan.
Maximillien: Remember, Gabriel, I’m where I am because you couldn’t leave Antonio alive.
Reaper: I won’t leave you alive either.
Sombra: Hey Max! You gonna let me analyze that adaptive programming yet?
Maximillien: I still haven’t forgiven you for freezing my bank accounts and attempting to steal my money.
Sombra: Mi amigo, that was so long ago.
Maximillien: Not long enough.
Maximillien: I never got to thank you, my good friend.
Doomfist: For what?
Maximillien: Your escape all those years ago gained most of the law’s attention. I made more money during your rampage than I have at any other time.
Doomfist: Chuckles. Glad I could help.
  • Spawn: I am a businessman. I’m not an expendable soldier like the rest of you.
  • Respawn: “This is why I stay in the Casino.” “I don’t like being in the field.”
  • When Passive is in effect: “You don’t mind, do you?” “Take one for the team.”
  • Primary Fire Kill: “Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.” “Maybe being here isn’t all bad.”
  • Secondary Fire: “Pleasure doing business with you all.” “I’ll take my leave.”
  • Ability 1: “Stay. Shoot.” “Make sure you do your job.”
  • Ability 2: “I must be going now.” “Our business has ended.”
  • Getting a kill with Ability 1: “You get a raise for that.” “Worth every penny, I see.”
  • Ultimate:
Enemies; “Agents, attack!”
Allies; “Time to get my money’s worth!”
  • Turret: “Could someone get that turret? It’s pissing me off.”
  • Proxy is killed: “How unfortunate.” “Too bad. They were a good soldier.”
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Big internal ship rooms?

I want to make a party boat, filled with the games tables and such.
Originally I was looking for a Grand Frig, since why not, but then I went on one and I noticed that the internal empty rooms are kinda small. It would be nice if the two rooms didn't have a wall in between, or even a large space below everything.
Other than that, I think a Xebec had a nice room that I could use.
Realistically, the ship will be stationary at a major hub.
I'm still kinda on the idea of a Grand Frig since it's the biggest ship.
Maybe a casino war Galleon or what ever it is would be better? I'm not sure price on that though.
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Guessing Hidden Markov Model Structure

Giveb that the above string has Definitely been generated by an HMM, how many hidden states would you propose it has? What would the initial probabilities and transmission and emission matrices be? Apparently this can be done using "close inspection" and doesn't require an algorithm like Baum Welch.
So I'm naively guessing three hidden states (one for A, B, C) but then they're not really hidden are they? Any other suggestions?
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General Balance Changes Discussion and My Take on Them After Reading a lot of Other Lists

First, I'll be straight up. I am a mastermind (MM) main, as I personally enjoy the gameplay of the MM more than the survivors. I'll do my best to prevent my bias from finding its way into my list of changes.
Also this is meant to be a place for MEANINGFUL discussion. Please be REASONABLE and SPECIFIC when adding to the discussion. I swear if I say any 4 year olds spouting "Mm ArE tOo Op AnD nEeD a NeRf" or anything that can be summarized as "I suck, but I want to make changes instead of putting in the effort to not suck" I'm going to freaking lose it. Basically just back your shit up with facts, or experience, and please try to be as specific and precise as possible and try to offer up reasonable solutions. Above all else, BE RESPECTFUL!
The way I'm going to format this is I'll bold all the balance changes and leave the logic and discussion in regular text. This is gonna be a large post. If people just want to skim, this'll make it easier for them.
Now that we got all of that out of the way... ON TO MY PERSONAL OPINION! (please keep in mind that these are just that. Opinions.)
So I think the general feel is that: - Low level Survivors struggle against most MM, regardless of their level. A lot of this boils down to people not being experienced enough to know the specific counters to different threats. And just general bad players (ex: those that run off solo and require a rescue 2 seconds later). I swear the number of survivors that I see trying to use flash bangs against Yateveo... Sheesh.
Therefore, we want changes to be made that help newer survivors while also hindering high level survivors. After all, new players are the lifeblood of this game. We don't want people to get stomped and quit the game forever as they tell all their friends "Yeah Capcom tacked on this shitty multiplayer mode because they felt RE3 and Resistance weren't worth the cost on their own". We want this game to grow. We want it to become bigger than Dead By Daylight (and I think it can totally take over the asymmetrical multiplayer market). We NEED new players.
Another popular complaint: - The meta revolves way too much around January and Spencer. It feels like any team without a January is at a huge disadvantaged compared to teams that do have her. And it feels like the best way to win as a MM is by placing as few things on the map that give the survivors time. Thus relying on camera guns to do the heavy lifting. Each passing day this meta gets more and more solidified and it feels like if things don't change there might come a point where most people are just playing those two. Other survivors are just the support and other masterminds are just there to flex ("I'm so good I can win with Alex").
So what do we do? That's the tricky part. I think there are a couple basic things we can change.
- Increase the health of cameras - Increase the duration of camera shields - Increase the effectiveness of the Shock Absorbers equipment - Add more cameras so most rooms have at least two - Shooting a camera when it is already deactivated now does nothing - Reduce the effect melee attacks have at stunning zombies and preventing them from getting up - Bioweapons now knock down survivors who try to use the same doorway as him - Bioweapon doorway transition animation speed increased - Reduce the length a bioweapon/ controlled zombie stays stunned
Also, I want the monsters to feel as much of a threat in this game as they do in the main campaign for RE3. Thus:
- Zombie AI improvements - AI zombie grab range increased - Reduce stun caused by headshots
Now for some changes that newer survivors will appreciate:
- Increase spawn rate of Umbrella Credits - Charlie dolls spawn randomly and reward time when destroyed - Survivors have the same quick time event to lessen damage taken when grabbed as the main campaign cooldown on when a MM can take control of a zombie
The thought process here is that new players love to explore. They want to look for all the ammo and items lying around. Advance players just want to blitz through the map spending as little time as possible. We should reward players for taking the time to carefully scavenge each room. Add the Charlie dolls from the campaign, and have them spawn in less obvious locations (Under desks, on bookshelves, in the background etc,) then reward players with bonus time for destroying them! Slowing down survivors means the Mastermind will feel less panicked when thinking about what they should be doing next.
Speaking of time lets talk about that for a moment:
Time gained for killing zombies and destroying traps is reduced ** Reduce time taken off for damaging survivors** Reviving a survivor no longer awards time Increase time lost for respawning as a survivor Slightly increase time survivors start with
I feel like MM shouldn't be punished for using their tools. You shouldn't feel bad for spawning monsters. By reducing the effect combat has on time, i think less MM will rely on the "zombieless" builds that many survivors find boring. That being said I think there should be a greater penalty for getting downed and especially for dying. All in all, I think these changes when combined with the Charlie doll idea, would leave the game in a much more enjoyable state for everybody.
Next thing I want to discuss is presets for the MM.
- increase amount of points for use in reinforcing doors - set uniform amount of points for each area, regardless of map - allow MM to choose where the security zombie spawns - allow MM to choose which biocores will activate and in which order
So here I think the MM should be given an amount of points for locking doors equal to how many doors are in the area. Look at how many points you have to lock doors in the final area of the casino compared to how many doors are in the area. Honestly I think you should have enough to lock every door to level 1. This way you can choose to skimp on some doors to make key ones stronger. Also I think you should have the same number of points to spend on areas 1, 2, and 3 regardless of what map you are on, and I think it should increase with the further you get on a map. 15, 20, 25 is what I'm currently thinking.
- Change how supply zombies are spawned
Okay so a problem right now is that neither side knows when or where a supply zombie will spawn. The MM is basically at the mercy of RNG which doesn't really sound like something describing a mastermind who is supposed to being in control of the situation. I propose that at a set time, the supply zombie appears in the mastermind's hand like any other zombie card. The MM then has 15 seconds to spawn this card otherwise it will spawn in the room with the most survivors. This gives you time to choose where it will pop up and let you create some defenses while at the cost of letting survivors go about their business while you do so.
This should cover the general changes. The last thing I want to talk about are specific characters and masterminds.
Honestly this kind of deserves its own section. The thing SUCKS. It's hard to deploy, often costing valuable seconds to find a spot. If you allowed it to clip partially through scenery I think it would be much easier to deploy. Also it's reticle should be smaller and more indicative of where its attacks are going to go. Also make it so it can shoot its slime over small obstacles. Allow an AI to control it when you switch back to your camera while it's still active. And make it more resilient to being stunned and damaged. It is stationary. It should lock down the area and be something people want to avoid at all costs.
Spencer: - Reward survivors with time for disabling a camera that is equipped with a gun card - Give a visual cue to survivors before the D. Field spawns, but increase it's duration
I think the meta focuses waaaay too much on gun cards. The zombieless builds are way too predominant. Rewarding time for destroying gun cameras like they were a trap or zombie, seems only fair. Also Spencer's D. Field should be used as a wall, blocking off an area. Not as this thing that will instantly wipe out someone who is interacting with something. Maybe have the edges of the field spawn first, then after a second or two have it fill in. Giving survivors time to stop using a control panel, or stop reviving a teammate before they get shredded.
Becca: - No longer gets infinite ammo with her fever skill when using a special weapon
Sorry. Infinite ammo rocket launchers and mini guns are just plain stupid.
January: - Fever skill only increase cost of all MM cards by one
This way the MM can choose to either use cards at an increased cost, or wait it out for full efficiency. Because currently the skill might as well read "MM cant use cards for 15 seconds".
Valerie: - Fever skill no longer revives downed survivors
The thing already heals everyone fully and removes all infection. That's already good enough. Christ.
AAAAAND THAT SHOULD COVER IT... It's 5am. I spent the last 3 hours working on this. I probably missed some things, I probably suggested some bad ideas. Let me know what you think! I'm going to go to bed now...
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When School Is Around The Corner - YouTube Casio Calculator Collection  Ahona Stationery - YouTube - YouTube YouTube Super Hans Becomes Mark's Boss  Peep Show - YouTube Stationary Points on the Classpad - YouTube Yooka-Laylee - Capital Cashino Kartos (World 4) - YouTube Faded - Alan Walker - Easiest Piano Tutorial - YouTube

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When School Is Around The Corner - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. While dealing with a difficult customer at his new job, Mark realises that a newly promoted Super Hans is now technically his boss.Subscribe to Channel 4 Com... All kinds of Stationery Product Whole Seller & Supplier.Address: Shop No: 30, New Market, Dhaka-1205.Call - +88 01728 I love this game to bits but this section is utterly dreadful. Target is 150 gems. The boss fight after this can also do one. Example of how to find stationary points using the Casio Classpad. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We do not like back to school ads during our summer vacation ... Learn piano with this song and many more on the Simply Piano app! Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to... We are on a RV road trip right now and taking advantage of free camping at casinos. Casinos are very welcoming because they want you to spend your money insi...