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Date: 2012-06-13
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For my own curiosity, what is your opinion on the use of the terms Native American vs. Indian vs. American Indian? Also, what is your opinion regarding the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, etc.? Edit: I mean their names, not how well do you think the teams will do this year. Simply put... I think all this "Mascot racism" stuff over the past 7 years or so is complete horse shit. If you want to call your team the Redskins, or Indians, Brave, Seminoles, Fighting Souix or even Ole Miss Rebels, I do not find it offensive. If you want to call a basketball team The Niggers, or WOPs, etc. I will have an issue with it. Washington Redskins is far less offensive (to me) than Washington Savages or Washington Squaws. As long as you don't give 'Native American' a bad reputation or insult the people, go ahead. I hope you see what i am getting at because it is exactly how I feel about 'Native American v. American Indian v. Indian'. Only issue i have with Indian is I get confused sometimes which Indian people are referring to. Even better, if you have a friend and you know what tribe they belong to it is best to refer to them by tribe as opposed to Native American, Indian, etc.
Well, that makes a lot of sense as to why there is so much animosity towards those who do work with human remains. Thank you for taking the time to explain all that to me. So, what areas are you planning on focusing on in your own studies? Are you going to focus on the Navajo, another tribe, or modern western culture/one of the many sub-cultures? I am hugely interested in the 'supernatural' stories and beliefs of South Western Tribes and hopefully validate/invalidate the superstitions of these tribes, then hopefully do the same with a handful of few remaining tribal communities in the world.
How much money do get for being Native American, if any? Also, do you have any body hair? Where? And how much? I am enrolled as both Navajo and Choctaw (Miss. Band). I get no royalties from the Navajo and probably never will simply because the Navajo census is way to large. As a Choctaw, they state I must be 3/4 or more Choctaw blood to receive royalties. My father receives funds from Mississippi Choctaw, but it isn't more than 6 or 7 thousand twice a year. As for the body hair, well, i have only slightly more hair now than i did when i was 10. When i TRY to grow my beard and 'stache it ends up being slightly patchy, short but with very thick and straight strands. I have some hair on my arms, bit more on my legs. Nothing on my chest, and the funniest treasure trail in the world, its literally like a dozen strands. HAHA! But i have known many Native females that have never had to shave their legs, ever!
Woah i had no idea native americans dont have body hair but now that im thinking about it i guess ive never seen a native american with a full beard. They are out there, by dad can grow a real nice beard but i can not neither could my grandfather (fraternal)
Very interesting! Do you do things like fish or hunt out of season? I do not sir. I am a very law abiding citizen. To do so would be very unethical (all man-laws aside) according to how i was raised. I do love to hunt and fish though. The 31st of May and 30th of June are deadlines for permit applications. I do love my guns and my bow, as much as I love all wildlife. I also hate beef steak, I feel I have been spoiled by the best venison on this green and blue marble. This makes Autumn the best time of the year for me! (ATTN. ALL READERS: This is my opinion and my life style, i do not mistreat or mutilate living beings, as such i ask all 'PETA' and 'Gun Politics' comments kept to self. EXCEPTION, if the afore mentioned topics/issues are presented in a respectful manner.)
Hmm.. I thought it was legal for Native Americans to hunt/fish whenever they wanted. Do you have a typical Native American accent? Because that's how I've been reading your posts. No, I have a typical accent, if anything it leans more towards Northern Louisiana and Coastal Mississippi.
No disrespect, merely my own ignorance asking here - It has seemed to me that Native Americans often choose not to integrate with the rest of American society. Is that true, and to what extent, and why? Why don't people leave to go to a city? Why don't they go to college when there are shortages of doctors and laywers - is there a lack of interest, or perhaps pressure against 'ditching your community'? Do you think that Native Americans' rights are being respected and properly represented in the government? Coming from Canada, do you know much about Canadian tribes' lifestyles and issues, and how would you compare them (aside from weather-related differences, haha)? I nothing about the 'First People' as Canada puts it. No disrespect, playful sarcasm is rough to translate through text. -When i was taught about my heritage it was mad clear that "We" have a very rich culture and language and when "We" lose those two things we lose who "we" are as a people. However, I have learned as have my older siblings that it is possible to live not in One world but in Two worlds. One being the traditions of our people while being very active in one's community. (This is from myself, people of the same town are raised differently. Please do not generalize too much) -I left for "the City" for a Higher Education, as did my three older siblings. My Father left Mississippi to attend Az. St. Univ. then joined the Marine Corp. In my family we all agree that options and opportunities are abound off the reservation. I personally am still trying to make my way to a position to legitimately aid my people in their hardships. My Brother has a PhD. in Microbiology and Immunology, my two sister are Nurse Practitioners and one of them is aslo a SSgt. In USMC. Other people may leave for marriage or the "glam' life they see on TV. Basically reservations can be a hard place to get ahead. That being said, education is poor. A lot of kids i went to high school and lower with (no matter ethnicity) saw very little incentive in competing High School much less Higher Education. With many being from very very poor families, drugs and gangs (crime) is an easy means to money. -I do not believe Native American Tribes are being respected or represented as Sovereign Nations should be.
Really interesting, thanks for your answers! No worries. Thanks for stopping by.
I'm a Black American (descendant from slaves) and I fell that Native Americans had it worst then we did because Native Americans had their land stolen, had several wars with the federal gov't, forced on reservations, tons of broken treaties and then the children taken and sent to boarding schools to remove their cultural identity. *Is it difficult to watch or read things about Native history without getting angry at white people? *How do you feel about Johnny Depp playing Tonto in the Long ranger movie? *How do you feel about people viewing all Native Americans as very spiritual? To be absolutely honest, I mean zero disrespect but i feel full disclosure is key in an IAMA, there is a shade of history on my Mississippi side that owned some slaves. I am sorry about that fact and in no way am I proud of it. As far as Hollywood goes they get it wrong pretty much every time, so i do not blame them. I do kind of resent Mr. Depp for playing an 'Indian' in an already super racist old time show. He was in the town I lived in for a while, while he they were filming that very movie.
Hi, Thank you so much for this AmA. I'm thoroughly interested in this subject, although I feel I know almost nothing about current Native Americans, and very little about pre-Columbus America. (I'm European, and learned mostly European history.) I have a whole bunch of questions, here's a few from the top of my head. What are the most important parts of your culture, to you, and how do they play a part in your life. Would you consider yourself 'spiritual'? - How do you feel about American society as a whole? - Did you read the book "Black Elk Speaks" (Link to and if you did, what did you think of it? are there any good books/movies that portray the live and culture of Native Americans? - you mention problems with alcoholism and drugs, and give Meth as an example. What are your views on 'natural' drugs such as Peyote, and is used much on the reservations. (compared to other hard drugs.) - do you have any tattoos or jewellery that you wear regularly that could identify you as a Native American? Thanks in advance for any answers. A EURO!!! Y'all are the folks I was hoping for. (Navajo Point of View) (1)For me, and I believe others would agree, the most important parts of our culture is our language. The reason being, the Language itself relates to the area Navajos live(d) in. The most important reason language is so vital is many Native American Tribes pass knowledge including; history, morality stories, and most importantly the Origin Stories. When the language is lost all identity follows. On the subject of faith, I am an Atheist, though I do certain things out of respect of my people and the animals that feed me. This is a rough subject for most Navajos because Navajos are very superstitious. (2)I write volumes on my feelings of the American nation as a whole. (If you want to be a bit more specific on this subject i can try and answer more clearly) (3)I have read Black Elk Speaks, I feel it is more of an Ethnography rather than the personal interviews they make it seem to be. If you want one Ethnography, look for Keith Basso "Wisdom Sits in Places...". this show a great but dry interpretation of why language and landscape link with origin stories for some. Or simply why a mountain is called a specific name in Apache. As for novels I recommend authors; Vine Deloria, Sherman Alexie, Miguel Mendoza and Winona LaDuke among others. (4) I personally loved masculine when i was a few years younger. I feel as though a lot of people think every tribe uses 'drugs' in their ceremonies. The usage of peyote began in mid & northern Sonoran desert, but peyote seemed to migrate with European (in this case Spanish) 'exploration' Fewer tribes use peyote than you may think, so no, peyote is by far the least used drug. Alcohol, Heroin and Meth are the worst devils. (5) I where nothing that would identify me instantly as Native American from day to day, however When I do my suit on or a Tux, I will throw on a small Turquoise choker and a Turquoise and silver bracelet.
As an atheist and anthropologist any comments of 'Indian Creationism' (yes, I'm wikipedia0ing the crap out of this.) (Link to Indian creationism and their 'Creation Stories' is a huge part of every tribe. Just as with western Creationism, it was used to explain away many mysteries the stories also served as an avenue by which morality and personal conduct was taught to the children. I respect and am even amazed by these 'Creation' stories. Also, some tribes Creationism can actually be tracked and traced better than those of larger world religions.
Great! thanks for the book tips! If you have some link to some of your writings that you feel most proud of, I'd love to read it. But what I was wondering was your perspective on American culture from a Navajo perspective. - Do some Native Americans (i can imagine especially older people) still see the Americans as invaders. How do you feel about people proudly tracing their lineage to the mayflower, and the celebration of Columbus day and Thanks giving? Do you feel proud of the resistance your ancestor gave to the colonists? - What about Free market economy and consumerism compared to a more balanced lifestyle, with respect towards sustainability and nature. - What about the Red Power Movement? Would you like to tell a little about your Mescaline experiences. - what music do you listen to? - strange question, just curious. Elders still have a huge lack of trust in white people. Columbus day is fine, i won't expect people to not celebrate it however I personally find it offensive. Its almost like Jewish folks celebrating Kristallnacht. I feel everybody should take the time and learn your heritage and where you come from. I have very proud not only the resistance tribes created I am also very proud of the progress we have made for ourselves but we still have a long way to go as Tribes. -I like pretty much all genres excluding most of all new music like Dubstep and newer hip hop.
Do you think there might be truth to some of the claims, from a creationists point of view, like that the Indians might not have migrated over the Bering Bridge, and that the people on the American continent have been living there longer than, or as long as people in Africa and Europe? By following the movement and distribution of older Parent languages through the world, one can see the path of migrations of the tribes in the US. But I do believe this migration happened far earlier in human history than most people think.
Do you have experience with living on a reservation? Any interesting stories? What is the most common stereotype about Native Americans you'd like to debunk, and/or is there any stereotype you think is totally on-point accurate? I lived 2/3rds of my life on the Navajo Rez. and the other 3rds In New Orleans and the Pearl River Rez in Mississippi. As far as stories go, there are so, so many. I have personal stories of being in the stick and coming upon very very odd things. Ancient ruins, petroglyphs and stories of the supernatural. I can not really speak on stereotypes simply because there are so many assumptions that fly around. American stereo type is different from Non-American view. Too add to that, stereotypes trend for decades then a new stereotype trend begins and the cycle continues. What are some assumptions/ stereotypes are you familiar with, and i can answer from there.
OH i have a question since you lived in NO- in general, are native americans in NO okay with the mardi gras 'indians'??? Yea, most folks don't have an opinion either way. A lot of young Natives try to follow USA social norms so as not to stand out more than they already do.
Do you currently live on a rez? What's your occupation? How do you feel about people who claim their American Indian by 1/4? 1/8? Have you read Scalped? I do not live on the Rez. I am currently a Univ. Student working part time jobs. Claim it if you want, if i know you well enough as a friend i may question you about your heritage but everyone else, MEH. I have not read Scalped, i keep hearing about it over the years. Maybe a trip to the Library may be in order.
You'll have better luck finding it at a comic book store. Or you can pirate it, but you'll probably end up buying it if you do. It's basically The Wire on a reservation. Also, how do girls react when you tell them you're Navajo/Chocktaw? They are at first -> "Whoa! Really!?! I thought you were (insert random race)." And then they get curious, they start to ask about stereotypes, or what its like to go hunting "like a real indian"-Ms.Ex. Things like that. It seemed that in my University courses people where amazed, professors included, at how out-spoken and opinionated I was. A lot of Native American kids from reservations feel small, lonely and like an out cast. The University kids are the same, very smart people but too afraid to speak up or be noticed.
How is the Silver Star doing? I used to go there a bunch when I was at State, but now the place is just depressing. Is the Golden Moon still closed all week? Yea. Golden Moon is still mostly closed during the Weekdays. I have not been down that way since this time last year. The Silver Star is well the Silver Star, trying to stay above water. The water park in Pearl River is pretty much dead. But get this, last year a 3rd casino was opened up. PS. Hoddy toddy gosh ol' mighty who the hell are we... bim bam, flim flam Ole' Miss. by damn. GO Rebs!
I hate to tell you this, but ya'll ain't the rebs anymore. Ya'll are now the teddy bears. Damn shame ya'll didn't become the fighting Ackbars though. Ole Miss is the school of 80% of my family. I went to U. of Az. It pisses me off with all the 'Mascot racism' stuff that goes on. Admiral Ackbar was dope for the few weeks they had him.
I just looked at the new casino, and that is ridiculous. Putting it on I-20 would make sense. But that is so close to the coast, I can't see it drawing anything but locals, in a part of the state with poor and few locals. I agree, i totally agree. There is a lot of spending going on down there, unnecessary.
Do you get to go to college for free? HOLY SHIT!!! I wish, I did well enough, academically, to over come my parents' high income and still receive enough 'merit' scholarships (only two of which came from being Native American, which would only cover books) to pay for 2/3 of College, and once i claimed independent on my taxes i was eligible for 'need' based scholarships. So basically i went the route most Americans do.
Did you ever consider going to SIPI in Albuquerque? Correct me if I am wrong, but don't Indians get a free ride there, no matter what? I never cared for SIPI or the Johnson O'Malley program, i got a better education with less than 10k out of pocket paid. Academic scholarships is the way i went and I am happy!
Wait, I thought if you were a majority or certain % that you were entitled to a free ride? That is a big negative little buddy. Scholarships like that come from smaller, wealthier tribe. Check out the Pequot, now those kids get crazy loot. Being from such a large tribe (Navajo) with very, very little intake compared to its overhead as a Nation, 99% of scholarships are need based 1st, merit based 2nd and these scholarships are only a couple thousand a semester.
I didn't realize they were handed out by the tribe itself. I figured it was given away by the government or maybe school. The money comes from the 'Tribe' and Federal Gov't, but all recognized North American tribes are under the real of Federal Law, citizens mainly. So in the end the smaller the tribe the more 'non profit' intake like casinos, the more money the folks get in royalties. It all goes through the Federal Gov't.
Is Elizabeth Warren a native American just because she claims she has "high cheekbones" ... or does she need to have actual native American ancestors to be a native American? Linage is important, very important. People can claim what they want. Hell, my Grandfather, as a code talker in WWII was mistaken for Japanese because of his high cheek bones. Many Asian & Indo-China folks have high cheek bones.
So, just because someone's mom told them they were Cherokee, and they have high cheekbones, if the only people in their lineage are actual white people, then they're not Native Americans and shouldn't claim they are just because they have high cheekbones. Do I have that right? Almost. I feel any body can claim anything they choose, in this case Native American, just as long as they do not give 'Us' a bad name. To not be such an ass hole but it seems if you want to claim heritage it always seems Cherokee is the 'go-to' tribe. I will not look down on any one who claims native blood, i just won't take them too serious in the 'Indian" department.
Have you seen the movie Smoke Signals? How accurate is that? The run down town and mobile home trailers are pretty accurate. The rest of the movie is largely North Dakota fact based satire. However, the underlying family and cultural issues are very relevant.
I feel like in school i was only taught about native americans in a historical context. and at summer camps the bunks would use tribe names. that is all the exposure i had to native americans and i had really no idea about reservations until i was a teenager. I feel more and more that the reason I did this IAMA was not on a whim but more instead to inform. Do you have any curiosities or questions (don't worry about offending w/ questions)
What's proved the most helpful bit of wisdom to come from your cultural relationship with elder members of your family/families? Patience for all, observation of all and respect for all. Sounds like a cheesy paraphrase I know.
Indian Gaming...your thoughts? Here in MN the disparity between tribes is immense...age, wealth, health, death rates, drug issues, etc....your thoughts? I don't know where to start with Tribal Gaming. Personally I have always been against it for both Navajo and Choctaw simply because all the money I saw that would go in to those casinos is local money. The local people have enough issues as it is. Problem gambling has become a serious issue as a result. As someone who is familiar with Tribal Law I see how that money is supposed to be allocated and utilized but no law can deter corruption. Disparity is every where friend and this has always been an issue. I feel the federal Gov't is neglecting their obligations example being Indian Health Services.
A few years back there was a big deal about how the "Native American" gene marker had been isolated, and that it was now possible to get a DNA test to prove/disprove any Indian heritage and what percentage a person is. How does this make you feel? Does it cheapen the notion of being a part of a proud group of people, or is it a good thing that people can learn what makes up their heritage? I believe everyone should learn of their 'roots'. I can trace my family tree back many many many many decades, but this was important in both Navajo and Choctaw (Miss. Band) tribes, to help avoid in breading. Just as the Jewish folks have clans we Navajo also have clans. This was a way to curb inbreeding (check out European Blue blood). Today, with modern science, techniques and equipment I would love to see what ladder my Mitochondrial DNA ascended.
I've always known that linage is important for Indians, and to hear that it helps prevent inbreeding, it makes perfect sense. Any thoughts on why Cherokee is the "go to" for people claim as an Indian? I can only give you my ASSUMPTION on the subject of "Cherokee, the go-to tribe". I believe this happens because Cherokee is one if not the most well known tribes. To add tho my opinion i believe the fact that it is an East Coastal where much procreation was had, thus 'soiled' the Cherokee blood (as seen by some) . On an off note, Afro-American folks love claiming "Indian" heritage to explain their weaves. (this is racist and generalized, i admit wrong)
I am curious, what are your religious beliefs and what is your philosophy of life? My father was raised southern Baptist, my late mother was baptized as Catholic but my father and my father's best friend taught me traditions of the Navajo, however I AM AN ATHEIST. My philosophy, learned from Navajo tradition, is basically Be patient will all, observer everything, respect all.
I'm interested in Native language revival. Do a large portion of Choctaw and Navajo speak the language? What do you think could be done to improve language revival? Also, what types of problems do you see young teens and families face on the reservation? Do you feel there is something that can be done to alleviate these problems? Thanks for sharing your opinion! Language revival is some what of a 'myth' as far as i am concerned. A very small portion of both tribes speak the language fluently. (2) One of the biggest problems I have seen is lack of 'Quality' teachers. Teachers who instill motivation and academic confidence would be a great start, but the funding some of the schools on and near Reservations are lacking as the classes are overflowing, it is hard to say what could help.
Fellow Navajo here. What movies, books, etc do you connect with more as a Native American Indian that you suggest non-natives watch or read? I think some movies get closer than others to understanding what we are really thinking or what we believe. Are there some that are terrible and not worth the time? The Dine are not understood enough out to have a film done correctly, but i do have a friend that is trying to convey the low parts of the Rez. Sherman Alexie and Vine De Loria along with Scott O'Dell. These are not ethnographies, these are novels. They seep hard lives in their written words. Read a few, or even watch a a video titled after the book "The Art of Fancy Dancing" There are soo many movies not worth the time. The previous are better resources.
Do you hate the rest of Americans? Are you a US citizen? I was born American have technical dual citizenship and no, I do not hate the rest of America or the world.
On this note, are you learning either of the languages as an adult? Would you make an effort to have your (future) children learn them? I had to take 3 semesters of Navajo to be eligible for a few scholarships, but these languages are amazingly difficult to learn. If it is at all possible i would love for my kids to learn the languages when they are young.
Are you excited to see Assassin's Creed III and how Connor, portrays Natives? What's your feelings about ubisoft making a 1/2 mohawk, 1/2 english main character? All I understood was Assassin's Creed III.
If you have ever seen Star Trek: Voyager, what is your opinion on Chakotay? Sorry friend, I have never watched Star Trek... No need as a Star Wars die-hard! soooooooo FUCK YOU TREKKIE. HAHA. all love. (star wars)
What are your feelings about the game portraying a 1/2 native american 1/2 englishman character during the revolutionary war? Never played it man. Sorry, I just know the Assassin's Creed Title. Inform me, por favor.
It hasn't came out yet, here's some of the spoilers, Link to I would have to experience it in more depth to make an opinion.
It comes out on halloween this year. My appeal to it is A) it is a game B) it has problems to solve that are almost on par with First 3 Res. Evil. (opinion from shitty gamer)
I looked and read a little further into the ACIII, concept of duality seems to be the overwhelming theme, or the conflict there in.
How does tribe names work? Does such a thing even exist? Collect yourself and try again...
Do native american tribes have some sort of naming customs that are only for the members of said tribe, kind of like a community accepted nickname other than your official name or there is no such thing and your only name si your legal name that is or could be as generic as say, John Smith. Nicknames are used just as most other people use them. There is nothing special or separate for Native Americans.
Do you belive in aliens :o? Fuck yes... the simple probabilities say it is pretty much impossible for there not to be at the very least one other intelligent life out there... somewhere.
What was it like growing up with Elizabeth Warren? I would not know.
Do different tribes have different nations, or is the Sovereign Nation just everybody lumped together? Every Federally Recognized tribe is a Sovereign Nation to itself.
What are you views on immigration? Do you feel like your NA lineage gives you some authority on this subject? Immigration is a subject i speak volumes on but to be short and sweet. I believe immigration is ok but as immigrants they need to take the effort to contribute the the growth of the country instead of sapping it senselessly.
Where I live (Southern California) the Native-americans and mexicans hate each other. My question would be why would you think this would be? Also what is one misconception about Native-Americans that the general public is wrong about? I would attribute the conflict between Chicano and Indio racial 'strong in numbers'. Sorry i am not too familiar with So. Cal tribe too much... the mix down there is so mixed.
Sorry if this was answered already, it's a long and interesting thread! You mentioned gangs...Are the still any rivalries between tribes? Your mother and father are from two different tribes, was there any pressure from their parents to marry within the same tribe/do you know of any examples of this? Violent rivalries are pretty much dead, but friendly competition is very healthy among US Tribes (basketball, football pow wows and such).
I forgot to ask you what do you believe in as in religion or belief system? I am an Atheist but i do things from 'traditional teachings' in respect of my people. But god and superstition, sorry I mean 'reason 'and 'why?' is what I have faith in.
Are you paid money for being full blooded indian? I have a friend who received a nice chunk of money for being full blood and 18. :) No, royalties are mainly for smaller, wealthier tribes.
How? How not is the better question.
Boxers, briefs, or loin cloth? Boxer.
I heard once from someone that the funeral tradition includes keeping the body for something like seven days. He said there was some ritual to it; would you be able to explain? For every tribe, there are differing traditions for each. For the Navajo, the corpse needs to be taken care of and interned withing 4 days of death. The family is allowed another 4 days to complete the mourning process. The remains of the dead are seen as taboo (more the thought of death is the taboo) That is why funerals are set this way. The number 4 is very important to the Navajo tradition. It comes from the cycles of nature. 4 seasons, 4 cardinal directions, 4 stages of living so on and so forth.
My great grandmother was 100% "full blooded" Native american. I have been trying for years to find out what tribe we belong to but have had no success. Is there a certain way I can go about finding out what tribe we belong to? What area where your great grand parents from start from there. The best way is start working your way back words, most importantly, speak with the oldest person in your family.
Is there a Native American entertainment industry? I see lots of books, films, etc. that involve Native American culture and characters, but most of it seems to be created or at least helmed by non Native Americans. Yes, there is. It has begin to bloom and flourish in the last 20 or 25 years. There are novels, movies, and dancing all put together and starring on a Native American.
How do you think your culture would have developed without the catastrophic impact of European arrival to the so-called New World? This is super difficult for me, I say this because European influence was unavoidable. Sorry I could not answer that more concisely.
The peace pipe, is it filled with tobacco, cannabis or something else entirely? Mainly hand picked and cured wild mountain tobacco and herbal blends. Smoke only during ceremonies and healing sessions.
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Beavers Bend Creative Escapes (580) 306-2265 ** AFTER CHECKOUT** 3 bdrms, 3 full baths, game room, Tv in every room, 4 person Jacuzzi, this cabin is sitting ... We are at Choctaw Casino Broken Bow, OK. EVERY Monday! Come on out for some Karaoke Fun with a little line dancing in between! Ace DJ And Karaoke Service Website: ... I got brave and played a $5 machine Choctaw Nation: Broken Bow Community Center Ribbon Cutting ChoctawNationOK. Loading... Unsubscribe from ChoctawNationOK? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 8.62K ... We are at Choctaw Casino Broken Bow, OK EVERY Monday! Come on out for some Karaoke Fun with a little line dancing in between! Ace DJ And Karaoke Service Webs...