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Two "The Vanished Podcast" case updates

George Tony Sandoval | Henderson, Nevada (episode 42)
George Tony Sandoval, 31, vanished on June 21st 2015 from the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada. He didn't tell his family where he was going when he left the hotel, and calls have gone unanswered since that day. He was an openly gay, Hispanic man, and in a relationship with Treigh Imsand at the time of his disappearance.
On January 20th 2020, it was announced that his remains had been located. No further information was given. An update was posted on the podcast episode page (linked above), and a social media post from his boyfriend confirming the news was shared on the podcast's facebook page.
Jacob Hilkin | Everett, Washington (episode 137)
Jacob Hilkin, 24, had recently moved out of his mother's house and in with some friends. After losing his job, he asked her if he could spend some time with her to organise his next steps, as he didn't have internet access at the place he was living. It was Monday, January 22nd 2018, and he was in good spirits. His mother went to bed at around 9pm, and when she woke up the following morning, Jacob had gone, and both the front and back doors had been left unlocked. She assumed he'd gone out and forgotten to lock up, and tried unsuccessfully to contact him before leaving to work, believing she would see him when she returned.
She found out later that he had been picked up by friends a couple of hours after she had gone to bed. One of them later told her that a friend named Robbi had driven them to the Tulalip Resort Casino to gamble. He claimed that they stayed there until the early hours, Robbi inside the casino, and Jacob and the other friend, Tyesean, waiting in the car outside as they had no more money.
Between 6 and 7 in the morning, their phones were dead when casino security asked the two friends to leave, refusing to let them go inside the casino to find Robbi or make a call. At that point, Jacob said he wanted to go home, and claimed he was going to take a bus to his mother's house. He left the parking lot, heading towards a bus stop. It was the last time Tyesean saw Jacob.
At around 10.20am on Tuesday, January 23rd, police had contact with Jacob at a camp located behind Quil Ceda Village. When they spoke to him, they had no reason to believe he was in danger, so did not contact anyone on his behalf. They witnessed him leave the camp, walking south on 27th Avenue NE.
That evening, when his mother returned home, Jacob had not returned. His Xbox had been left behind and was on, he had left $90 in cash, and his blankets remained untouched. After calling his friends and hearing about the previous evening, she called the police and reported him missing.
On Sunday, February 9th 2020, human skeleton remains were found in Marysville. These have since been identified as Jacob Hilkin. The death is not believed to be suspicious, but is being investigated.
Sad news for both families, but maybe real answers will come from this.
It's saddening to see how few articles there are about George's disappearance. I would definitely recommend listening to the podcast to get his full story.
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Tulalip Casino (Washington) is shutting down it's poker room for good October 31st 2019.

For those in Washington who live up North, this is a pretty big hit and will now have to venture down south to play some Poker. Depending on where you work and time of day, going down South just isn't feasible for a lot of people.
This casino was more a hub for Everett/Lynnwood/Marysville/Tulalip//Arlington/Lake Stevens/Mt Vernon folks, so to lose that is unfortunate. Small shoutout to Vancouver BC people as well, because this is a nice casino on the way to Seattle, as Marysville/Tulalip is just a couple hours from Vancouver, BC.
Unfortunately, not surprising. Casino's make so much more off slot machines and other table games. However, if you frequent this casino, it is a really nice casino/resort and to lose Poker, one of the more profitable player skill games here is a big shame and provides myself and many others less incentive to come to this very nice casino. It's already filled with what seems like thousands of slot machines, and I'm not interested in playing the least profitable games in the casino.
There is another Casino being built nearby, but no word on if it will have Poker and it obviously won't be as nice as this Casino/Resort is. One of the finest in Washington, but losing the Poker room for good. Such a shame.
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The 13 Steps

Here is a short story I wrote a couple years ago. I was trying to go for a more psychological horror with it, particularly building a sense of dread at the end. It is fictional, in the sense that it's about made up characters and I changed a few details for narrative purposes. What is not fictional is the inspiration. My friends and I would often hear about some tiny old cemetery where kids would go to drink. Apparently it was haunted, and also apparently involved thirteen steps that would lead you to Hell, or something. The stories were never consistent. One night we decided to actually check it out, and what we experienced is what I decided to write about. I posted it on my (soon to be changed) website, but since my other stuff isn't spooky, I'm not going to whore it here (though I guess I should link it, so I don't violate my own CC license. Also, there's a Print link, in case you hate reading on a computer. So, to repeat, not whoring, which would be useless since it'll be changing soon anyway).
"The 13 Steps"
Head north from Seattle on I-5 and the crystalline majesty of the Emerald City fades into suburban wastelands, if you’re lucky cut in blocks out of the centuries old forests, and if not, an uneven blanket of asphalt and strip malls covering hills left undulating. Further, though, and the asphalt narrows and lightens, dividing lines fade, and the low grasslands and tree farms take over, cut by this one, twisting vein. Occasionally, kids from Arlington or Marysville, and even farther north, would get caught in the flow and end up lodged on someone’s couch in the big suburban expanse, north of Seattle, bringing with them the last lingering local legends, down to those caught between the skepticism of the city and a desire to believe in late night stories told with the passing of a pipe.
Noel Garrett was the latest of these nomads to come down and insert himself instantly amongst the disenchanted suburbanites who gathered regularly at Chase Lake Park, currying favor with a crooked grin cut across a pock-marked face, and a bag of what he claimed to be naturally growing weed that he found in the forest. Evan Sundby offered him a couch to sleep on, and with the necessities taken care of, Noel pushed himself tightly between two girls absentmindedly texting on their cell phones, and became part of the crowd. Every day after that he would accompany Evan to the park, and when his “naturally growing” weed ran out, bought some climate controlled stuff from a dealer making his rounds, which he claimed was not as good, though neither Evan nor anyone else who snuck a hit when the pipe was passed could tell the difference.
A week after his arrival the first cool breeze of fall hit, blowing around the weaker leaves in sporadic gusts and causing those still dressed for summer to curse as the sun dropped down behind the mountains and head home early, leaving only five standing at the end of the knife scarred and half hidden dock stretching out over the muck. Noel had been bumming cigarettes all night, and Evan had paid for the dinner they ate at Denny’s a couple hours ago. Ayden Woland noticed this, but chose not to say anything, letting Evan spend his money and secretly procured cigarettes on whomever he pleased. He also noticed that, over the past week, Noel had been flirting unabashedly with Annabelle Letite, with whom Ayden had spent the summer slowly cultivating a romance. They’d been fooling around for a month, yet agreed, mutually, not to declare themselves a coupe, for parental reasons, though practiced enough fidelity for Ayden to take an immediate dislike to Noel when, upon his arrival, he spent far too long admiring her tight jeans and low cut shirt, and then took every opportunity to slide in next to her, too closely, and rest his arm on whatever rail or booth that was behind her. Ayden made an effort to more openly display their affection, and to shoot out glances of ominous distaste, which to his annoyance passed over Noel, who stared back with a look that contained slightly more apathy than ignorance.
Next to Evan stood his girlfriend, Elise Brevik. Their relationship would be best described as cyclical, but judging from the way Evan’s hand slid out and then back again into Elise’s back pocket every time he received and passed the pipe, Ayden figured that they were together at that moment. Noel stood a foot away from Evan, and would double hit every time the pipe came to him.
When the bowl was exhausted Ayden pocketed the pipe while Noel stared up at the sky. “Full moon tonight,” Noel said slowly, causing the others to mumble nonchalant affirmations. “Hey,” he continued, letting the phonemes hang on his tongue. “Any of you hear of the 13 steps?”
“Is that some kind of AA thing?” Ayden asked, which caused Annabelle to giggle.
“No,” replied Noel, unphased. “13 Steps to Hell. There’s this old cemetery not far from my house, and it’s got this crypt, and if you go in the crypt you have to go down thirteen steps, and when you reach the bottom you’re in Hell.”
“Really,” Evan said. Ayden couldn’t tell if he was humoring Noel.
“Apparently witches built it for their rituals,” Noel continued, emphatically, causing Ayden to wince when his volume peaked. The park closed at dusk and they had stayed a good hour past then.
“Witches,” Annabelle said dryly. “In Washington.”
“Or Satanists,” Noel countered. “Whatever. The point is if you go into the crypt you never come out. Meet Satan, go to Hell, die. But…”
“Always a ‘but’,” Ayden whispered to Annabelle, who snickered again.
“You might get a chance to sell your soul for a wish,” Noel said.
“Right,” Evan said, more sardonically this time.
“It’s true,” Noel said, shifting his weight and hunching his shoulders, folding his arms across his chest. “And the place is haunted. There’s a woman who’s searching for her child, and the child’s there too, just always on the other side of the cemetery, and they never find each other.”
“And I don’t suppose you know this first hand,” Ayden said, straightening up and folding his arms.
“What? No,” Noel said. “I’ve only been there once, but my friend once saw the ghosts. I have seen the crypt though.”
“And did you go inside?” Elise asked, joining in.
“Of course not,” Noel almost shouted. “Plus, the door’s stuck closed so you can’t get in anyway.”
“Thought not,” Ayden said.
“If you want to risk it that’s your business,” Noel said. “But I’m not taking the chance.”
The group stood silent for a moment, listening to the water of the lake lap listlessly against the wooden dock. A car drove past on the nearby road and everyone ducked, instinctually, though they were more than hidden by the fir and juniper that surrounded the park.
After a moment’s silence Noel bummed a cigarette from Evan and took a deep drag, the ember illuminating his stained fingers and twice broken nose. “So do you want to go?” he asked when the cigarette was finished, flicking it into the lake.
“All the way up to Marysville?” Ayden asked.
“Sure,” Noel said. “It’s not that far. Plus, it’s a full moon.”
“And the ghosts only come out during a full moon?”
“Nope,” Noel said, grinning as widely as he could. “It just makes things easier to see.”
When they passed Everett the nighttime lights of mid-60s office buildings disappeared and, rounding a single corner, they found themselves surrounded on all sides by grasslands sliced up by the countless streams looking for a way into the Sound. The occasional streetlamp and the moon’s reflection off the water were the only light aside from Ayden’s dirty and yellowed headlights, which faded into the dark and made Ayden feel like he was driving blind. Next to him sat Annabelle, her hand resting on his thigh. The other three were in the back. Noel sat in the middle, loosening his seatbelt as they headed up the freeway.
“It’s right up here,” Noel said, and Ayden set his gaze on the exit next to the bright lights of the casino. “No,” Noel said immediately, as if instinctually aware of Ayden’s thoughts. “The one before. Right now, you’re going to miss it.”
Ayden swerved the car hard to the right and barely made it onto the exit. There were no street lamps along the road, and after turning right per Noel’s instructions, the ever more towering trees blocked out the light from the moon. Ayden had to concentrate to react to the curves and bumps in the road that sprang up far too quickly.
“You know,” Noel said. “There really are Satanists living in the woods out here. They stretch out across the road to get cars to stop, and then they drag the people back into the woods to be sacrificed.”
“Bullshit,” Annabelle said, glancing over at Ayden, whose fingers were wrapped around the steering wheel.
“There are police reports,” Noel continued. “The sheriff even said that if there’s someone standing in the road in the middle of the night to just floor it and plow through them.”
“And you’re taking us out into the woods?” Evan asked. Ayden kept his eyes on the road.
“Oh, we’ll be fine,” Noel said. “They just target the road. There hasn’t been a killing in a long time, but just be careful. I’m not going to get my heart cut out because you wussed out and wouldn’t run over a Satanist.”
They drove for another mile down the road, not seeing a single car or light, or road to turn on. Ayden was having trouble making the turns at the country road’s speed, so he gradually let himself drop down five, then ten mph, hoping that the others would not notice.
“Stop right here,” Noel said, pointing at a small patch of gravel off of the shoulder.
“On the side of the road?” Ayden asked, nervous.
“Yeah,” Noel said. “This is where the trail is.”
“You didn’t say anything about going into the woods,” Elise said, looking over at Evan for support.
“It’ll be fine,” Noel said, his tone just shy of reassuring. Ayden slowly pulled off onto the gravel, listening to its muffled crunch underneath his tires. When the car stopped they waited inside, debating whether or not to go forward. Ayden stared out the dark windshield, hoping to get a glimpse of the moon peaking its way through the trees.
“What are you waiting for?” Noel asked, causing Evan to open his door and step out. Noel followed quickly, and then the others, slowly stepping out of the car and into the too still air.
“Are you sure my car will be fine?” Ayden asked.
“Yeah, sure,” Noel said, not looking over at him. “People park here all the time. Come on, the trail is this way.” The others watched as Noel disappeared into the trees, glancing at each other, hoping that someone else would be the first to follow. Ayden felt Annabelle’s hand gripping onto his. “Are you coming?” they heard called from the woods. Evan was the first to follow, and then Elise, not wanting to be left back, rushed after him and grabbed onto his hand. Evan clasped his arm around her waist and the two ducked under the low hanging branches and into the darkness.
“Do you really want to go?” Ayden whispered into Annabelle’s ear. He could smell the lingering strawberry of her shampoo.
“We can’t just leave them,” Annabelle whispered back. “Plus,” she said. “It might be fun, and we might be able to slip away for a bit when we get there.”
“Ok,” Ayden said, felling himself warm as her body pressed against his. The trees didn’t seem any different from the parks he’d spent so many nights in back south, so after lifting a branch out of the way, the two hurried after the rest, huddled together.
The trail was half mud, and the darkness caused everyone to trip over the gnarled roots that reached up out of the ground. Noel kept his step brisk, but was never able to get too far ahead of the others, stumbling around as much as everyone else. Ayden smiled when he saw the outline of their guide trip and fall over, but despite the dark could not help but try and hide his enjoyment every time Noel had to stop and steady himself for a moment before continuing.
After about a quarter mile, Noel stopped and gestured for the others to huddle close. It took a moment for everyone to find decent footing, but their heads were soon pressed together after only a slight sigh of impatience from Noel.
“Ok,” Noel said. “We’re almost there. Just keep quiet, we don’t want to wake up the people in the house.”
“Wait,” Ayden whispered harshly. “People live there? We’re trespassing?”
“Well, it’s in someone’s backyard,” Noel said. “But don’t worry, it’s blocked off by trees, so as long as we’re quiet it’ll be fine.”
“I don’t want to get arrested for trespassing,” Ayden said. “You should have said something earlier, this is bullshit.”
“You won’t if you keep quiet,” Noel said. “But if you’re scared we can meet you back by the car.”
Ayden tried to glare at him, but knew Noel wouldn’t be able to see it, just as he couldn’t see him. He had a strong suspicion, though, that Noel was grinning, all teeth and contempt, and Ayden had to force himself to take a deep breath instead of lunging at Noel as they huddled there in the darkness.
“Fine,” Ayden said. “Let’s do this.”
“Great,” Noel said, turning and continuing around a bend in the trail and out from under the low hanging branches, with the others close behind.
Noel wasn’t lying about the moon. The cemetery was clear of trees, and the open sky allowed the light from the moon to stream in unhindered, illuminating the ankle high grass and weathered grave markers in its cold glow. None of the graves looked older than 100 years, but none appeared new or particularly well cared for either. Polish had faded, and carvings were worn soft along the edges. The headstones were scattered almost haphazardly around the three terraces that made up the cemetery, some slanted from years of untended erosion caused by rain and rodents, and possibly the encroaching roots of the trees in the forest. Ayden admitted to himself that it was an interesting place, particularly in moonlight, but it was not much different than the older section of his local cemetery, in which he’d spent a night or two before, and this one was significantly smaller. He looked around for the crypt Noel had spent so much time speaking of, but could not see it.
“How big is it?” Annabelle asked, whispering.
“What?” Noel said, loudly enough that Ayden tensed, ready to bolt back into the woods.
“How many people are buried here?” Annabelle asked, louder, but still trying not to exceed a harsh whisper.
“Don’t know,” Noel replied. “Probably a hundred.”
“And where’s this crypt?” Ayden asked, noticing how Noel was glancing around, refusing to make eye contact.
“Oh, it’s over that way,” Noel said, gesturing non-specifically. “Don’t you want to explore first?”
“I guess,” Ayden said. “But I do want to see it before we go. Might even walk down the 13 steps and see Satan.” Annabelle giggled, but Ayden could feel her squeezing his hand a bit tighter. He wondered if she had been roped in by Noel’s early bravado and sudden reversal when the time was finally at hand.
“Can’t,” Noel said. “Door won’t open.”
Noel meandered off with Evan and Elise slowly following, looking around at the headstones. Ayden began to follow, instinctually, but felt a tug on his arm from Annabelle.
“Let’s hang back,” she said, giving him a coy smile. Ayden smiled back and put his arm around her waist, and the two wandered off on their own, finding a spot to lean against the terrace.
“Can you believe that we actually came up here?” Annabelle asked.
“Not really,” Ayden said. “I don’t think we’ll stay too long, there’s not much to look at. Not really worth the drive.”
Annabelle leaned her head against his shoulder. “At least we got out of the park for once.”
“Yeah,” Ayden said, kissing her on the head. “I just hope we get to see the crypt. All that talk about it and its 13 steps and he just blows it off when we get here.”
“He’s probably just saving it for the end,” Annabelle said, returning his kiss. Ayden leaned over and placed his lips on hers, plying with his tongue as his hand pushed against her stomach, fingers crawling under her waistband and thin elastic of her underwear.
“Wait,” Annabelle said, suddenly stopping him. “Is this right?” Ayden removed his hand and propped himself up, looking down at her in the moonlight.
“I don’t think they mind,” he chuckled. Annabelle stared back at him, silent. “I suppose not,” he said, rolling back to sit next to her against the terrace. “And Noel might see us and I don’t want to give him something to think about later.”
“Huh?” Annabelle asked.
“Never mind,” Ayden said. Come on, let’s go find the others.”
The two stood and glanced around the cemetery. It took a moment for them to spot the others, their heads poking out from behind one of the small and unkempt bushes lining the plots. When they walked over, Noel was pointing at one of the headstones.
“See,” he said, gesturing at a moss-covered design carved at the top. “Satanists.”
“It doesn’t really look like a Satanic symbol,” Evan said. “Could just be Masons, or even a Star of David.”
“You’re crazy,” Noel said. “It’s obviously Satanic.” Ayden stared at the stone for a moment, but could not make out anything more than a hint of a symbol under the layers of moss. The name on the stone read “DOOLITTLE”, the dates “1864 – 1903”.
“So where is this crypt Noel?” Ayden asked. Noel looked at him, perplexed, for a moment, before blinking his senses back.
“Are you sure you want to see it?” he asked. “It’s not very neat, and the door is stuck.”
“After all that talk I’m not going until you show me this crypt,” Ayden said.
“Well, ok,” Noel said after a moment. “But don’t expect much.”
“This place isn’t much anyway,” Ayden said. Noel didn’t respond, and instead walked away, down to the lowest level and around a curve in the hill. The others followed him and found him fidgeting by a small stone structure, sticking out of the hill. Ayden thought that it was crypt-like enough; roughly cut gray stones mortared together, with a rusted iron door sealing off the low entrance.
“Door won’t open,” Noel reminded everyone when Ayden stepped forward to try it, but he ignored their guide and pulled anyway. The door did not budge with Ayden’s tug, but he swore he felt enough give in its hold that, with the right amount of strength, they could get it open.
“Give me a hand,” Ayden said, and Evan stepped forward to grab onto the ringed handle. Noel remained where he was. “At least help us try,” Ayden said, and after a nervous glance around, which Ayden felt was genuine, Noel stepped forward and grasped onto the handle with them. With a hushed count to three, the three boys tugged at the door, lightly at first, but then with increasing strength as they felt it push or pull against something malleable, and then give, slowly opening up a foot or two, its rusted hinges protesting loudly at being opened for the first time in decades. Through the trees they saw a floodlight snap on, and everyone hunched down low. Ayden could feel his heart banging against his ribcage, and kept his eyes on the direction of the light, cursing how it quickly eroded his night vision, which would make it difficult to see anyone coming to investigate. After five minutes the light turned off and they all exhaled, slowly, but stayed still and alert for a time after as their eyes readjusted to the dark. When he felt that enough time had passed, Ayden turned his attention back to the crypt. Enough light from the moon spilled in for him to see the first step, cracked and worn, leading down into the darkness.
“Well, there are your 13 steps,” Ayden said. Noel didn’t respond. “What do you say we try them out?”
“No way man,” Evan said. “You can’t see shit down there, and you don’t know what kinds of animals are living down there. It’s a bad idea.”
“Evan’s right,” Elise said. “We should probably go soon anyway.”
“And what about you?” Ayden asked, turning to Noel. “The door’s open, don’t you want to see if that legend you swear by is true.”
“It is,” Noel said, breaking his silence. “The steps are right there. That’s all the proof you need. I’m not tempting Fate by actually going down them.”
“The only thing we’re going to find down there is a grave or two, but I don’t want to leave without being able to say that we tried it out.”
“Your funeral,” Noel said. “But I’m not going down there.”
Annabelle stepped up next to Ayden and placed her hand on his chest. “You don’t have to go down there,” she said. “It’s too dark, and we really should go.” Ayden looked at her and couldn’t tell if he saw concern or fear in her face in the moonlight.
“No,” he said. “I’ve got a lighter, I’m going down there. I didn’t drive all the way up here just to look into an open door.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a scorched and well used Bic, flicking it once to make sure it worked, and then stuck his head into the crypt, peering into the darkness. The steps were narrow and uneven, wobbling down into a dark greater than Ayden had even known. He tentatively placed his foot on the first step, slowly shifting his weight onto it in order to preserve his balance, and when he felt sure of himself he put his other foot on the second step and began his decent. The light from his Bic flickered against the walls, caked with a thin layer of dirt and curving in from the roots of the trees that grew around it. Third step, then, slowly, the fourth. The Bic flickered out, and Ayden quickly flicked it back on. Fifth step. He could feel his heart beating, heavier than when he was lying with Annabelle, heavier than when the lights from the house poured out across the cemetery. His mind played through all the possibilities: He’d fall and break his leg; the people from the house would find them and they’d be arrested; the others would leave him there and he’d have to find his way back through the woods, alone; he’d be attacked by some animal; Satan really would appear when he reached the bottom. He tried to calm down by reminding himself that it was just some country story. It was not working. By the sixth step Ayden could feel the oppressiveness of the dark swirling around him. He looked back and could barely see the outlines of his companions, peering into the darkness after him. At the seventh Ayden was starting to believe that there actually were thirteen steps leading down into the crypt. It seemed odd that a tomb would be placed so far underground, and, after slipping again on the eighth step, scraping his hand, with such a precarious journey down. Precarious and dark. Too dark make mourning practical. The people buried down here were put here because they had to be kept away from the rest of the graves, the most horrible type, deserving to be forgotten and only put into the ground instead of dumped unceremoniously in the Sound out of a perverse loyalty to the traditions regarding the dead, locked down here by that heavy door, which likely was locked, but because of a lack of care and the lost memories of the original undertakers, it crumbled under the force of three young boys looking for something to do.
At the ninth step he heard a screech, and when he turned to look, could not see the light from the outside above him. “If you closed the door I’m going to fucking kill you when I get out,” he shouted up, but there was no response. Ayden paused for a moment, looking back behind himself and down at what lay ahead of him. Only four steps to go, but still his lighter could not penetrate the darkness. He took a deep breath and resolved to continue, to finish these last few steps and to be able to truthfully say that he had gone down them all, and was not put off by the stories or the dark or his asshole friends trying to spook him. He stepped down, placing both feet on the tenth step. The stone walls around him pressed ever closer, and Ayden noticed small wisps of sandstone crawling their way up the granite. “Hell,” he chuckled to himself. “Guess Noel was right.” Ayden stood on the eleventh step. Two to go and he still could not see the bottom, he reached out with his lighter but there was nothing, not even the barely there movement of some nightmare from childhood that he’d expected three steps ago, brought back with a kick to the subconscious from the adrenaline pumping through his body and making him feel weak in the knees, calling back a primal, ancestral memory hard coded in his DNA, when there really were monsters lurking in the darkness into which it would be foolish to venture. Ayden took the twelfth step and waited, savoring the moment of being there, fears and hesitations washing away as he was about to become, likely since the crypt was built, the first person to see what was really there. Ayden extended his foot, and with a final breath to build his resolve, took the thirteenth step.
He held out his lighter, its flame barely illuminating the squat and tiny room, containing only a single stone coffin in its center. Ayden walked over and peered at it. The only markings on its otherwise smooth surface were a carving of what looked like a skull on its lid. Underneath the skull, in bold letters, he could make out the word
“FATHER”. “Some Hell,” he muttered to himself.
Outside Noel and Evan worked frantically to get the door back open. Each tug moved it by an inch, and each inch sent a wave of anxiety through all as the hinges threatened to let out another revealing screech, certainly not to be ignored a second time by the people in the house. Annabelle was petrified, eyes glued wide and unblinking, staring catatonic at the small maw in the ground so intent on swallowing any who entered. When the door was finally forced open, Noel rolled a heavy stone in front of it to keep it from slamming shut again. He and Evan called down into the darkness, as far above a whisper as they dared, but the only sound to come back was a jumble of unintelligible words that might have been the echoes of their own. They waited a moment and could only hear the sound of the trees swaying languidly in the night. Noel and Evan looked at each other, but neither took a step towards venturing down into the darkness after their missing companion. Then, the sound of scraping as Ayden quickly appeared, hurrying up the stairs.
When Ayden reached the door he tripped and was caught by Annabelle, shaken out of her catalepsy, who gripped him tighter than he thought she ever had before. Noel quickly rushed over to the door and pushed it closed, rolling the heavy stone in front of to keep it from opening.
“Well, what happened?” Elise asked. “What did you see down there?” Evan glared at her, but she shrugged it off. Everyone turned to Ayden, waiting for an answer.
“Just an old coffin,” he said. “And a rat, startled me, so I ran out.”
“Did you go to Hell?” Noel asked.
“It’s just a tomb,” Ayden said. Annabelle held him tighter, giving him little choice but to let her support his weight.
Noel stood silent for a moment before finally shrugging and leading them back to the trail, which they traversed much easier this time. When they reached the road Ayden’s car was still sitting where they had left it.
“I’m going to head home,” Noel said. “I live just down the road.” Without waiting for a response he turned and started heading down the dark road, disappearing behind a bend.
“Weird kid,” Evan said. The four climbed into the car and sat there for a moment before Ayden turned it on and pulled slowly onto the road, heading back the way they came. After a wrong turn they found the onramp and headed back south. Evan and Elise whispered quietly in the back for a few minutes before falling asleep on each other’s shoulders. Annabelle placed her hand back on Ayden’s thigh and leaned over.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked, whispering.
“Yeah,” Ayden replied, keeping his eyes on the road.
“What did you see in there, really?”
“Nothing,” he said, feeling himself calm, slightly, as the streetlamps became brighter and more numerous. Though not bright enough to steer his thoughts away from the flickering of his lighter that barely fought back the darkness. Or from the cacophonous grind of stone against heavy stone that had echoed around the tiny tomb as the coffin lid slid, pushing through his ears and into his mind, boring its way in with maddening intensity that robbed him of his ability to think and sent him crawling on all fours back up the stairs as if the dark itself were only an inch away from grabbing a hold of his ankle and pulling him back into the tomb, and into the coffin with whatever horrors lay waiting inside.
“Just an old tomb,” he said. “No reason to go back at all.”
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Pokemon Expeditions!

My brother, friends and I are preparing for some serious Pokemon expeditions. We're transforming Pokemon go into our best excuse to go adventure (and hopefully find out more on how species of Pokemon are placed around the world).
We've purchased camel backpacks (the kind with the drinking water hose), pokemon caps with flashlight clips for them, power banks, pokedex cellphone covers, Team Mystic shirts, you name it! I'm totally broke.
We live in Washington, Snohomish County, and have compiled an expedition check list starting from easy/simple/practice places, to more distant and greater experiences. We've done a few simple ones already but take a look. If anyone lives around here and has other ideas, let us know! And I hope you all can come up with your own lists for wherever you live, or whatever is doable. Just stay safe, sane, and don't trespass. Let's not give pokemon go, and team mystic, a bad name. Leave that to valor.
[x] Peace Park
[x] Marysville Library
[ ] Jennings Park
[ ] Graveyard at Night
[x] Mukilteo Beach & Lighthouse
[ ] Mukilteo Whidbey Island Ferry
[ ] Whidbey Island/Fort Casey
[x] Tulalip Casino & Cabela's
[ ] Deception Pass
[ ] Seattle Docks/Ferris-wheel
[ ] Seattle Pacific Science CenteSpace Needle
[ ] Redmond/Nintendo of America
[ ] Lord Hill Park
[ ] Forest Park
[ ] Ice Caves
[ ] Hyak Sledding Hill
[ ] Flaming Geyser State Park
[ ] Snoqualmie Falls
[ ] Leavenworth
[ ] British Columbia/Vancouver
[ ] Camping Trip
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Appetite For Deception Highlight Reel TULALIP CASINO, MARYSVILLE WASHINGTON - YouTube Sammy Hagar - Dreams - Tulalip Casino - Marysville WA - 8-14-2014 Sammy Hagar (with Michael Anthony) - Heavy Metal - Tulalip Casino - Marysville WA - 8-14-2014 The Forest Neighborhood in Marysville, WA What does an Orca Suite at Tulalip Resort Casino Really Look Like? Sammy Hagar (with Michael Anthony) - I Can't Drive 55 - Tulalip Casino - Marysville, WA - 8-14-2014

I have been to this casino numerous times I am in a motorcycle club I was not drinking or causing any issues I was on a date with my wife I was approached after an hour asked to remove my clothing I asked why they called me a gang member laughed insulted and antagonize me in front of my wife I remained calm I asked for a supervisors number with the casino so I could file a complaint about my ... Quil Ceda Creek Casino – a Seattle area location offering gaming and entertainment. Where Winners Play. Tulalip Casino offers a charming accommodation in a business area of Marysville. It has 370 rooms on 12 floors. 1.8 km from St Marys Catholic Church, the property is also 2.4 km away from Shoultes Gospell Hall. Ab 132€ (1̶6̶4̶€̶) bei Tripadvisor: Hotel Tulalip Resort Casino, Marysville. 1.405 Bewertungen, 552 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Tulalip Resort Casino. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 1 von 4 Hotels in Marysville mit 4,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Die Preise wurden am 6.7.2020 bei einem Ankunftsdatum am 19.7.2020 errechnet. Tulalip Resort Casino Marysville - 4-Sterne-Hotel. Das Tulalip Casino ist 40 Autominuten von Seattle entfernt und verfügt über ein Hallenbad, einen Nachtclub und eine Sonnenterrasse vor Ort. Es öffnete seine … Tulalip Resort Casino – official site. Seattle area location offering gaming, luxury accommodations, entertainment, and fine dining. Tulalip Resort Casino: Erstklassig - Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie 1.418 Bewertungen von Reisenden, 555 authentische Reisefotos und Top Angebote für Tulalip Resort Casino.

[index] [18277] [18453] [894] [7432] [432] [4525] [26053] [23171] [14044] [25831]

Appetite For Deception Highlight Reel

Who: Sammy Hagar What: Dreams CD: 5150 Venue: Tulalip Resort Casino Where: Marysville, Washington (Seattle) When: August 14, 2014. Who: Sammy Hagar (with Michael Anthony) What: Heavy Metal CD: Standing Hampton Venue: Tulalip Resort Casino Where: Marysville, Washington (Seattle) When: August 14, 2014. Video tour of the neighborhood called "The Forest" in Marysville WA. The Forest is located just east of the Tulalip Casino Resort. All the homes are on at least one acre lots with lots of tall ... Hoy miércoles 27 de enero de 2019 Desde las afueras del casino #52 tulalip resort casino, Washington part3. - Duration: 1:51. CJSL 20 views. 1:51 . Ocean View Executive Room at the Melia Habana as of Nov 2019 - Duration: 3:31. Leslie Klein 123 views. 3:31 ... Who: Sammy Hagar (with Michael Anthony) What: I Can't Drive 55 CD: VOA Venue: Tulalip Resort Casino Where: Marysville, Washington (Seattle) When: August 14, 2014. Appetite For Deception Highlight reel of their performance live at the Tulalip Casino Resort in Marysville, Washington. Video Production by www.EricSalasProductions.com.